Mohammad Yunus and Social Bussiness. Poor people are more socially conscious and honest.

Spent a day in a discussion and conference with this amazing man. Prof or Doctor, whatever adjective you want to give him, Mohammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank and many other Grameen Enterprises has changed and continues to change the lives of millions of people in Bangladesh and all over the world. Bringing people out of abject poverty and hopelessness into a life filled with hope, enterprise and dignity.
Grameen Bank has consistently lent money to those that not only banks would not entertain, but you would not let into your homes. Destitute women, (90% of all loans are to women include some that had never touched money before), beggars from the streets encouraging and funding them to turn into door to door salesmen.
For every problem, Prof Yunus has a socially meaningful and an amazingly creative solution. He turns the problem into a paradox and then upside down to find a solution. When the kids who were educated through the raising of standards of living by Grameen Bank loans found they could not get jobs, Prof Yunus started to think of solutions to unemployment. He thought their were not enough employers then !!!
“I went to the kids of the families that had grown prosperous through their relationship with Grameen Bank and said :: How many people can say that their mother’s owned a bank ? ”
The Bank is owned by the women (mostly) that borrowed and returned money. He then loaned their kids money to start businesses to generate employment. He effectively turned job seekers into job creators through loaning money to what he effectively calls his 10 million strong family. And to those that wonder, Grameen Bank has the lowest rate of non – repayment of loans anywhere in the world. A record of 95% good debts. A startling proof that honesty and social consciousness if far far higher in the poor than in the rich.
Prof Yunus now is on a mission to inculcate the same values in the corporate world. The values that he found in the poorest and the most downtrodden in the world. He wants to encourage and create Social Business. He does not want, and never has, encouraged charity. For he believes in sustainable business models and feels charity is not sustainable.
All he wants is for enterprises to understand that it is possible to make a difference by ploughing back the profits of your enterprise into the community, once again, not in charity, but in viable creation of social enterprises. Danone (the food and water co) for example has already started to produce yoghurt (Dahi) in Bangladesh that goes out to school kids that is specially formatted to include all the nutrition a child needs in a day. The factories are small scale enterprises spread in the countryside so they are not heavy on the environment, and the milk can come from local farmers and does not need to travel large distances. The technology was developed at Danone in France in collaboration with Grameen engineers, and the price of the nutritious youghurt is such that almost anyone can afford it at least twice a week.
Danone makes money, they show profits after all expenses. It’s just that they do not take the profits out, but plough it back in to the community. Prof Yunus is now, on a campaign to spread this to the rest of the world.
He and I are talking about a Social Media business. Any suggestions ?

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  1. It’s really a brilliant idea .. but I have one doubt, how grameen bank can initially started? with whose investment. As Destitute woman can’t afford to invest..

  2. Not clear enough (the last line) to make suggestions, Shekhar — you mean starting a social media business beyond platforms that already exist? If so, to serve whom — the BoP? What capability/solution are you trying to offer that current social media does not? Perhaps a little more elaboration can help generate more meaningful/targeted ideas.

  3. Shekhar, thanks for sharing.His humility is in sharp contrast to the scale of his achievement. He in true spirit has empowered self-governance at a mass scale and built a sustainable model.
    On social media business, there needs to be a solid solution that cuts across the huge digital divide we have today. While Internet is the first true equaliser, it simply does not reach a very huge proportion of the globe. It is increasingly cheap,but still has a huge limitation in that it is irrelevant to the illiterate and uneducated. The social media has a huge role in making itself relevant to this section. It needs to get creative in crossing the literacy boundary and extending its benefits across this large digital divide. Information is power, and the poorest and illiterate too need to have access to that power.
    Touch sensitive technology for eg, can overcome hurdles of literacy. Rural population is one of the largest adopters of mobile technology. How can you leverage this unprecedented penetration of technology to a)connect them to the mainstream b)empower them.
    How can the profits you make from your movies, TV series, media enterprises be used to build targeted specific content to these sections. How can the farmer know how to check the best prices for his seeds and fertilizers, how can he share his best practices to other countrymen. There is a lot to do here Shekhar, you are dealing with a very good question here.

  4. Shekar Sir,
    Thats really wonderful of you to Mohammad Yunus. Since you asked for suggestion, one thing that is in my mind for a long time which I always wished & hoped to happen every single day –
    Please educate the people through media about the necessity of voting in elections.
    1. Many middle class people don’t even vote, few who do, do it based on caste.
    2. Poor people who vote vote for money & liquor.
    I think you should really consider working with Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (Loksatta). You are the two people I highly admire & respect.
    With Respect,

  5. Mohammad Yunus deserves all the high praise he gets. A man with his heart and head in the right place. I salute him.
    A blogger whose mind I really respect came up with this post about social and tech innovations with the aim of “greatest good for all” and popularising the concept in the media… . Please read his post at is a great innovation challenge sponsored by the guardian. Very impressive idea.
    If only the admin costs of socially responsible business were not so high or as easily “skimmable”… as I have discovered to my horror!

  6. hi,
    our politicians are still in 1970s, Indian Social life is/may be somewhere in 1985s, where as the western business world is in 2010 and their plans for 2015 may be ready.
    thanks and take care..subodh

  7. Creating short children’s films( read cartoons) based on books read by Children in rural India and distribute them thru the “Bioscopewallah” (the peephole type) at very nominal rates per child. The market size of consumers (read children) wud be approximately 200 crores and if each paid 0.10 INR the sale value wud be 2 crores ! wud the cost and distribution be more than 50 % of the box office sales ?? !

  8. This is so close to my heart and something that I have experienced first hand working with women in Kutch and Rajkot.
    I would like to know more about what direction you both are planning to go. Is it Media creating more awareness about social issues and successful stories like this, or it is social media as a business involving people like one in Gramin bank, Dahi factory or like many non profits creating other business .
    What about training people from villages, tribal areas, slums in media- production, direction, as correspondents, technicians etc.
    their stories, through them.
    My mind is working over time now, there are endless possibilities when visionries like you Shekhar and Prof. Yunus work together.
    I will be greatful if I can be of any help, even a tiny contribution::)))

  9. Are the Grameen bank women already blogging & tweeting?!
    They could start making films & sell them via their blog…

  10. Shekhar,
    To introduce my self, i am Hersh just graduated from the royal college of art, london studying innovation design.
    i think the purpose of a social media business in a country like india where the innovations brought up by the necessaties of people are so incredible, a strong culture has also given us loads of things, but we have tend to leave it behind and move on to become an immitation of the “cool” west in many ways. I think media can make a huge difference to this by showcasing and adapting them to todays likings therby making the “cooler”.
    For example: The indian saree over time has adapted so very well to a mordern look and feel, that even today when priyanka chopra where s one a lot of hearts skip a beat.
    Food for thought: Had the dhoti mordanized may be you and i would be wearing one today and still looked “cool”
    Media today has the power to make this happen.
    I hope this helps and also to hopefully meet you sometime in like and discuss this further.
    In the quest of clarity, wisdom is seldom lost.

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  12. Dear Shekhar
    I am galvanized by the social consciousness and the entrepreneurial drive in Mr. Yunus’ endeavors, and exalt your idea of a social media business in full faith.
    Having let my mind be gripped by nostalgic spurs, I recall myself being a viewer of this exquisite folk form called ‘Swang’ around ten years ago. People were all gaga about it. Throngs from nearby and faraway villages came to enjoy the scene. That was the last time this Haryanvi folk theatre happened there. Although newer art forms have emerged with the advent of time and technology, yet none has been capable of capturing many of the finest unique traits it is endowed with.
    But now it is almost extinct despite its evident popularity mostly because of the unorganized scene it prevails in.
    Existing problems.
    • The word-to-mouth publicity or the ‘dhindora’ is the sole kind of promotion.
    • There is no ticket system and the artists survive at the benevolence of the audience, who interrupt any ongoing scene to contribute meager amounts of money, for the nugatory temptation of getting their name announced hidden in the garb of meretricious altruism. It breaks my heart to see that, believe me.
    • The stability-obsessed Haryanvi people discourage the new generation from pursuing it, because something based upon the general crowd’s benevolence is not perceived by them as a good career.
    • They are not able to manage the basic expenses, and hence are not able to invest much in infrastructure like props, costumes etc.
    • Good earnings being a concern, they even resort to tactics like buffoonery to entertain or appease the audience. An art form fighting merely for its sustenance can’t aim to grow.
    • It’s not an internet-savvy zone and hence, there is no such channeling medium through which the established artists can pass on their skills to the others, interact with singers and actors to come together to grow or ask new artists to be a part of their troupe to continue the legacy.
    • They can’t summon the new age drama writers or song (ragini) writers to write new swangs and raginis. They just perform the traditional pieces or crunch something on their own by means of putting together similar rhyming words. Content is not specialized and hence the few new pieces lack quality.
    • They are not good at documentation. They don’t even know what it is, except for taking some shabby photographs with the help of an age-old camera. They don’t even know how to make an edited recording of their work in the form of a CD.
    • They don’t know anything about event management.
    • A seriousness and total devotion regarding any art form which is indispensable for its continual improvement is lacking because of being based upon audience’s benevolence, no fixed schedule, no proper platform.
    • The worldwide swang-enjoying audience is not accessible to them and vice-versa.
    • All in all, the entrepreneurial drive is just not there – no planning, polishing, presenting, marketing, distributing, training and all others ‘ings essential for anything to sustain itself. There is just one thing, the talent which is there but it is getting wasted and disappointed.
    Each problem mentioned above presents an opportunity in itself.
    Potential –
    ? The audience community for the same is large, and includes Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP as the major sphere of influence of swang. You go to any village in Haryana, and ask them about the swangi, the surya-kavi Lakhmi Chand or the euphonious ragini singer Meher Singh, and anyone would carve a neat biographical sketch comprising their famous works, performances, where they lived, their contemporaries etc.
    • Local audience – There are so many people in the villages who don’t enjoy cinema much because of their inability to relate to the modern-day jargon, topics, and the hinglish language. When the Haryanvi movie Chandraval was released, it had gone past all previous records made by Sholay in the northern region. A few people had gone 200 times to the theatre to watch the movie, and the producer later met them to acknowledge their compliments. Unlike other cultures, this is something in which even the youth feels interested in their tradition as clearly seen by their large numbers in the ragini competitions.
    • International audience – There is a large Haryanvi speaking and understanding community sprawled all over the world who truly feel pride in their culture, and want to have it revived not just because of the pride in one’s culture but because they know it’s invaluable and worth reviving. There are communities on Orkut and facebook like ‘Jat international’, ‘dahiyas in USA’ which have got tens of thousands of members. They would be gratified over the prospects of being able to view something reminding them of their roots, like recovering some lost treasure.
    ? Owing to the concentration of the local audience in the northern region, and the higher level of affinity in the international audience (far from their land and that too in small numbers) make up for an easily targetable audience.
    ? There is no established company working in this direction. The whole swang and ragini scene is vastly unorganized. So, there would be no competition. It would be like taking everyone under one single umbrella.
    ? The resources required to flag off the same are not huge, and once it does, the operational requirements are even much lesser. A ‘swang’ requires lesser than 0.5 % of the money that goes into a low-budget film, but even then people would be ready to pay the same ticket amount or even more than which they pay for a movie. Low investment, high revenues.
    ? You would be able to attract the sponsors which they never can on account of your marketing, promotion and organizing skills. That would reap additional revenues. Various NGOs would easily get associated and ready to sponsor it, if they are just allowed to show to the villagers a five-minute clip on their social issues in the interval.
    ? With the help of techniques like dubbing or subtitles, it can be reached to other audience as well just the way the Akiro Kurosawa movies reached you, and just the way I watched Singaporean, Chinese, Israeli and German theatre in New Delhi. ?
    ? You could add to the art form adding into it more elements from your own creativity since it is a folk art form and not a classical one and gives one more liberty.
    The model.
    ? Start a new company. Get it registered. Or otherwise you can work under the banner of your existing company as well.
    ? Invite all swangis, actors, ragini singers, folk musicians, writers, poets in some kind of talent hunt auditions, which you could very well broadcast on TV as well for a few weeks.
    ? Select the best of all kinds of artists and form three separate entire troupes.
    ? Get the infrastructure, make them prepare well.
    ? Now even if we perform in four villages each weekend (Saturday and Sunday), there are so many villages that we would be able to come back to the same village after about say a year or more than that. By that time, they would be desperate to watch it again. So this would be like – every show houseful.
    ? Record it, and market the CD or DVD throughout India and overseas.
    ? Also travel once in six months to western countries with the troupe for live performances.
    ? Achieving the noble task of reviving a culture on its ebb.
    ? Providing wholesome entertainment.
    ? Spreading awareness among people as a side goal.
    ? Earning money.
    Love and Regards
    Vijeta Dahiya
    22, Male, Born in Nahri, Sonepat (Haryana), Living in Rohini, New Delhi
    Education – Holy Child School, Sonepat; Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram,Delhi College of Engineering
    Passions – Acting, Poetry and travelling
    Even though this suggestion is nothing much but I feel a bit satisfied in being able to do at least something for you to show my gratitude towards you for making movies like Masoom and Bandit Queen which have sent chills down the spine, which have mesmerized, which have shaken the soul and which have taught me so much about acting and film-making. Thank you so much.

  13. Have heard of Prof Yunus and have always wondered how financial industry and social consciousness go hand in hand.
    I believe that the reason for the high repayment of loans is not just honesty, but also a resultant of how the debt came into existence in the first place. The higher rate of non payment in the other banking sectors is because many of this debt has been made for frivilous elements of luxury unlike grameen bank where the debt is a result of the urge to lead a good life. It is necessity vs extravagance.
    When people default a payment from a major bank they probably don’t feel the sense of guilt as they are part of an economic system where everyone is trying to get richer. But here not repaying really hits hard on the moral being
    A good way to promote this system is bring together defaulters and bankers to negotiate on a rate where the a part of the money is invested into Grameen where in the defaulter becomes an investor into grameen and as they see the social consciousness build in they will not only repay their part but be an integral part of grameen

  14. This was a wonderful piece of NEWS. Today, when i saw a man on crutches, with his left leg sawed off, begging outside the church gate, i was moved by the sight.
    I was wondering if such people,could be posted as security, in operating the many lifts, in thousands of flats in Mumbai, it’d be a learning experience for us & for them.

  15. I think you should confront Gaurav Mishra the CEO of Social 20 : 20…I use to follow his blog and I thnk he is really creative and he is IIM A student if I am not mistaken. I have just met him once so don’t really now him. But His ideas and blog use to impress me.

  16. There are too many such efforts being done like the one in your post with no co-ordination. Lots of organizations (calling themselves non-profit) doing this and making good profits.
    Before giving people money (those who have not touched money) a lot of things have to be taught to them (EDUCATED) How to be responsible with money? some of them have to be educated right from how to use a toilet? How to keep it clean? etc..
    People first need the confidence of social security to standup in society. Western societies see them as an outlet to fulfil their charitable desires and not to really benefit them.
    There is no data or Government agency keeping track of how many of such problems are there in the country and design solutions to completely solving the problem. We need good policy making and laws irrespective of who is ruling the country. When the healthcare bill was passed in US it was a huge policy change for the nation to give medical coverage for all.
    So the problem leads to having good so called ‘Netas’ for the country, who are educated and working for the welfare of the people and not for currency garlands and statues.
    we can create community leaders who can implement various working models, but these leaders stop being coummunity leaders or bought out or become corrupt soon.
    Its a tall order man ! Good Luck !

  17. Dear Shekhar….’Prof Yunus’
    This gentleman had been mentioned earlier in your posts and I was admiring his vision, his faith in what he did and those who had faith to understand and follow him.
    Now what you have mentioned needs clarity, perhaps I am a bit slow in understanding such business terms, and can only express in a raw manner, without proper business like terms!! (not educated enough Shekhar, but pretty literate I am)
    Perhaps can leave behind few ideas one can work on…or whatever
    A similar thought had flashed in my mind, when i saw a similar character in one of the hospital lifts, these positons should be given to them or old people only, I feel sad young folks taking up such positions and outrunning the much needy.
    ‘Company policies need to be reconstructed perhaps’
    Shekhar jaanti hu, previously you felt distaste in my expression to ‘Mr. Amit’ allow me to opologise if that brings forth some contentment!
    Your Deleting my comment that day, was what I wanted and you did that Shekhar…you felt
    disatate, uncouth behaviour, socially not acceptable, perhaps a thread of anger or disgust at my attitude, hence felt I had no right dis respecting some one…and poof went my comment!!!
    I was trying to say the same thing …that mans art was equally harsh, hence this is how I felt or perhaps many felt, a comment you could delete in your post,
    but can we delete the seed of thoughts we instill in the younger generation of conflicted emotions?
    Imao ‘Pakora khaogei?’
    Uhu poison nahi hai issmei, mei bhi zinda hu aur meri billi ‘basanti’ bhi eh heh!

  18. Dear *****COSMOS*******(Mind blowing video Shekhar, I found myself blowing my nose)
    ****Does true love only come with age and wisdom ?*****
    Allow me to say Cosmos, the brilliant manner you have expressed about ‘love’ is very much true!!!
    Due to lack of quality alertness I had overlooked this expression of Shekhar as well as others.
    COSMOS-But if you still want to find out, you will see that fear is not love, dependence is not love, jealousy is not love, possessiveness and domination are not love, responsibility and duty are not love, self-pity is not love
    ME-I undoubtedly accept the above, but unable to understand ….
    ‘responsibility and duty are not love’
    Lets say, one reaches this platue of love as you mentioned, and for example…
    the couple touched by this kind of love, the man worhsips the female, in the sense with all his senses, ‘UNCONDITIONAL’ and the female goes free, filling her little pleasures/needs/desires in all forms possible, yet the male says nothing, and waits with love in his heart, burning to be besides her, in whatever small ways possible, the fire in him erupting to express to his woman only, and it fills his sanity, and yet the female goes on overlooking this need and many more needs his woman could only touch, of his, despite that he never expected anything, do you mean….
    The male is not loved? There is expectation in the male? there is no need of responsibility here you mean from the female?
    Then should the male too do the same? and if this is what happens between both end of the day, where is love? what is love? Help me understand please?
    (this is one expression I have put forward, many more similar questions are there but one reply of yours would be an answer to all)
    COSMOS-can the mind come upon love without discipline, without thought, without enforcement, without any book, any teacher or leader – come upon it as one comes upon a lovely sunset?
    Could ‘You’ or ‘ANYONE’ help me understand the above confusion of mine please?
    Thank You
    Ps- Love as a matter of fact is defined in various forms as per unique individuals, they may feel complete in that, and we must learn to respect their individuality! If it makes them content and blissful…for them that is ‘LOVE’

  19. Sir,
    I saw no post on Heath Ledger on your blog today.. It’s his birthday I’m sure you remember.. Please do write a few lines if you find the time..
    I don’t know if this is the right place to post this.. is there another email address one can write to you on..?

  20. Sir, Kindly remove my all comments from your site, Because I shared a story idea (a detailed synopsis) with you not with others. So I will be glade sir if you or comment moderator sir kindly remove my last and second last comment(synopsis)from your site,
    Thank you very much.

  21. Yes, suggestion # 1. Please come to Bangladesh its such a lovely place…

  22. Dear Mr. Shekhar,
    How about making better movies, still better then the ones made last. or was there an imbalance between your talent and your commitment. You were a CA once, A corporate manager too, a film maker, a businessman too, a blogger. Personally I believe you were a damn good movie maker to leave it all and to now join Mr. Yunus. Why is it so difficult to belong to the caste you were born into. Does discipline call for so much effort. and Why….. Why cant you fly like Neo did in the end of the movie. Why cant you die like Neo did in the other one…….NO you are lying, it is not…..Stop running around like a male bearded version of a bimbo and start making something I can watch with my daughter. Otherwise she will get old and stop listening to me and you would be dead by then without having helped me and those like me (we hindu nationalist need some of your talents too)
    In any case this blog is just not enough to anyones life. And you are not a good enough Budhijeevi.

  23. PS: Elizabeth doesnt count. At least not to 99% Indians, at most to you only. Rather at most not to 99% Indians, at least to you only.
    I want something that like Masoom, Mr. India, Bollywood version of KPAX, Something new on Krishna…. that would be really good.
    Shekhar Kapur, sada hari chera kije nath hriday maha…….In any case its been a few thousand years since Valmikiji and 400-500 years since Tulsidasji and the languages scene is changing fast.

  24. how the hell did I forget Hameed ka chimta. That can serve/rule as a good idea and the writer wont even try to share the limelight with you. Perhaps no royalty payments too.

  25. Dear Sekar,
    I saw your interview in Culture Unplugged. com. You were always been an inspiration, since my childhood. Not that I have seen all your films, but you being a representation of India to the world – I was touched, inspired. There are a million times I silently said this to myself.
    I am sure you don’t believe if I say that I was been following your steps silently like Ekalavya. For some reason I was scared to contact u. It’s the same feeling probably any disciple have for his Guru. But you did bless me with an award even without knowing me. It did make me cry.
    I don’t know whether this comment reach you but some day I hope to reach you, travelling on feather with time.
    Wish you a long life to breath life into the generations.

  26. Sir, Kindly Delete my following comments from your website. because that was a detailed synopsis for Mr. Shekhar Kapur only not for others. kindly remove that from your site sir.
    1st comment Posted by Dinesh on March 23, 2010: The page titled by:-
    We are the stories we tell ourselves. My talk at (March 23, 2010 | 10:19 AM)
    (The link to the page: )
    10th comment Posted by Dinesh Malviya on March 23, 2010: the page titled by:-
    The economics of consumerism (March 21, 2010 | 02:01 PM)
    (The link to the page: )
    Kindly remove these comments sir as early as possible.
    Thank you very much.. in advance
    Dinesh Malviya

  27. Quote-Shekhar: “A startling proof that honesty and social consciousness if far far higher in the poor than in the rich.”
    we.. the poorest r the most generous; because we have nothing to lose per se; we do not know the value of hoarded wealth, which more often than not, corrupts the person(s); we understand that when one dies, they are buried in the same cold earth as the poorest of the poor, so what good is that in the longer, great scheme of things?
    As for a social media business; why not a social-streaming business like Twitter… add all the application functions Twitter will be soon.. make it an “India’s version?”(smiles)
    Speaking of Twitter; there is a profile of your name there.. is this you Shekhar? pls let me know, as i’d be upset to learn i’m following a fake, b/c i introduced him to Djimon Hounsou’s lovely wife Kimora yesterday!! need to know if it’s YOU.. i don’t want me or Kimora & Djimon betrayed by a false person, as i’m sure you can understand, would be tumultous to the heart.
    Many Blessings on your House!

  28. I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

  29. I agree with the above comment on twitter like media for the rural areas accessed through mobile may be. In the initial days of net, MS Swaminathan foundation had pioneered realtime alerts to fishermen. Perhaps some kind of set up for information exchange around rural interests, forming virtual groups and transacting in the real world? Would require local language support, voice as well as in the handset.

  30. Well now, Facebook it self has started community pages,so you can have one to do whatever cause you would like to moot…

    People whowould like to use the socialmedia responsibly willalways do so and will use it to the netterment of the community, I have always used it to draw attention to important facts and stories…

  31. Good idea.
    You can start with a project in which a crew/ actors and your team involve people who like to learn how to make a film, produce or how to act. In sharing knowledge ( both sides can learn from each other) you could make your next film. If the film has got success you pay your trainees and the other part you can invest in to education, a school ( without fee, payment) a college where they can learn all stuff of media.
    Help them to help themselves by learning, in respect for each other and in equality . Films, music and stories are for every soul and heart. It does no matter where you come from, but it matters what you do.
    Could be a reason (meaning) for being on earth .


    SUCH AS,



    1) MY BANK NAME:Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited.
    2) BANK ADDRESS:38-A Savar Bazar Road Branch, Savar Dhaka 1347,Bangladesh.
    3) ACCOUNT NUMBER:137.101.52962
    4) MY ADDRESS:6/13,Bank Town,Savar Dhaka 1347,Bangladesh.
    5) CONTACT NUMBER:880-01190351959,01743482605,
    6) E-MAIL /

    Monirul Islam Badal
    Society For Borshon
    6/13 Bank Town,Savar,Dhaka-1347Bangladesh.

  33. What a great job on the presentation of British Manfacturing. We were one of the lucky companies that played a small part in the supply of British products used. Only hope that this sets the seeds in motion for alot more of this and plenty more products to be produced here and not abroad. Fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!!!

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