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like shards of exploding
shimmering glass
billions , or trillions
maybe more


My eternal lover

locked in your embrace
every moment
every breath
we walk


Is God real, daddy ?

It’s late in the night
I hold your little hand in mine
we lie in bed as u stare at the ceiling
what is God, Daddy
is God real ?



we never met the first time
we never met
there was no such time..
for u were there
and so was I


The Void

Those of us that carry
inside us
an immense darkness


The Parachute

I float through life
harnessesed, into the
parachute of the self,


Love, my friend

What good is your love ?


If I were immortal

If I were immortal
and my time
stood still


Sound, so pure is ..

neither the sound of ‘om’
echoing across the universe
bounced only by the eons of time



I breathe in
as you breathe out
in our contradictions
you and I
are one