New York

I go to NY today to shoot Anthony Minghella's segment of the film., New York - I Love you. I go there with a heavy heart and with some unease. Apprehension. I am going to give my daughter a big hug before i go.

In Las Vegas

OK, from stories on the streets of Mumbai to Las Vegas fr the opening of a Grand new casino called the Palaazzo. t's such a completely different world. Being in a Casino is like entering a gigantic movie .. ..when people ask me what I love about making movies, is the ability of movies to [...]

Suchitra’s Art

Today my wife Suchitra's Art Exhibition opens in Mumbai. I have watched her start painting less than a year ago, and being absolutely obsessed by it. Something like 76 oils on canvas in the first 10 days. Or something ridiculous like that. It's crazy, but then so is the creative urge. I came back to [...]