We speak of Darkness

We speak of darkness

as we speak of light

we speak of darkness

as if it arises

and radiates

like light,


as cold is the mere

absence of warmth

dark is the mere

absence of light

and in creating

walls of prejudice

roofs of fear

windows of hate

doors of ignorance

we breed the idea

that darkness

has a protective glow

of its own

not realizing

it is merely feeding off

the maggots of our own


23 thoughts on “We speak of Darkness

  1. But darkness in many ways can be a protective glow………..It can sometimes protect our natural innocence……by not allowing the light of reality enter us we do in fact protect ourselves from certain unnecessary emotions………Beautifully written though sir 🙂

  2. A different prespective of negativity darkness brings into life. A metaphorical account, wonderful usage of imagery and the comparison of maggots and egos in closure hits hard on stark reality of negativity affecting relationships. Today, Ego is of paramount importance and relationships secondary. A wonderful poem indeed .

  3. The absence of postivity breeds negativity… Beautifully written indeed. A nice read 🙂

  4. according to physics:drak mattre is the grate source energy,so frm drakness we have to bring out the positive enargy..

  5. darkness mumbles the forbidden answers
    to questions you are about to confront..

    it is for darkness you know there’s light
    you feel that the edges are blunt..

    it is a kind of consumption, some self centred assumption
    that darkness could never be a friend..

  6. Shekhar,

    I wanted to say , did you notice – what I predicted some time back has come to happen exactly as I foresaw !

    The French have won the 20 Billion Dollar MMRCA deal with Dassault Rafale jet “winning” the bid . If you recollect I wrote earlier , how the French Secret Service is in possession of complete Banking transactions of all Indian politicians , including Antonia Maino (alias Sonia Gandhi), and others.

    Indian politicians are now in the complete control of foriegn intelligence services. India is in grave danger. Why not invest that money in Indian IITs and IISc( my alma mater) to create solid defence research programs ???

    Can foriegn governments assure Indian security ?? Ever ??

  7. hi,
    i just wanted to know if you are still doing movies and if you are interested in new stories that can be transformed into memorable cellular experiences. the one that you can do. i had last seen a movie called “Dushman” where i heard you had directed the initial part. i am in teh process of writing a story.

    it is about darkness(in the mind)/sensuality/ different sexual orientations/ the peculiarities of human relations and desires/ violence..

    please le tme know if you are intrested.

    i am neither a story writer nor a film related person. the story just cam esome how. i beleive you will like the synopsis. it will bring nothing sort of an oscar.(i feel so)

  8. A person holding a torch in his hand went in search of darkness and to this day, he is unable to find darkness. Darkness cannot bear contact with a lighted lamp.

    Can we ask the darkness to stay a while longer so that the Sun can see what darkness really is? Is it ever possible for the Sun to see what darkness really is?


  9. We are created amazingly… capable of creating worlds of our own… a world that is a excruciating, inexplicable meld of facts, illusions and delusions…

    You and I..

    A mere bunch of memories…… that will decide the destiny the future moments.

    Light n darkness….. one without the other …..becomes intolerable…..like inhaling and exhaling…. the lub-dub of a heartbeat.

    What would be the union be without the yearning……the reunion without the parting….. the light without the darkness….

    Give me both, my love….. or let me die.

  10. Today,I want to go back to the darkness and warmth and comfort of my Mother’s Womb…


  11. Beautiful and stark. Love the way that you keep your intensity alive…

    Boats on the sea
    some surging
    some afloat
    some adrift
    some sinking
    yet,all boats on the sea…

    Pebbles on a beach
    some smooth
    some sharp
    some new
    some old
    yet,all pebbles on a beach…

    clouds in the sky
    some white
    some gray
    some beautiful
    some formless
    yet,all clouds in the sky…

    people in this world
    some boats on the sea
    some pebbles on a beach
    some clouds in the sky
    yet,all people in this world…

  12. This poem can be considered as message of a deep thinker to society . Here writer wants to do some thing creative but couldn’t because of certain compulsions. There are conflictions in the mind of writer also as love for the nation.

  13. Pranaam!! Shekhar ji

    Very profound! Very well crafted!! The moon looks beautiful in the night – the darkness, not in the day time. There are infinite hopes in darkness. It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength…the passion…the energy.
    Keep writing…

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