Ocean of Imagination

In this infinite ocean of imagination within which exist infinite ripples of imagination   Each ripple colliding with another creating infinite ripples of imagination   Ceaseless, eternal never-ending no one ripple imagining the whole yet forever and constantly changing the whole   Out of this imagination matter forms out of this imagination matter is destroyed [...]

We speak of Darkness

We speak of darkness as we speak of light we speak of darkness as if it arises and radiates like light, forgetting as cold is the mere absence of warmth dark is the mere absence of light and in creating walls of prejudice roofs of fear windows of hate doors of ignorance we breed the [...]

when did u leave ?

the wrenching away of your hand the pushing away from my embrace, the scream that rose from deep within the ugliness of words desperate for conviction, the slamming of the door an illusion of permanence your image through the window like a shadow a half self the other half breathing throbbing living loving inside my [...]


searching for imprints that i left when I was with you the imprint that I am now reconfigured as is yours matching imprints of moments of memories like matching waves in an ocean from one moment to the next we together the ocean memories the waves

I am that

I am nothing more but nothing less I am not who you think I am I am not who I think I am I am all that is and all that is not I am neither defined nor definable neither finite nor infinite I am that that was never born or ever died I am [...]