Sex and the Guru

With the internet raging with people wanting to search for sex video's of the hapless Swami Nityananda having sex with a famous Tamil actress, you have to ask what this is all about ? While people express outrage all over India through acts of violence against him and his property, others desperately want to voyeur [...]

Haiti – whats life worth ?

When there is a calamity of such huge proportions, you wonder this. What's life worth ? As with the Tsunami in South Asia, the Earth Quake in China and then in Pakistan. Whole ideas of of religious morality come into question. The equation between Sin and suffering, between Karmic action and Consequence. What Sin did [...]


raging mixed feelings, giving in to the schizophrenia of the contradictions of existence, of reality, desire, fulfilment and non fulfillment, of confusion, desperation, and joy, give into all intellectual and emotional sensation and then try like hell not to drown those desperate strokes of survival sometimes - and then only sometimes have a pattern which, [...]