Are we imprisoned by Time ? Or vice versa ?

From: Shekhar Kapur, Sat, 28 Jul 2001
Piet :” All this is first experiential, only secondly theoretical.”
Shekhar : “OK – yes – I am trying to get to grips with three things in relationship to the moment, which is the only truth – agreed….. ”

the past is imagined – but somewhat real – yes ? It happened – but ofcourse now exists in thought only – although physical ramifications of past actions are real – yes ? therefore from that point of view there is a reality.
the paper work I threw into the rubbish bin yesterday – still lies there today in this moment and the action is confirmed by the memory of others that saw me do it.
So the past has a reality – and certainly in terms of action has a linearity. I FIRST threw the paper into the rubbish bin – and THEN found it there the next morning. So is then the linearity of time only explained by linearity of action – conscious or unconcious ?
And therefore is it viable to divest the two ? Action from time ? For if we can, then time has a life of it’s own – it can flow freely. Divested of it’s relationship to action, like ageing.
So perhaps it is not us that are imprisoned by time – but Time that is imprisoned by us. We have to let it go and watch it flow freely with a will of it’s own. But how do we divest it from it’s rlationship with action ?

5 thoughts on “Are we imprisoned by Time ? Or vice versa ?

  1. whew! Powerful thoughts, Shekhar!!
    How indeed, do we decipher life, when every thought–past & present–give us our “tomorrow.”

  2. i would say the apparent linearity of that which we call time is an adaptation to our inability to see much at all. with our limited vision, we have to pan to see a larger scene. then we look back at the trace of the pan, and call it the passage of time. it’s just a shfited viewpoint, and we can only see one point of it at a time. we assemble the frames in our minds, ruffle them to see their apparent past movement, and call it life.

  3. Einstein proved that time is not absolute but relative.
    lets assume time in itself doesn’t exist but is only a tool developed by us to understand our own growth and evolution.
    What really happens is that the contents of this timeless Universe(us,stars,galaxies) are constantly growing ,evolving, changing.
    suppose jimA evolved into jimB(body grew,beard grew,hormones changed).But how do we understand this process- by defining it against a scale(we devised) called time.
    Since our growth and evolution is partially dependent(partially on genes)on impressions embedded on the mind,through generations we got imprisoned by the impressions of the effect of this self-produced device(time)on life.
    We started describing things in age etc. and programming ourselves into limits of ‘time’.
    The very thought/impression that a person has turned 50 from 49 a night before is very damaging for the persons cells for he/she sub-consciously starts considering him/herself getting old(another time dependant concept).
    As I wrote elsewhere this century’s biggest triumph might be it getting out of the clutches of ‘time’ by deprogramming its effects from collective consciousness and ironically stop understanding evolution in terms of centuries but instead see it in terms of generations.
    May be we too reproduce like cells which just divide into two without certifying which is the parent and which the child.
    Maybe the whole aging thing is a big farce(just a result of our collective programming and yielding to the whims of self-imagined “Time”).

  4. O.K., Shekar Kapur, Hi! I am just this 59 year
    old guy with a family in the western part of the U.S. of A.. Right near Mt. Rainier in the state
    of Washington near Seattle. That is obtuse, in a way, but it is a location, and afterall we are all out here in place waiting for instructions and doing the best we can until that day, when we finally know the final outcome of our efforts.
    That is even more obtuse. I was reading your blog
    _after reading a piece you wrote on the great
    human being and your friend Anthony Minghella.
    You are both great. Sadly, Anthony,’Tony’, is no longer with us, but I saw an interview with him on the ‘Charlie Rose Show’_the other day. I do not meet such great people in my life_’accomplished people, but I do my best to portray in my humanity a brand of acceptance of self and situation that provides comfort and safety to whoever I am with.
    I am sorry for your loss and the loss of such a great spirit and the loss to his family and
    My point is to just say. I was amazed to read your blog and that it is so accessible and that you are just as you portray yourself. Real in every way and I will not belabor the point, but ti is an honor to meet you sir.
    And if I could direct your attention to any other
    blog on the net. It would be my friend John
    ‘The White Lodge’…
    So if you’re ever in the neighborhood and I am sure you hardly have time with the real responsibilities and wonderful works of your
    life. Trust me I will continue to read your blog.
    It is magnificent and a gift to each reader.
    May God Bless…You and yours..Ulric

  5. But why time?
    Maybe its just measurement…
    But why time?
    maybe past is best understood backwards in relationships…
    But why time?
    maybe action is the only thing that makes us learn
    But why time?
    logical relationship or actions that are really not logical…
    best left for measurements
    neither for me, nor for it in itself
    for greatest is to get lost
    and realize where was time!

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