Is Wisdom eternal ?

For me no, it’s a daily battle. One cannot assume one has it and stay with it. The battle between the Ego and compassion is an ongoing, almost daily one. For there is no better way to describe Wisdom but the ability to live, exist and act in a compassionate way.
That was my thought for my birthday yesterday, and I thank everyone for their good wishes.

36 thoughts on “Is Wisdom eternal ?

  1. Happy Birthday Shekhar,
    Birthdays are reminders that your growing wiser not older.
    Just look into your last year and enjoy those moments that you cherished well.

  2. Belated Happy B’Day Shekhar…
    I believe I have an analogy to draw here…
    Not having cake in front of you and then claiming that you got over the temptation of eating it is easy but having the cake in front of you and then overcome the urge to eat it is a real achievement. Like wise, sitting in a quiet place and then give theories about life skills and wisdom is piece of cake but the real effort is to live life as it comes and face all the difficulties is a real courageous act.
    So yet again I seem to be in agreement with you…. Live life everyday and it will teach you the skills n the wisdom. And guess what!!! the wisdom gained like this is custom made.. perfectly suiting to your life conditions.

  3. Yes sir,
    knowing …that we know nothing is the the true knowing. That is the state where wisdom stays. I hope you had a gr8 peaceful day on your B’day and I wish you great years ahead.
    And this one for you Shekhar, on your B’day. A tribute to our own living legend, who entertained so many generations and set new dimentions of singing. Just did it couple days ago. Check it out here.
    Best of Regards!

  4. Have a Great Birthday – Belated now !! May you resolve yourself from all the experiences and thoughts that come your way and always seek a new beginning and grow with age too- Become Young.

  5. Shekhar,
    Wish you a very happy birthday!
    I agree with your struggle with wisdom..May be that is why some spiritual path enforce reading philosophies or wisdom books everyday..
    Warm Regards,

  6. Belated Happy Birthday Mr.Shekhar kapur.You are always looked upon with great reverence.May GOD bless you !

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Mr.Shekhar kapur.You are always looked upon with great reverence.May GOD bless you !

  8. Belated Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope you got some time to wathc PAA ?
    A rare gift
    paa reached 34 countries/territories and much more counting
    A lot is happening around the world
    Whole World excited, theatres around the world full
    People standing up to stop Piracy
    and promoting, asking friends to enjoy in theatres
    Pirated DVDs, CDs worth over Rs 10 lakh seized
    so much, so little to write
    Pride for India
    A treasure for the world

  9. Belated Birthday Wishes!
    Isn’t it rather awesome the way Compassion makes that constant embrace — and release — so overwhelming, so sweet and painful? For some reason it reminds me of Goethe:
    Yet not in torpor would I find,
    Awe is the finest portion of mankind.
    However, scarce the world may make this sense–
    in awe one feels profoundly the immense.

  10. Hello Shekhar:
    Better late than never: Happy birthday to you.
    True wisdom in life is not a self-evident byproduct of ones progressing age. It treads softly, gently, even hesitatingly and it does so only if there is a willingness to block out the sounds of the daily chatter of the sensational as well as the trivial and listen to the silence of the inner universe. Compassion, this hard-fought-for emotion, opens the door to those places where our fellow mans pain, anguish and dread reside. If we can curtail the egos forays into selfishness, focusing instead our gaze inward to see the soft glow of brotherliness we may finally establish a bridgehead in our ongoing battle to tip the scale in favor of compassion.
    Wisdom will then get a bounce in its step.
    Kind regards.

  11. You say it best Shekhar:) – “there is no better way to describe Wisdom but the ability to live, exist and act in a compassionate way”

  12. The wisdom u have gained is eternally ur property…despite the fact the dimensions wud change as per time and gravity of various situations, the basic seed to grasp it will remain…each one is an exclusive owner of their property..
    Wisdom is growth of us in daily basis…it is us…it can never stagnate…it takes its own course of growth whether we like it or not…
    at times wishing one did not have that gravity to grasp the threads of various depths…as we lose the innocent pleasure of innocent moments…and so much more
    act of compassion is not wisdom….it is an expression, a thought
    ability to live is not wisdom…we all live, whether we r able or not
    mere existence is not what i call life or wisdom either
    WOHOooo difference of opinion is our rights too I guess eh heh
    Wisdom is the connectivity of our mind, thoughts, actions, experiences, perception etc…its an immense ball of various emotions with intelligence…that becomes you…it becomes you..becaues it’s YOU
    Wisdom began the moment we slipped out of the womb…to follow to that womb we will lie in…
    No escape
    No solution
    yet wishing to shut eyes n simply drown oblivious of all realites eh heh
    Dats sum ‘WishdoM’
    mew mew
    Psst ‘HappY Birthday Shekhar’ Pssst cake? party? tea? chalo toffee?
    eww kanjoos
    Tho thik, I dun have a gift for u either…hugs se chalega?
    Glad to see ur zeal regarding environment…here
    Greenpeace India (
    Copenhagen shud deal wid the killing of dolphins too….showing they r men by such mass torture n blood shed…shows how insecure men have become to prove they r men they shed so much blood….if only blood shedding could prove a mans gravity…errm

  13. Here’s something my son, Aaravinda 9, came up with that may fly with the spirits…
    “Third Eye Productions”
    ~seeing things from a different perspective~
    om shanti

  14. Belated Happy Birthday Shekhar
    Wisdom is moment to moment,
    It does not belong to any one,
    A wise man cannot own it,
    A foolish man can reveal it.
    It is Eternal,
    but may not be expressed eternally.

  15. HI Shekar
    Belated Happy Birth Day!!!
    whats your take on telangana issue.

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  17. Hallo Shekharji,
    First we have to make it clear what the wisdom is. Is that capacity to respond the situation. If we respond the situation totally then what kind of battle remains behind.
    It must be the expectations of others on which we want to respond more effectively.

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  19. to jot a word cloud here instead of rambling away..
    be..allow..fearless..react..witness..detach..allow..recognise need to fight it..allow it and all its friends..freedom now..always free to grab
    and..above all..
    Silence – but reading that word disturbs it..
    and is your blog voice a tired one these days? has it spent itself..moved that recognition deflating at some level?..

  20. first of all…belated happie birday! hop u had a good one! as far as ur question goes…its the one looks at it! i may have a different opinion at one time and then it changes! depends on the situation and your belief!
    wanted to know more abot ur movie paani…you gave a url to dis movie blue gold, looks like your movie is going to show something like blood for water! i wanted to know if i could join you for the project since me being an independent film-maker myself! wud be interested in your cast! would be great…

  21. I totally agree with you Sir, you have said it so beautifully. Wisdom, I believe is something internal and is in constant growth and change. As you experience the various moments and the knowledge you gain in life, it is what you take from it and how you apply it to yourself and towards people around you that give you true wisdom.
    Wish you a happy belated birthday and may you continue enlightening us with your beautiful thoughts and endearing films!

  22. ***Dear Gagan***
    Please allow me..
    U say
    Wisdom is moment to moment,
    It does not belong to any one,
    A wise man cannot own it,
    A foolish man can reveal it.
    It is Eternal,
    but may not be expressed eternally.
    Wisdom is accumulated as per individual experiences or collective…hence wisdom remains in you…hence wisdom…that wisdom that you gained is yours…you either use it or not is choice…it grows eternally no doubt.
    A wise man or unwise has walked through it, perhaps percieved… and gives it out to others…whether one recieves it or not again is choice.
    There is no foolishness in revealing your wisdom..if it makes sense and someone can percieve it…where do you see foolishness?

  23. Dear Shekhar,
    Just came up with this thought.
    There are no masters of art or wisdom, because infinity can not be mastered.

  24. Dear DQ
    Wisdom can never be accumulated, you can accumulate Knowledge, and then wisdom flows out as nectar.
    A wise man can never claim to be wise, because It is the Ego, which always claims, and Wise man is Egoless.
    The moment Wise man claims to be wise he jumps into foolishness, whereas though a Foolish person is full of ego, the moment he perform an Egoless act, he turns into sage for that moment.
    Wisdom is Supreme Intelligence, which manifests itself through all beings. It never differntiates between a Wise or Foolish, Man or Animal, It flows out as the essence of Life.

  25. ~Dear Gagan~
    Allow me to Thank YOu, for using softer words…bEeeg words kanfoose me lol..I need a dictionary then.
    I may not be very capable of hitting the hammer on a nail..
    perhaps float around….
    Knowledge me thinks is wisdom…the fine result of knowledge whether by conditioned reasons or unconditioned, perception etc
    I dont think I mentioned that a wise man can or should claim…I just mentioned that if one has it and shares, where is the harm simple.
    I do understand that wisdom (knowledge) makes one humble…and that is profound, yet I see no harm in expressing.
    I dont think I mentioned any differences between wise or foolish, man or animal…I did mention wise or unwise…which ceratinly meant…it has no differences.

  26. Some musings….

    Wisdom is eternal, in this way –

    You are choicelessly Aware all the time. Either you are aware of your ignorance or you are aware of your knowledge. There is no time you are not aware.

    Wisdom has got nothing to do with how our life is lived, Life goes on, with its ups and downs.

    Wisdom witnesses what unfolds before us, untouched! Wisdom also witnesses how we react and respond to anything, unbiased. Wisdom is untouched and unbiased to any rights and wrongs, ever is.

    Wisdom communicates with us in the form of thoughts. Thought are the only medium by which you get to know about your self. What is within, who you are, is exactly reflected by your thoughts. So therefore, thoughts are yourself, your own mirror, through which you get to know who you really are. Thoughts are just post masters. Thoughts are letters sent to you by yourselves. Know who you are, what you really are. one may lie to others, but ones thoughts cannot lie to oneself, your thoughts convey who you are, as it is, it does not lie to you. We must be thankful to thoughts actually.

    Thoughts reflect the wisdom that we are. Krishna says in Gita, Chapter 6, verse 5 –

    उद्दरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत् ।
    आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मनः ॥

    uddhared atmanatmanam natmanam avasadayet |
    atmaiva hy atmano bandhur atmaiva ripur atmanah ||

    One should lift oneself by one’s own self (effort) and should not degrade oneself, for Oneself is one’s own friend and oneself is one’s own enemy as well.

    Wisdom ever is.


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