Is Space God ? Piet’s reply.

but we have to go deeply into the question of what BEFORE means if time started with the big bang. I think the answer is that time has more aspects/dimensions than the linear clock-time. I think there is a primorial beyond-time that still has time-llike qualities, in fact may be the REAL time from which clock-time somehow borrows its existence. Again, we’ll have to talk……..

yes u are right – it is so easy to talk about time in linear terms – and even in trying to break that pattern I fell into it. So “in the begining there was just one sound” is an incorect statement by the word”begining”.. There is no begining and no end” And actually no middle either. Every event (contradiction) exists in eternty – so that theoretically the nothingness still exists. Let me think about this.

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  1. where is eternity, is it not right here, right now, oppsss, it jus passed. you know what I mean?
    Where is it?
    if there no time and the only real thing…what the heck does real mean anyway? sorry, its jus, if this is all an illusion…then why are we even bothering to have this conversation when we fully know its going to take us no where, no time, no space…no nothing!
    is all this conversation, back and forth is to establish there is actuallly NOTHING, but first we have to do all the EVERYTHING before we get to NOTHING…huh?
    Think, I’m confusing me more.
    Time to stop…what ever that means!
    Okay okay, breathe in and out…So hum…so hum
    What I really was trying to convey was this idea of thoughtlessness, except to arrive thereone must first dive deep into the vast mounds of so called matter to get to “no matter”
    There is no beginning, no middle, no end…why analyze all the data…only to get to “silence”
    Gee, I think I keep on asking and answering the same thing over and over…enough I guess.
    Shekhar, I can totally understand how you must go bonkers at times!!!
    “Let me think about this”…hmmmm, isn’t thinking about this only making it more complicated and further from the point of where we would like to arrive? OOpppsss me thinks me are doin it again!
    Sorry guys…I “end” it there…heheheAahahaha

  2. Cinda: I discovered a long time ago that it’ll drive you nuts thinking about “IT” – the sort of thing you do just before you nod off at night and then terrify yourself with the realisation that EVERYTHING, every thought and idea you have and take refuge in, cannot, could not exist outside of…what ??
    That’s “REALITY”…the only refuge we might have is the knowledge that every idea might be a new universe…ie that we all create and destroy universes as we think and as we live..around ourselves…watch “AKIRA” to see what I mean…
    Personally, I like the “Multiverse” theory…it’s just as terrifying but potentially more fun…..

  3. Teleology is also a construct of the mind. Read Edward F. Mooney’s book, Knights of Faith.

  4. Oye,
    This chat is just pure unadultrated guess work and nothing else!
    What I mean is this particular one and not others.
    Who was present at big bang ? NOBODY
    I think sometimes curiosity is at its peak and then people question…I too questioned this big bang when I was in my college and for days I was with this mood and feel and what not…then My girlfriend got better of me…she told
    Why the heck you bother if universe farted long time ago?
    End of topic!

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