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today is the first day of the shoots with Cate Blanchette who plays Elizabeth of course, and Abbie Cornish, who plays Bess, Elizabeth’s lady in waiting, who has an affair with Walter Raleigh.

Of course Elizabeth is also in love with Walter Raleigh, but she is unwilling to explore this, her mosrtal side of her being. This is quite a triangle and I have not really see in it anohter film. In this film, Elizabeth subconciously encourages the affair, so as to protect her own sens eof Mortality.
Have to rush, the actors are on the set – easy day though, we are just doing make up and ‘look’ tests,

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  1. Dear Shekhar,
    I can’t express enough how grateful I am that you started this Golden Age blog. In as much I enjoyed the original Elizabeth and look forward to this one, the entire process of reviving a legend fascinates me. Allow me to congratulate you in assembling a BRILLIANT team. I wonder, are Geoffrey Rush and Samantha Morton already in London?

  2. I can see from your bad spelling that you have been very excited today 🙂
    Today is the first day and we fans will be with you till the last one, because, as you know, “Finis coronat opus”.
    Good luck!

  3. dear shekhar,
    u must be back by now.
    hope u had a satisfying day.
    do share interesting bits about the first day when u get some moments to spare.
    after dabbling on the sidelines for quite a while, i too got confirmation of my first long-term brush with ‘bollywood proper’ today… a proper filmy full on commercial project that i am getting involved in for the next 6 months…
    i dunno how/whether i am going to survive, but i have promised myself, i will enjoy it to the hilt…
    wish u luck and ask for ur blessings…

  4. Dear Shekhar
    An exciting update — you must be so stoked! And it’s very interesting to read your take on the subliminal love triangle, too. It’s dangerous for a woman in a position of power to allow herself to feel her vulnerability, or to show it – or to share her power. Her power has already come at such a cost, so often so much more than a man would ever have to pay…
    love, Heath

  5. Shekhar,
    It’s great to hear that you are finally making “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”. I saw the first “Elizabeth” film back in 1998 when it was in the theatres and loved it. I even got my father to enjoy the movie, because he thought it was going to be a “boring costume drama”, but in the end he loved it.
    Anyway, it’s great to hear that Cate and Geoffrey are back in this film. I can’t wait to see them reprise their stellar roles for this film.
    Keep up the great work!

  6. “Have to rush, the actors are on the set”…
    more than words can say.
    in spirit,

  7. Dear Shekhar,
    I was delighted to hear that you will be filming some of ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ where I live in Somerset. I am a fan of your work and, although a Law student, am also an amateur historian whose passion is the Elizabethan Age.
    Therefore I would like to volunteer myself as one of the extras needed – as advertised at the Milton Hall in the Blue School in Wells for the filming in June.
    I would be most suited to the part of either a richer or poorer extra, as I am a 19 year old with the classic beauty suited to the period, long brown hair, elegance and poise, as well as being slim and a good height (5ft 6″). Please consider me for this role, as your consent to this would fulfil a lifetime ambition of mine.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,
    Cat Sayers

  8. Shekhar ji, Today is Kerala new year – Vishu. Coincides with the arrival of spring, Baisakhi, and Tamil new year. New year is about new beginnings and new successes. I would like to wish you happiness, health and all success with Golden Age and all your projects this new year.

  9. dear all,
    given the level of interest in the Golden Age Diary, I am creating a special blog called Golden Age Diary. If u look at the top of this page, you will see it. Just click into it, and thank you for sharing, shekhar

  10. Hi Shekhar, my name is Drew. I am the director of ‘The Secret’. I’ve just arrived in LA to live and create. It be great to meet with you in person when you’re next in town. Best wishes with Golden Age diary – anything less than a huge and daunting creative challenge just wouldn’t be satisfying and rewarding would it. Kind Regards, Drew

  11. Dear Shekhar,
    I’m jsut thrilled to hear that there will be a continuation of Elizabeth. It’s one of the best movies of our times and I’m sure that so will GA be 🙂
    Best wishes and good luck!
    PS. When you meet Cate, could you possibly mention , a site full of devoted fans? 😀

  12. Hello all,
    I feel that I, more then any other am looking impatiently forward to this film. Exploring the relationship between Bess, Rawley and Queen is finally eventually coming to screen and I am excited. I got a Rawley story for you, I saw a phsycic named Ted Silverhand a year after I had a dream of being on a scaffold speaking to 4 people with crowds around me, I was being beheaded. I had no control in the dream because I wanted to run but could not I was simply watching through the eyes of the person I was feeling extremely proud with my hands unbound speaking to the public and to 4 people on the scaffold, Then I was dead, in the tunnel. Ted told me that I was an explorer around Columbus time, I had a relationship with a Queen but fooled around with a maid of honour and angered the Queen to the point that she wanted my head. Ted said I may have apoligized and had my head saved. At the end of my visit with the phsycic he said ” oh my god you were Walter Rawley which Raleigh NC is named after. I didn’t know who this guy was so I researched him and the Execution account is exact to my dream it actually freaked me out. I then saw an old scetch of Westminster Old Palace yard, and again it was what I saw in my dream and I saw where I wanted to run to but couldnt. Later on I had another dream where was angry at lovely young women with dark hair, I was very upset that her pregnet belly was showing to much and I kept insisting for her to tighten her gurdle as tight as she could. Again I could not control this dream the intense anger and fear I felt upset me when I woke. i felt I was a horrible person if I was Sir Walter Rawley because as you may know that childs name was Damerie and did not survive his first year I fear that his secrecy may have been the cause of death… i feel that story may be a good way to show Rawley as a personality.
    Maybe Sir Walter Rawley

  13. Dear Shekhar,
    I just want to tell you that I am so grateful to you for opening up this thread for us fans to view! It’s always amazing to watch as a movie is being filmed, and I’m sure you are having fun with the amazing Cate Blanchett, as well as all the other cast of this movie.
    I’m really looking forward to this version of Elizabeth’s story because it seems like it’s unlike any other movie that has ever been made before. It focuses more on Elizabeth’s mind rather than strict history.
    Good luck, and I’ll look forward to your next entry =)

  14. Thank you all for responding so well. Just a reminder that I am now posting all the new blogs on the Golden Age blog. Just scroll right up to the top of the page and you will see ‘Golden Age’ in red. Just click on it. Thanks. Shekhar

  15. dear shekhar
    if u remember me? i met u at juhu(Ganapati immertion day) and spoke abt “Panipat”novel meriye khwaish hai aap sach much es disha me kuch soche. if u can make film on it. i beleve its great subject.

  16. Dear Shekhar,
    Saw the crew on location at Ely Cathedral today (i am based about 15 minutes away). Would be interested in being an extra if required as i am a Physics student currently on leave. I am 5ft 8ins with waist-length blonde hair and am of classic period apearance.

  17. Hey, Am an absolute fan of Abbie Cornish for her beautifully vulnerable potrayal in the movie Somersault. A real gem. Am thrilled she’s in the movie. Looking forward to it. Wish you loads of fun 🙂

  18. I have just come back from watching the movie in New York. I have no words to describe the rush! Purely magnificent film. Cate Blanchett’s character spoke deeper with her eyes than her mouth. MAJESTIC is how i would describe it. Thank you for such a privilege!

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