This Moment is not the absence of Past and Present

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001, from Piet Hut
“There is no begining and no end” And actually no middle either. Every event (contradiction) exists in eternty – so that theoretically the nothingness still exists.”

Yes. And I find it very helpful to approach all this experientially, simply by feeling how this present moment is really already part of eternity (to say it in an approximate but quite wrongheaded way; it gives the feeling but it is still too linear). More precisely: this very moment is NOT this miniscule momentary fragment in between vast past and present. This very moment is ALL that is real, it is already beyond time, but we make ourselves slaves of linear time, willingly take on our role of being abused by time, and then we are abused. If we wake up from this awful role of being pressured by time, we can find ourselves in eternal time (better: non-linear time) already!! All this is first experiential, only secondly theoretical. I would like to try to convey more of my (limited but for me very inspiring) experiences in this respect. We should have a full session on SPACE and TIME, next time we meet.

8 thoughts on “This Moment is not the absence of Past and Present

  1. …what this implies is that time is actually (as we understand the meaning of the word) better described as “moment” or continuity – not an evolution of anything but a constant…within that constant there are “events”…us, supernovas, all instances of “local time”….

  2. but if time is a constant and not an evolution, then we have reconsider our definition of the word ‘event’, for the word event assumes a moment that is not continous, but singular. But a singularity assumes a past and future where that singularity did not exist, right ? And if so then are we not, after having described Time as a constant, contradicting ourselves ? So every event too, in that case must also be’constant’. So it always existed, dos exist and will always exist. And is therefore not an event at all, but a constant. Shekhar

  3. but time is neither a constant nor an evolution, it is no more than a convenient construct of the mind.
    here is a tree. what is its girth? let us measure it. take a measuring tape, have someone hold one end to the tree trunk at its widest point, you take hold of the other and walk around the tree, to meet your friend again. place your end of the measure across his or her end. note the mark there, where your end crosses the start of the measure. is this the girth of the tree? nahi, it’s just a mark on a measure that we use to estimate some quality of the tree.
    the tree was and is and will be. its current moment is itself and will not come again, but has always been and will always be.
    our vision is limited, and physics (including its theories, and the constants that seem to so accurately describe and predict parts of this universe) is a set of tools we use to help us see. we are good at making our tools, always checking them and adjusting them, even throwing them out and recreating them when they don’t seem to fit the reality we see or sense. yet they are just tools.
    you are asking about the nature of a measuring tape. just experience the tree.

  4. Hi,
    Time To a Layman…….An Interesting Vyaang…
    1. The time concept is a must and required to a healthy mind.
    2. A Healthy mind is required to uncover the truth.
    If above two premises are true then we need to know the concept time to uncover the truth.
    I will ask following Questions
    1. Is there scarcity of time?
    2. What should be the purpose of a healthy mind?
    3. Is time relative, subjective or objective?
    4. Is time adds to enjoyment, excitement, curiosity and thrill?
    (Why we need enjoyment, excitement, curiosity and thrill – Are they Motivators?)
    5. Whether A Test Match, One day or Twenty20 Cricket is more exciting?
    6. Why we are tested on time? Like Exams etc.
    7. Does time run faster in Mumbai Compared to Delhi? If yes then Why?
    8. DO time a Marham?????
    9. Do time an opportunity?
    10. Do time triggers events? Like Birth??? Natural Puberty?
    11. Do time just a measure or can become part of a formula?
    12. What formula you want to make…. using time?
    13. Do you want to go in Future or Past using Einstine formula???? Using Time Machine???
    14. Is time make Raja a Rank or Rank A Raja. Time time ki baat hai????
    15. What is time to enistine, what is time to shekhar and what is time to Mani????
    16. Can time speak? I am not joking but I have seen time speaking in serial Mahabharat. Can we ask time ???
    17. Hey Time are you continuous or quantum physics applies to you????
    18. Is their need to optimize time utilization???
    19. Is time a perishable Inventory???
    20. Is this our time??? What happened to your grad grand father???
    Is the right Time??? If yes then for what?????
    21. Should we measure life in time? or any other measure is available???
    22. Why we need to measure a life and on what criteria? Do we going to compare with benchmarks?? Who will be our benchmarks??
    24. Einstine? Buddha? Jesus? Krishna?? Tukaram or Mirabai, Chota Rajan or Bill Gates?
    25. Is time a Goal setting space?
    26. Is some thing available for less time makes that thing valuable???? If yes then those things are more valuable or the time??
    27. Can we live a life in a moment? How many moments we aspire so that we can say the life is full.
    I can possibly write 10000000000 + more questions. But without wasting time I will tell you how time is used in poetries by Indian Saints.
    Ek Ghari Aadhi Ghari, Addhi Se puni Addhhh, Tulsi Sangat Sadhu Ki… Koti Hare Apradh…( Time waste is biggest sin???)..Walk The talk….or belive that there are saints who walk the talk….. Mira Bai oblivited into an stone Idol. Science please waste your time understanding the concept????
    The value of time or the value of the Saints?????
    Best of luck with your Time Analysis.

  5. I mean Time is not continuous. It need not be.
    Rather we are continuously experiencing. We are… may be continuous.
    We are unperishable may be.
    So…. Nothing.. I said what I said…
    … what next???? Ok. I am not in a mood to say what next…… Some other day…

  6. The only illusion is time. It is neither a constant nor an evolution. It is only a concept. Ok maybe its a constant concept. Its only a unit of measurement. Unit is unreal but the item it measures is real. So event would be real and not constant and also unit of time will always change. But time can still be called a constant. After all its only a concept. Nothing can be dependent on the unreal time. Event is not related to time. Event is only measured in terms of an unreal concept called time.

  7. time is nothing but the expression of our own actions and is a “variable” as it has no visible mass or definete lenghth. time is the only evidence of living infinity.

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