is nothing something ?

india times said I was on a spiritual search because of the turmoil of my personal life and post oscar success of golden age. Not true. I have been in turmoil since I was 10. In Delhi we used to sleep under the open skies on the terrace in summer. There was no light, sound [...]

My Boat

confused traveler bumping my boat from shore to shore not sure if the ports are bouncing me back or the springs are in my boat so strong that they push me back into the rough seas the moment they touch land ? wandering because till i see the destination i will not know I am [...]


The gift of talent, I believe, is a huge responsibility. It does not really belong to you. It never did. If used for merely acquiring wealth fame and power, talent turns into the devil that eats into your soul. Like a gambling debt, like an addiction. Not to a supreme creative endeavour but to the [...]

Partition of India, the pain.

Just watching a documentary of an Asian Indian actor tracing her roots. And then the documentary talked about her Grand Uncle and his family being massacred on a train as they fled from the newly created Pakistan. She even met her great aunt who was on that train when she was 20, but somehow survived. [...]


Back in London now, to do the post on Golden Age, and found it just tooooo depressing to leave India.. For Mumbai kept me far far more alive than London could ever do. When u are constantly confronted with mortality and contradictions, you are forced to live life on the edge. What better way to [...]