Back in London now, to do the post on Golden Age, and found it just tooooo depressing to leave India..

For Mumbai kept me far far more alive than London could ever do. When u are constantly confronted with mortality and contradictions, you are forced to live life on the edge. What better way to look at life but that there are no tommorows ? Here in London there is a an ease of living. an addiction to security, a secure tommorow, a secure future – that is almost cloying. London now feels emotionally like a ghost town,
Guess I am just reacting to withdrawl symptoms from the drug that is India. The turmoil that is India. The contradiction that is India. The creativity that is India. The excitement that is India. The energy that is India. The exploration that is India.

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  1. i am born and brought in Delhi, had fantastic time there, now i live in london from last 19 years and I love both places, When I am in delhi I miss london and ofcourse when I am in London I missed Delhi. But one thing is sure that we only know the value of India when we are in different country. Have lot of different experience here, at the end of the day we should analyse what have we gained and what have we lost? whether is it worth living in foreign country, we only have one life and limited time. Another thought, are we living for ourself or someone else( I mean making money in foreign country)?

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