The Parachute

I float through life
harnessesed, into the
parachute of the self,

it’s comfortable,
though often winds buffet me
and throw me off course,
and sometimes
the storms engulf me
threatening to rip apart my parachute
yet, I survive,
the fabric of my parachute is strong,
and there are controls
to navigate my self,
strings to pull
when I desire to go this way
or that,
fast or slow,
and then He asked me to look up
but I saw no reason to,
and yet , He pushed me
“look closely at the fabric of your parachute,
I looked up,
and saw no parachute
it was not there
and never was
i was in a free fall
and always was
I cried for help
‘save me’ I screamed
‘save your from what?’ He said
from crashing !
‘crashing into what ?’ He said
‘there is nothing to crash into
just an endless falling’

14 thoughts on “The Parachute

  1. Dear Shekhar,
    As I read your post, Tom Petty’s song (free falling) was playing in my head.
    As we go through our respective lives, it seems to me like we are doing nothing but free falling.

  2. For all its thrills and scares, there is a great sense of freedom in a free fall! Strange irony – freedom in a free fall. I never really understood it.

  3. The only question I have is…Where is the motion coming from in the first place? If there is … nothing… then what’s the need for a “fall” at all? Shouldn’t nothing be…well…nothing? But if there is no way to express nothing…perhaps that might mean SOMETHING. : )
    Spirit is always more solid not less. Ouch.

  4. But seriously though…the falling is great when you get a glimpse isn’t it? The paradox to me is that the motion for me is time and time moves, but I often wonder if we at our core being-ness do at all? So in sense, there is no “fall” so to speak, it is as if our surroundings (including our bodies), the “casing” is what’s really moving…we’re just the spectator, but yet we will, and indeed to “move” don’t we? Hmm… I feel an unavoidable, intersecting, CRUX coming… Where the vertical interpenetrates the horizontal. Reminds me of a story I once heard… : )

  5. The trick is to get high enough – that way when you fall, you go into free fall, tethered by gravity, nothing to hit…just falling endlessly
    …it’s sad to reflect that in life there are no soft landings, we just slow down the inevitable with parachutes and the like…only in our dreams can we fly and deny the pull of gravity and inevitability….

  6. Why do you think you are separate from your lonliness. You are your loneliness.

  7. the parachute for me resembles the shell that we live in and seem to believe that it will protect us but the key to life is probably to let go of these inhibitions because how bad can things be,if our time here is itself limited

  8. ‘there is nothing to crash into
    just an endless falling’
    ….and this is the absolute truth of life…beautiful….

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