Absence makes the heart …

…grow fonder ? Even on a blog ? I have been guilty of not blogging for a while, and to my surprise as I logged on today, there were many responses to my posts to my earlier posts. I am sorry I am not able to reply individually to all. I am in London preparing to shoot Golden Age, a follow up to Elizabeth..

But here are some replies :
Sizzlingtree : yes you may add a link. Blogging is a community experience.
Saket : The world has changed. anyone can now pick up a camcorder, shoot a film, edit on your PC, and post it on the net. I wish I had that facility when I started. You do not need to be under anyone’s wing. Go out and express yourself and see what happens. Have you seen the film 405 ? Check it out.
icyvolcano_5 : I tried going on your website, but could not get there.
Aditi : Panvel sounds great. We have a very small place in Karjat.
bichishort : Nothing wrong with Nostalgia. Don’t be hard on yourself. We all relive the great and passionate moments of our lives again and again. Just as long as it does not stop us from living great moments now. Why should it ?
Mehul : The world is treacherous only if you percieve it so. Not trusting anyone is a self fullfilling prophesy. People will decieve you. try trusting with the willingness to get hurt.
Shreesha : I have not only read Osho, but also met him before he was so revered all over the world. My uncle Vijay Anand was one of his first Devotees. He said to me that I must meet him for a hundred years from now people will say that “Osho was another Buddha”. But then Vijay Anand himself broke away form Osho. Maybe Osho wanted him to ?
Love to u all

17 thoughts on “Absence makes the heart …

  1. Thanks for taking time to blog despite what I presume is a very busy time for you. I’m one of those looking forward to The Golden Age. It’d be great if you give us updates as you go along. I presume production will begin soon? And just to clarify reports… Cate’s back as Elizabeth, isn’t she? Thanks, Shekhar. I always find your work inspiring.

  2. Hi Shekar,
    Yesterday, I happened to see your movie “Bandit Queen” for the first time and since then I have been searching all over to know more about Phoolan. I wish you had made more movies like RGV and maniratnam. I haven’t seen “Elizabeth” or “Four Feathers” yet but now that I have seen bandit queen, I am pretty sure they will be good too.
    I recently watched “My wife’s murder”. Suchitra ji was great and scary and I mean that as a compliment !!!! I hoped she didn’t get killed so soon in the movie….Please try to tell her that she rocked in the movie…

  3. Hi Mr Kapur,
    I read somewhere that you are planning to shoot a movie on the Buddha. Thats wonderful.Throughout school and academic life u read about the buddha and then you read about him in the various encyclopaedias and history books. Another way to find out more would be if you visited any tibetan or buddhist monastery. And now there may be a film on this. I love this wonderful age i live in. Great going !!

  4. ooops ! i read ur post buddha rite now. says u wont be doing it. Anyways i know if u wudve done it, it would have been on a grand scale and due respect woud’ve been given to its authencity for sure.

  5. All the best to you and your co workers on the new shoot, Shekharji.
    Three weeks ago, I had a chance to watch Elizabeth…there are many aspects of this movie that has propelled me on to futher thoughts about the realm of this life we call an illusion or is that the other way around? Certainly thought provoking!

  6. Hi Shekhar
    all the best for your film.
    rececently, we( me and my friends ) got to meet Mr. Bhuvan lall and he claimed to his company financing ur film on Buddha. Is that true?
    also, i have a query about ur poem “Oneness”. I had posted it long ago. Please if you have time ,go to the section and pls pls reply. Its very imp.
    God Bless with lot more Creativity and restlessness.

  7. Yes Shekhar absence makes heart grow fonder but the absence shouldnot be too long…it must be interspersed with presences.After coming to your blog and reading words here I must say it has become a haunt for me but now I wanted new words; updates I mean!
    As for my blog I think my URL is correct and guess you hv to click on blog to be able to post a comment there; rest I must confess I aint sure about the intricacies of techniques.
    So long…keep posting here so that we stay connected.
    take care

  8. dear shekhar,
    can’t u make a film on buddha indepedently?
    for the ‘moment’,’oneness’,’dignity’,’purity’,’love’have all been expressed so beautifully and in such simple manner,all things which buddha signifies.doesn’t buddha stand for simplifying the mistry of life?Masoom captured the innocence of love and caring so exquisitely.Please don’t make the loss of the producers of buddha our loss!
    probably it may not be a big budgeted film ,however, a short film on buddha through your perspective….its important!

  9. hi shekhar,
    i always wondered if BIG people really reply to these posts.well ,i dont know if i will get my reply or not but i just wanted to tell you ,one thing that keeps me going even in my worst “mental” times is your writing.restlessness,negativity and deapair have become just my best friends,just dont know how to part with them. iam a fine art student studying at central saint martins school of art and design,london. my peers and tutors usually say that its ok to feel this way,its just a part of your creative journey but i feel that .blahhhhhhhhh. please it will be great if you can write more on failures ,letting go ,creativity and spirituality.
    i was wondering if i can please have your email id, it might be too much to ask for but i feel that your words can take me to a different level of life all together.

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