Hollywood vs Bollywood ?

I took part in the NDTV debate and realized we were not talking about the same things. The medium and the technology may be the same, but the culture, both of viewing and of creating are completely different. Our films satisfy a completely different need from our audiences, Over the last 50 years they have [...]

Masoom and Naseeruddin Shah

I have so may questions from people that remember Masoom. It was my first film and get surprised that people remember it so much. I must start blogging about my experiences from it. I picked up though, the following extract from a recent interview with Naseeruddin Shah which evoked old memories of old times, old [...]

where, why, what, whom ?

feeling anxious, am flying to LA tonight, always anxious when I go there LA is a city of temptation but how can i curse it, because temptation is only as effective as you are tempted, but LA conjures a web around you, makes you revel in illusion and people live in some illusion of immortality [...]