From: Shekhar Kapur, Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001, To: Piet Hut : You Said : < Needless to say, IF linear time is not real, then a realization of that fact makes one a more effective player is alleged linear time; just like you can only be an effective film director if you realize that [...]

concept of ‘me’

From: Shekhar Kapur, 30 Jul 2001 09:17:47 EDT To: Piet Hut I agree that all sages have said that we have to know who we are - and unless we break free form the concept of the self and Maya - we are never going to understand the unverse and our relationship to it. And [...]


30th July, from shekhar > I agree with that. Sometimes I have no idea what to write bto you - but just begin - and I sometimes do it at the most panic moments when I have no time to think - or late at night when I am so sleepy. Again - try and [...]

Fun !

Sunday 29th July : and TIME, next time we meet. >> > yes that would be great - but I like to continue this conversation on the > email - becasue I can reflect upon all this in private moments - and > would it not be good to ahve a record of our conversations [...]

i said

i said i could look after myself and i lied i said i did not need you and i lied i said i could do wihtout your love and i lied i said i was happy and i lied i said i did not need any anyone and i lied the truth was and is [...]

who is the I ?

From: Piet Hut, 29th julu 2001, in response the following question from me : "The past is imagined - but somewhat real - yes ? It happened - but ofcourse now exists in thought only - although physical ramifications of past actions are real - yes ? therefore from that point of view there is [...]

‘weird’ ?

from shekhar to Piet : 28th July 2001 " This very moment is ALL that is real" - yes I agree, - But for you, is that scientific theorey that is current - or is it from your buddhist exploration ? Oh no, that is from my own exploration, partly Buddhist, partly Taoist, partly other [...]

Is Space God ? Piet’s reply.

but we have to go deeply into the question of what BEFORE means if time started with the big bang. I think the answer is that time has more aspects/dimensions than the linear clock-time. I think there is a primorial beyond-time that still has time-llike qualities, in fact may be the REAL time from which [...]