The Astrophysicist and the Filmmaker 2

I would urge anyone on this blog that is interested in the exploring the areas where mysticism and science collide to click on the blog on top of the page about my conversations with Peit Hut, the astrophysicist.

Though these conversations happened 6 years ao, I am finding them fascinating all over again. Piet has promised to answer questions – but he is a bit busy for the next 10 days, in the meantime I will continue to serialize the conversations and feel free to post comments and questions to Piet.

2 thoughts on “The Astrophysicist and the Filmmaker 2

  1. Does it matter if there is God or not.
    Do trees and birds think about God ?
    Is the quest for understanding God just a creative
    exercise nothing more than that.
    Are there spheres where nothing is certain.

  2. Vishal, Times of India Speaking tree for 7-Dec-2006 has an interesting take on this.
    Isn’t the fact that this entire universe emerged out of something as small as a speck of dust, profound? If everything that sprang forth from that primordial source is one, then is it tough to belive that ‘One’ which spans you, me, tree and birds as God?

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