virtual reality and the human touch. Open Forum

No doubt, virtual reality will change the way behave, as will social networking across the various internet platforms. We will be more connected, more communicated, more informed, more educated and in many ways more aware. This minds of this interactive networked generation will develop far faster than ours did. Thats all good news ? Or [...]

The Zen of doing Nothing

Work, work, work. Play hard. Take a holiday. Go out. have you seen the latest ? And yet .... I crave to walk the mountains, not alone, but in solitude, allowing my mind to breathe, to listen to the quite whispers going on between me and my mind. Between my conscious and subconscious. Every day [...]

To do or not do ?

How much of what I do, directly results in what gets done. And how much of what I do actually becomes the impediment in what I desire to get done ? How do I know ? Does every event have an individuality of it's own ? Like you and I have. Or is every event, [...]

Absence makes the heart …

...grow fonder ? Even on a blog ? I have been guilty of not blogging for a while, and to my surprise as I logged on today, there were many responses to my posts to my earlier posts. I am sorry I am not able to reply individually to all. I am in London preparing [...]

90% of my Brain devoted to ?

Gossiping ! All of us have heard about scientists saying we use only 10% of our brains. So what is the other 90% doing ? Some say it is to connect with our universal and spiritual selves. Others say it's all about the subconscious problem solving part of the brain. But the theory I like [...]