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Today my wife Suchitra’s Art Exhibition opens in Mumbai. I have watched her start painting less than a year ago, and being absolutely obsessed by it. Something like 76 oils on canvas in the first 10 days. Or something ridiculous like that. It’s crazy, but then so is the creative urge.

I came back to Mumbai to lend support to her. I like her paintings. Not all, but most. They have a certain raw quality to them. You can see the struggle of the raw artists. They are devoid of the ruthlessness and boredom of technique and experience. They feel like the awkwardness of first love.
I am glad I am here. My presence gave her exhibition some good coverage. The press in India always goes a little mad when I am here. They believe I accomplish a lot more than I actually do when I am abroad. One day they will catch on, and I will no longer be a headline magnet. But it is all in good faith, and I love them really.
There are ‘newspaper wars’ going on in Mumbai. Pretty incestious really, for everyone worked with or for each other at one time. Rather like politics, really.
Shekhar Kapur

35 thoughts on “Suchitra’s Art

  1. What the press thinks or does, is something not in our circle of influence. It can dominate our area of concern but there is only little we can do about it.
    A better option is to concentrate on things which are in our control.

  2. Sekhar,
    Many woman has art with in them but due to some family tie ups and responsibilties they dont have time to explore them.
    But your co-operation and support has made suchitra to explore the hidden talent which she always thought but never tried before.
    Hope her work influence other whom are thinking & dreaming.
    Bhavani Prasad

  3. Mr Kapur and Ms Suchitra
    India is fortunate to have people like you who can show the world who we are and what potential we carry.
    I am an artist. I studied sculpture but now i am into writing about art. I take this opportunity to invite you to speak to our students at School of Evironment and Planning Technology at Ahmedabad. Hope you accept our invitation and share your views, comments, feelings with our students in an question-answer session.
    We would like to invite you in month of December which a beginning of new sememster. Kindly accept this invitation . Looking forward to your positive reply.
    I do not have your any other contact so i am using this. thanks

  4. Hi
    on Ganpati immersion day 2005, I mate you on juhu beach and asked you about one novel “PANIPAT” based on Maratha vs Afghan written by Vishwas Patil, It got sahitya akadami puraskar. Please read that novel.
    It will be a materia for Great historical Film.
    some of the links for your ref.

  5. Hi! Shekhar
    I am Jai based in Delhi.A few years back I met you at digital talkies fest at I.H.C.At that time i had just enrolled for my engineering & u introduced me to pia singh who headed DIGITAL TALKIES now married.I told you I wanted to work with you & you said start working right now n you left for U.K.I have worked with few N.S.D. people.However I am currently working in an M.N.C. as tech support officer.In case u plan to direct any film I would certainly like to assist you or be a part of it. Even though u may not remember me still I would like to be part of your next project.
    With regards

  6. Hi
    i am an engineering graduate in computers.i am very much interested in film making and wanna work with you as an assistant.please tell me how can i work with you sir?

  7. Hi Shekhar
    I am Jaykayranjith from BANGALORE.i am an engineering graduate in COMPUTERS.I want to work with you sir.In case u plan to direct any film I would certainly like to assist you or be a part of it.I would like to be part of your next project.

  8. Hey Shekhar! Finally found a way of getting in touch… If you have a moment drop me an E-mail. We’ll be seeing BoB Gabardi tomorrow and we just thought it would be great to meet all together in the not too distant future (you probably go to Cannes you lucky bastard!)

  9. Hey Boss!
    please respond. I wud surely love to discuss many things. I have thoroughly gone through ur url.I think the best surprise cud be an e-mail from u although I may sound like just another young enthusiast.
    Anyways still optimistic.

  10. I too visited the Suchitra’s Art
    and spoken in short to your lovely wife Suchitra’s Art Exhibition but she could not understand me and I just thought to contact you and here I am
    Her art was excellent but I was in different mood and so she
    I hope now you may ask her and connect me dear shekar kapur
    philip josephs swamy

  11. Hi
    Shekhar Sir,
    Any development regarding “Panipat”? I would like to know your comments about novel and links which I sent .
    I am ready to discuss with you regarding the subject and novel.
    I am waiting….

  12. Guten Tag!
    Ich heisse Anna. Ich bin eine studentin.
    I am writing this mail but at the same time I would like to save you the reading time by saying that this is more about software than anything to do with movie or arts or ….so if you want to delete it…NOW IS THE TIME.
    I am an engineering student in RWTH- University of Aachen, Germany. Presently I am pursuing a masters in computing. From what I know you are an actor and director…so you are the right person to answer this question [ I will take my chance!!].
    Q] What is the percentage of actors that are Internet savvy and would like to have a software which will –
    – Organize their schedules [there are a lot of organisers but not specific to this domain]
    – As they need to travel widely, so provide support for local information
    – Provide them a good databank for movies, actors, books
    -Provide on-line gaming
    And some other similar functionalities together and be very user friendly in the sense that it does not assume that you are a computer expert.
    Or is the movie industry too dependent on the concept of human agents managing their time and interests?
    [I want to come with an original idea for a software which people really use.]
    If you have reached till this line of my mail…then ..Hey..big surprise for me. I am not keen that you post my views to the group…I just want to know your views…. [My mother will consider me..writing this my waste of time…but I do not think so..even if you do not answer…it is okay..I tried!].
    Danke whrend Ihrer Zeit!

  13. i dont know you. i have seen some of your films and am not sure if i like them or not.
    Elizabeth was a good movie. but it did strike a chord.
    but you know wat? i find something striking. You have a vision and an attention for detail. I have been thinking about an idea for a while. Am not asking you for your help because film making is not what i do. I studied IT and i work in it. but of late, i have had these vivid images in my head. the attention to detail in these images is meticulous
    i can see myself in each and every single scene and i even know the soundtrack. i dont want any recognition. I just want to share the idea and who better to share it with than a fellow indian who shares similar visions..visions that could perhaps be considered artistic if looked from the right eyes or maybe a reflection of life from a different angle…. I was really hoping that maybe i could share some of these images with you…i told my girlfriend about it..she is indian and she suggested that i somehow try to get in touch with you. never knew that you were online.
    you will probably not reply to this because you probably dont read this..but if u do, i would appreciate a mail from you. i dont write scripts. but i can write out descriptions of the scenes….some of them involve gypsies and of them involves the lives of 2 individuals and how they crossed but neither is aware of the other’s of them is about the innermost thoughts of a playboy and one day in his life…..
    i could give you the idea..all i want to do is share it..and perhaps u can share it with the world..
    i dont know how to send you the word document..but if there is a way, just drop me a mail. i am a bit australia..but i will reply back..
    You take care.

  14. That is really sweet— the story about your wife’s paintings…. I am a writer, so I know what that feels like…. and it’s really nice you support her. For some reason, I thought of Frieda Khalo while reading it. Ahhhh- Rushdie said the same thing you did about when he goes back to India, and London. Heehee…. they won’t catch on, they are too busy arguing about stuff. lol.
    Happy first day of Spring, from Toronto!

  15. Hello Shekharji
    I had always liked yr work as a film-maker and also seen your acting. I liked u in T V Serial Udan. U underplayed the role and stole the show.
    I feel u r a master in what u do. I like this and I can see u r “a thinking man” and that attracts people like me to u.
    Also your well maintained site says everything about u and the quality speaks for it.
    I must say I am impressed by yr site. I would like u to do something for India. I feel u have a great vision and I know when I say this I am write.
    With regards,

  16. Respected Shekharji,
    I am H.KARTHIKEYAN from Chennai. I am studying in std. IX. I have written a few books namely, “The Season of the Ghost”, “Future India” and “Agent NO:37”. It was also released. I even received a letter from our president, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam regarding this. Now I have written some film based stories. I would like to give these for hollywood films. I require your help for this. If you give me any other topic, I will be able to write as I have great interest.

  17. dear Shekharji
    when are making 2nd hindi film like BANDIT QUEEN
    we are wainting…..for that
    i am painter from mumbai, i want show painting
    How plz send mail

  18. Hi Shekhar,
    It really hurts to see u and suchitra are no more together, she is a nice lady.Why don’t you guys patch up.

  19. Hello Mr. Shekhar,
    My mother suffered from Schizophernia,But my father was always so patient and tolerant with her and was so caring about her that he gave his family a better life.I think that was his path to meet God,by helping someone(wife)in need.

  20. Dear Shekhar ji
    Please please please do follow the following link if you are not an avid watcher of Saregamapa on Zee Tv . I request you to send a message of congratulations to Mussarat Abbas for such a stupendous redention of the song Saanwre from your pic Bandit Queen.. I am no relation of his but such a mindblowing performance deserves due kudos & I am sure his day will be made by hearing from you.. do it only after hearing & seeing the video..

  21. hi shekhar
    i am a regular on intentblog and stumbled on your personal website only today.
    Your posts are fascinating and insightful.
    Except for this one-which i can see is an old one and maybe your views have changed-i hope so
    i loved masoom-it is sheer genius as are some of your later films.
    But you say you are a press magnet and therfore helping suchitra? I see her name and face in the papers everyday with absolutely no mention of you.
    earlier there was lots of stuff written about the two of you
    i havent read about you alone in ages.
    we all need to review our lives with some reality checks every now and then. conceit is very ugly

  22. Dont get me wrong
    It was with great sadness that i read that you and suchitra are no longer together
    but maybe this patronizing and highhanded attitude of yours contributed largely to it


  24. Hi shekhar,
    i think ur the best director who have ever met to bollywood industry.I also want to say that why dont you make the film based on the youth power which is divert by many other ways….
    and i want to meet you atleast one time in my life,i am your biggest faaaaaaaaan…
    all the best for your future !!

  25. Dated:09.08.08
    Dear Shekharji,
    True creativity is in the soul of the beholder,and freedom of soul knows no limitations, be it time,space,place,culture……….yes you and kavita are breed of creators with taste of infinity so you are creative.
    keep it up
    With warm regards,

  26. Dear Shekar,
    This is Hari from Hyderabad,i felt that i wud like to take u as a follower after watching Mr.INDIA but after that u went away from commercial cinema, i just came to telugu industry but could not find right flat form,still struggling since 2000,so plz advise me

  27. Hi Shekhar Baba,
    Here baba means a child, a 2 or 3 years old small baby.I always call my 3 years old daughter as Anee Baba. And also baba mean old wise man, which is in his beard he is always a inocent baby, very fresh, soft and noble humanbeing.You are one of that kind of baba. I saw, you can laugh and weep at the same time.It looks to me there is still a child hidden, some where in your soul, heart and body.
    Whatever, Before today, after watching India`s Got Talent, I never ever know you.Right know I almost finished all the episodes of the same show.
    I personally discovered you through this show. I realized that if this world has only 10% people like you there will be no more sorrow, every where peace and happyness.
    One of Ashfaq Ahmed (TALKEEN SHAH)`s followers.
    USA 1919-602-0459

  28. sadly no women in your life could understand you n they are the unfortunate human beings who missed out cherishing their rarest gift bestowed to them by the Almighty…I consider that may be their stock of punya (good deeds ) to be with you got exhausted…suddenly this idea of Gods’plans puzzle me…those who yearn for do not get ….. Some get but lose….. well i can go on writing….

  29. Dear Shekhar:
    Love your work, I stil remember you as handsome Bombay Dying guy. I like you in Tute khilone.. ‘mana ho tum behad hasin..’.. Love you, keep it up.

  30. Hi Shekhar,

    I have read many stories on your blog. When I saw your serial UDAAN in my childhood , your personality highly influenced me , also if I am not wrong , you did some modelling job for DIGJAM . These blogs are new things , We people have been following you since then. Mr. India , Badit Queen , Masoom etc have given you fame ,fortune and money. I really dont know much about you , I did not read anything about you , but I can understand you to some extent. I can understand your inner war ( ANTARDWAND) of success and unsuccess , honestly when I got the news of your marriage with Suchitra , Instantly I told my freind that this marriage will not last for long. Every person is found very ordinary if somebody starts to live with him , although the world admire him a lot and thinks him a great man , great celebrity.
    You are a great director , deliever something more for all of us , I shall wait !!

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