And God said Let there be light .. fibre optic light

And then God said there be light ..

….fibre optic light

The world now changes at the Speed of Chaos . The changes are non-linear. The year before is not a portend of the trends in the current year. Yet we are caught in an addiction to linear analysis. Why ? Because once the trends were controlled by the very people in a position of linear power to control them. The linear structure of  control over information and ideas was also the way the world was kept linear.

It seemed till just yesterday that  power of the ‘Gatekeepers’ was supreme, whether in Government, Politics, Entertainment etc.  The Power of Linearity.

Suddenly the power has shifted to circularity where information is democratic and opinion polls are no longer the ‘gatekept’ preserve of ‘information or news controllers’. People talk and communicate amongst themselves. At unimaginable speeds. At unimaginable distances. In unimaginable quantities. Where ideas are born and die even before you can catch them. Where only ideas that truly catch the imagination of the people, the heart of the people, the fundamental needs and desires of the people come forth and turn from a slight wave in the ocean to a tsunami,

And before you are aware of it, before you can catch it, the tsunami is a revolution.

Like the Arab Spring.

We have a word for it in Hindu Mythology. Manthan. The Great Churning. Even though it referred to (some say) to the formations and continuing play of the Universe, The Milky Way, the facilitation of of sharing of massive amounts of information and ‘thought processes’ expressed on massive platforms, give rise to new galaxies of events that are completely non linear, chaotic and ….

…express the true and ultimate meaning of democracy…. a continuing democracy, fluid and completely transparent in its expression,

Scary ? Of course. Chaos to our linear minds is scary. Change and the unknown is scary.  But do we have a choice?

The battle will now be between linearity and chaos. The gatekeepers and most of us will fight for a semblance of linearity for that is how we understand the world.  While those that have nothing lose in the constructed oppression of linearity , will revel in hitting back at any linear system through the  chaos of circularity.

What will happen in the future ?

Facebook too, addicted as it is now to linearity, through old world paradigm like transactions with its 100b $ ivaluation, has shifted from circularity and chaos to linearity and gatekeeping.  So the battle is also happening within the internet world too.  But Facebook understands the only option it has is to keep expanding, or the great Manthan will swallow  its individuality and regurgitate it and throw it out in forms yet unknown to itself.  Or It will, like our Sun, expand to a point where its collapses under its own gravity,  gobbled by by another expanding Star – another tsunami idea.

The Universe is the best analogy to the Internet. If we understand that passage of time is a mere perception . History is chaotic, sudden, unpredictable and ever changing. Yet at the points of history in the old world we perceived a linearity which became our reality and even an addiction. Now Internet has made that change observable, constant, touchable and perceptible. Almost instant.  Like observing the seed turn into a flower in speeded up motion.  And the death of the same flower in seconds.

Lets forgive ourselves for sitting back for a few moments and go ‘Phew !’  But then move forward with a new sense of democratic adventure, a step in the unknown, trusting that in the chaos of the Manthan, in the colliding of galaxy’s there is purpose..

And my quest, along with others, is that in this great Manthan, the ultimate events that occur are for the good of society. That ultimately in the balance between the good and the bad, the hate and the compassion, the Asuras and the Devas, the good and compassionate will emerge.

Quite honestly ? Everything points to that. It seems that we will do better without the gatekeepers controlling our lives for their own benefit,

12 thoughts on “And God said Let there be light .. fibre optic light

  1. I am not a hue or visual impression experienced in direction
    I am not a negative connotation that stains an imagination

    I am not a known falsehood in propaganda to create an opponent
    I am not a tragic time embarrassing the damaging nature content

    I am not a rain cloud in a psychological atmosphere
    I am not a curse bursting out of sentimental fear

    I am not a tactic or an ingredient of destruction
    I am not a secrecy unknown or inexplicable in expression

    I am not a witch craft associated with human skull
    I am Black, I reside in the beautiful

    I endeavor to liberate this existence out of the panorama of life
    I no longer can perceive this existence of my being as a gloomed failure

    BY A.J [INFINEN] from twitterland

  2. ppl are seeking imaginary reliefs not in God but in Mankind! not in Holy Books but attention seeking in Face Book!!! Seeking Spiritual Bliss only thru Human-Guru’s while the only Ans for Mankind is Direct Hot-Line Connection!!! with the Mighty Supreme!!!

  3. There is comfort in structure.
    Where would we be if every thing had to be second checked and second guessed?
    Is there wisdom in crowds? I only hear babel.

  4. * i believe in d BALANCE-of-Nature, which U have rightly put-it as “Manthan”…!
    * never we must POSITION ourselves in EXTREME’s … its Painful…??
    * one who follows the middle-path … creates HISTORY…!!!


  5. Society is oneself. All is for oneself by oneself to oneself. The external world is absolute reflection of oneself!


  6. Shekharji,

    A very thought provoking post.

    You allude, Linearity has changed to Circularity in Government, Politics, Entertainment etc. because of fiber-optic (you mean internet).

    To elaborate, for eg. in Entertainment, one no longer has to go looking for a exhibitor to sell one’s film. It can easily be sold online and shown on Of course, an exhibitor could posiibly get you greater returns for your efforts, but maybe in some cases selling by yourself online could be more profitable. Profit or not, before “fiber-optic light”, selling by yourself was generally (99%) a less attractive option. Not to forget that now anyone can express themselves for the world to see! Was this possible on a grand scale before fiber-optic light?

    Befor the internet, it was said, “Build it and they will come. The world will find their way to your door”. Now, will they find my video on, among the more than 120 million videos?

  7. Shekhar,

    You dont make any sense. Are you out of ideas ?

    WHat is all this Linearity business ? WOrld has neevr been Linear , it is highly non-linear and linear progression of power was never true.

    We have a national task of recovering our heritage , culture , identity and establishing a powerful peace within india and outside.

    there is no time for idle talk. do your bit , to promote beauty , peace and joy in all nooks and coners of india. do your bit.

  8. You have pointed correctly.
    I am trying to understand the meaning of gatekeeper here.
    and If I understand correctly, Yes, it is true that these gatekeepers want the world to be seen by others with these gatekeepers eyes..

  9. Shekhar, I have always wondered “Would any individual DO ANYTHING AT ALL, if (hypothetically speaking) he/she were to be the only individual on this Universe? NEVER! Infact, in my intuition, such a situation would kill a person due to shock and psychosis within few minutes of entering such vacuum. My point is simple – every Action and Thought man exercises is to satisfy his Ego… including philanthropy or “crying for the dead”. Having said that, there is an irony of the fact that everything Man exercises in Action and Thought is also for others and not to himself (taking the hypothetical situation I put in the beginning). This paradox has left be baffled eternally!

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