Letting go of Golden Age

Fro two years i waited for this day. I thought I would heave a sigh of relief. I would be free. I would go play, take a holiday, explore the universe again. Find myself again. This day, the day I finished Golden Age. And now that the day is here, I am in turmoil. It's [...]

Golden Age Diary

Given the level of interest in the Golden Age Diary, I am setting up a sub blog for that. If your scroll up to the top of the page, please click on where it says "Golden Age Diary' next to 'Press Articles'. Thanks everyone.

Golden Age Diary

today is the first day of the shoots with Cate Blanchette who plays Elizabeth of course, and Abbie Cornish, who plays Bess, Elizabeth's lady in waiting, who has an affair with Walter Raleigh. Of course Elizabeth is also in love with Walter Raleigh, but she is unwilling to explore this, her mosrtal side of her [...]

Trying to listen to myself

Film making is so much now about fitting a square peg (a script) into a round hole (a schedule and a budget), that so much of my time on Golden Age gets taken up with production meetings, budget meetings, schedule meetings etc etc. Time now to shut my ears to the organizational noise and listen [...]


A lot of people, including pim, ask me when Buddha is going to be made, Buddha is one of those films that has it's own Destiny, and I found I could not push it along. I just need to let it happen. Just let it go, for it to form itself organically. I tried very [...]

Golden Age Diary

The Golden Age Diary will be an open thread, in which I will post a diary as comments rather than posts. Viewers are welcome to post comments, and I look forward to haing your feedback. I met Cate Blanchette today, and after a very long time, we chatted in a relaxed informal atmosphere. She is [...]