Recently I had a really upset fan write to me, who reacted adversely to a TV interview of mine on National TV. Where I said that I was far more comfortable with failure than I ever will be with success. He thought I was looking down upon those that are working hard and striving to [...]

Juhu, that once was..

Every Sunday of free drinks and open house at Kabir and Protima's Bedi's house. Little babies called Pooja and Siddharth. Running around in diapers. Mahesh Bhatt preaching Godhead and Nirvana. Parvin Babi sitting in a corner smiling benignly, smoking whatever anyone smoked those days Big huge brother Vick, more Sai Baba than Sai Baba himself. [...]

Am I Male or Female ?

I am both. Male and female. Without my female self I am neither creative nor spiritual. Without my male self I am neither enterprising, nor active. I am not both man and woman. I am a man. But finally,I am now both male and female. And finding the balance was tough. To balance the nurturing [...]

About Myself

At 22, was an accountant in London long before I dreamt of bieng a film-maker .. I was successful. But uncomfortable. I remember strongly feeling the chasm between what I did and who I was. The young man at play (those were the swinging 70's don't forget), and the one at work were two completely [...]

A New Begining

Suddenly I became aware of the power of communication through the net. Through a Blog with my best friend Deepak Chopra. Do visit us at So, I am now re-developing my website. Since my primary focus is as a story teller and communicator, I would like to share stories, ideas and films that I [...]