Mohammad Yunus and Social Bussiness. Poor people are more socially conscious and honest.

Spent a day in a discussion and conference with this amazing man. Prof or Doctor, whatever adjective you want to give him, Mohammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank and many other Grameen Enterprises has changed and continues to change the lives of millions of people in Bangladesh and all over the world. Bringing people [...]

The New Media

Still at the New Media/Virtual worlds conference in Melbourne. I heard some amazing brains of 'life on the other side' - second life. I spoke about second life, new media etc too, but my talk was more of an exploration of the psychology of living in another - second life. Will write about that, but [...]

The Goa Film Festival

In light of this continuing dialogue over child trafficking in Goa... ......I have to admit that I was one of the prime motivators of shifting the Indian International Film Festival to Goa. There were many reason and the then Chief Minister , Panniker backed the idea and the film festival was born. However..There was, as [...]

Nanotechnolgy 2

This is a comment from Sasikanth, a Nanotechnologist at Cornell Unversity. It would be interesting to initiate a discussion on how this new technology will affect our daily iives in all spheres. Sasikant says "Sekhar, I am a nanotechnologist at Cornell University working on technologies. Being a nanotechnology researcher I think I have to comment [...]

Dhoom 2

To all those Bollywood fans out there, I finally managed to get tickets for Dhoom 2 in London. It's the only film in London other than Casino Royal that is consistently 'house full'. The film is a lot of fun in a charmingly silly way. But I think it is time to change the name [...]