A New Begining

Suddenly I became aware of the power of communication through the net. Through a Blog with my best friend Deepak Chopra. Do visit us at Intentblog.com.
So, I am now re-developing my website.
Since my primary focus is as a story teller and communicator, I would like to share stories, ideas and films that I am dreaming about. Some of them will get made, and some will remain dreams. But then who said that dreams were not valid on their own ?
And then ask people with courage to share their ideas and dreams. Why courage? Because it takes courage to know that our sense of individuality is a false manifestation of our ego. We are merely conduits of creativity that originate somewhere in the universe.
Gradually I would like to develop this site into sharing audio visuals with each other too.
Depending upon what you may be interested in, would you please click on any of the categories on the right. But be patient, I am coming to terms with this technology gradually.
Shekhar Kapur

37 thoughts on “A New Begining

  1. Dear shekhar , i read and follow deepak quite a lot in fact i am scripting a film based on deepaks lessons i’d like to come and see you in mumbai as of now the universe has been extremely responsive with it’s location.To the extent that i am mailing you this way it was meant to be read by you ,i have no experience in film making but have the passion for creation and being a part of good cinema.Further one feels one is willing to take responsibility in this area.One is the next so called big thing.The intent is really stong here and as we know the universe needs to support the intent i have been supported.How can i come and see you , seeking your permission.

  2. I think, it’s a restless quest, or better say, unquenched thrist to know the ultimate, rather being known, that drives some people. I’m glad that you are one, who did not stop there boosting the ego of the self. I’ll keep on reading it. Very nice job for all of us.

  3. shekhar , in a way you are my guru ,everytime i see your films i learn , you see when one realizes the purpose of being here with respect to time and space in this dimension one has to perform karma and one is hinted and given direction and you have been an important part of the plan also i congratulate u with all my heart fo your wedding and give my love to suchitra bhabhi i know it’s kinda late but excuse your younger brother on this account .Im gonna c u soon .

  4. I have to keep believing that dreams are indeed valid on their own. Only because I had stopped believing in them. And my only way out of that dark place in New York was a push by the universe that landed me in Bollywood which brought me right back to where I had started from…Los Angeles, CA. I’d rather have my sense of individuality remain a false manifestation of my ego…At least I have one again! 😉

  5. Mr. Kapur,
    I want to start off by saying that the film you directed “The Four Feathers”, was a masterpiece. It really portrayed the similarities of those times with our modern day struggles with honour and bravery. The only other film that stirred the same emotions for me was “The Last of the Mohicans”.
    I also hear you will be directing the “Foundation” movies. How do you feel about creating the Foundation Epic? Has Fox set a filming date? If you need any ideas just ask people for their thoughts on your site.
    Thanks for your time.
    Claude St. Pierre
    BC, Canada.

  6. Mr. Kapur,
    I just wanted to say that, even though ive only seen one of your films, which was ‘elizabeth’ i just think it was amazing, i absolutly love the tudor history and have read many books based around this era( mostly Phillipa Gregory’s book), it was my mum really who began to teach me about the tudor era as she loved it too, and became interested at the same age as me. So of course i was delighted to hear that you will be filming a sequel! I think Cate Blanchett plays the role brilliantly! You seem to capture the whole court exactly how i imagine it to be and the casting was excellent! Also i was wondering about extras for the film…it is something i would love to do..just to be apart of it and was wondering how i would go about it?
    Anyway thank you for making such a brilliant film and getting it just right!
    Thank you,
    Alexandra Mary Bradley

  7. Hey Shekhar,
    Its great to see you updating your site again. I am a short film and documentary film maker. I hope to learn quite a lot from you. As, I wouldn’t not want to believe that whatever I have learnt about film making so far is nothing but a result of constant viewing of your films.
    I am just 19 now. I want to make about a 20 films by the time I am 20.
    Do write back if possible.
    Thanks for everything.

  8. Hi,
    I jus came accross the news in the Indian Express abt u and Deepeak chopra strtin the site for communicating what u cudnt have otherwise (the editing part)
    Thought its really a gud initiative whr the young generation of ppl like me can connect with ppl of ur stature and share thoughts wid u.
    Wud like to see ur views on the changing face of society and on India generally.
    Mayank Jauhari
    Management Development Institute, GURGAON

  9. Hi Shekhar,
    Must congratulate you such a great site. We all keep on thinking who we are, where to go, what next. Somehow that reflects from your words that you too are watching life very closely. we all inspire from great work, thinking and karma of others. So let us know about what you think about life, its sour and bitter experiences. Write a book. I hope that is coming very soon.
    Chandan Mishra
    New Delhi

  10. Although we all know about the menifestation of ego that builds a personality and gives an identification to the induvidual…..there is a very thin line btwn the ‘self respect’ and ‘ego’. When self respect is coated with wrong attitude,thats called ego’, and it kills the right identity of an individual. In my opinion everybody born with an indentiy, only thing we need a place in the socity to keep our identity intact….and that we all try hard to create and sustain with the best of our ability and capacity.

  11. I’m a banker working with a MNC Bank in India at a fairly senior position.
    I’ve been into theatre since childhood and there is an actor within me always.
    Your movies has always interested me and i’ve always dreamed of being part of your movie.
    Do let me know if i can be part of your movie in a small role atleast.
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    My mob no is 09811515014

  12. A global film idea rooted in 18-19th century north Indian history.
    This idea took birth when Pakistan named the recently tested missiles as Gauri,Gazni and Abdali-three names which do not sound well in Punjabi ears on both sides of the border.They would bring jehadis along and loot,rape and plunder the 18th century Punjab.Around 25000 punjabis were killed in one invasion.
    Presently reading “Kingdom of Heaven” by Ridley Scott(ISBN-1557046611) Check out page 84 para 2 if you can.
    Check out http://www.historyofjihad.com with moderating filters on.(Especially the section on this period.)
    There is a very strong story of the Punjabi struggle with Jihad in the 18th Century and how the struggle comes to an end under the able and secular leadership of Ranjit Singh-the Maharaja of Punjab.His muslim General(he had all- hindu,sikh,muslim,french)finally planted the Punjabi flag in Kabul in 1839 and foreverafter closed the bolan and khyber passes for invaders.
    Dream to make a film on Ridley’s ‘KoH’ scale and quality.A film which shows the struggle against jihad by people on the eastern end of the middle-east Islamic world, finally showing how jihad was once conquered- by righteous secularism,personal charisma,and unbiased justice.
    The period drama will be rich in oriental customs and costumes contemporary to Napolean in Europe.The dramatic battle of Jamrud between General Hari Singh Nalwa and the Afghani Pathans is a very famous one.
    For initial familiarization with the idea:Read Ranjit Singh- Maharaja of the Punjab by Khushwant Singh(isbn-0141006846)
    Other reference books for research:
    1.History of the Sikhs(I&II) by Khushwant Singh
    2.The Encyclopedia of Sikhism(4 vol.) by Harbans Singh
    3.Maharaja Ranjit Singh- Lord of the five rivers by Jean-Marie Lafont (this one is with many coloured photos)ISBN-0195661117 (much more objective since written by a modern westerner.)
    4.Ranjit Singh-The Lion of the Punjab by W.G.Osborne ISBN-8129100347
    An anecdote showing the nature of the Maharaja:
    ” As the Maharaja was moving in his Kingdom on his elephant a stone hit him.When he came to know that the stone had been thrown by a boy aiming at a fruit hanging on a nearby tree he ordered the boy to be given some coins.When the non-plussed aide asked the Maharaja the reason for this beneficence he replied “If the boy had hit the tree he would have gotten the fruit and since he lost his fruit because of me I shall pay him for it.”
    I am an Indian Punjabi born and broughtup at the border district of Muktsar who has researched this topic for the last three years.I have also experienced the sublime effects of Partition
    as a third generation of the refugees. My maternal grandparents were uprooted there from their large havelis and businesses and had to come and clear forests here to start life ab initio.
    Being one of the very few living Indian cosmopolitan Filmmakers I need not remind you,Sir, that Mumbai and Mysore are not your only domestic constituencies. The great wall of India-the Punjab- has sacrificed and shed maximum blood for the security and upholding of values that makes India special today.
    Don’t Punjabis deserve a film for international exposure of the valour and sacrifice of their forefathers.Even if you yourself cannot make one could you encourage,guide and help someone who wanted to?
    Their endeavours of the yesteryears also find a common cause with todays opponents of Jihad – the west.The west could learn how we survived the Jihadi holocaust on this side while they were busy with Napolean there.
    And if Pakistan went on to glorify these Gauris, Gaznis and Abdalis the west might as well find a friend in us.

  13. Dear Shekhar,
    I can partially understand why you haven’t as yet approved my comment.It was totally factual and the idea rather more like the small ‘Mace’ in the hands of the mythical Preserver God of the east-Vishnu.Even though He is supposed to be the saviour God one of his four arms are shown to hold a ‘gadda’.And since His viraat roop constitutes the whole universe could it mean that a little well meant fear is good for continuity of life and peace.

  14. And I surely was being courageous to share my ideas and dreams as asked by you to be.

  15. This is one of the best blogs that I have found for an aspiring storyteller.
    Every story is a ‘new beginning’.
    A few more dreams I have mustered courage to share here briefly:
    1. I dream to buy the global animation(2d/3d) rights of the IBH/Anant Pai’s AMAR CHITRA KATHA comics and put teams to work for their movie productions.
    2.I dream to make a film on HUENG TSANG the 8th Century Chinese traveller who took back the wisdom of Buddha and India to China and initiated a deep relationship between two civilisations.
    3.I dream to make a film under the new understanding between India and Germany on making Films.This feature would be a biographical/period sketch of Max Muller the German who shed light on India,its past,its depth and its mysterious/esoteric knowledge of the universe as depicted in the Vedas,Upnishads and the Gita.He became a pioneering intellectual bridge between India and Europe.

  16. Dreams cont…
    4.I dream to make a film on a new strong independant cosmopolital Indian woman not obsessed or in fear of tradition(although understanding its value) and neither overwhelmed by the overrated connotations of sexuality.Who knows her extremes/limits and leads a masterly balanced life.Some one who is fairly comfortable with the science of everything and not threatened by her own ignorance.
    A story line which starts with a nasty/indecent and challenging bet to get the semen of a certain young man(which she is decent enough not to do although she reaches to the point where she could).
    The girl(a post graduate space scientist from the Indian Space Institute) back after training from NASA is holidaying with aunt(a liberal, DNA lab/Sperm bank specialist) at Delhi(where the bet is sealed between them) before getting started on preperations for an independant Moon-landing launch by
    ISRO from India as a ‘Brahmand Yatri’.
    The young man,a silent, decent, intellectual heart-throb of the Aunt’s residential area(an aspiring dreamer of films and Oscars) plans to spend a few days trekking in the
    lower Himalayas.Getting the information from a ‘bai'(housemaid) the girl plans her own little trek on similar lines to apparently accidentally catch up with him at the 1st base from where the trek starts.
    The game starts…
    Flesh,emotions,denial,touch-me-nots,the young man unaware of the undercurrent is no game for this.All attempts fail till reaching 2nd base of this low altitude but wild trek.The night passes.Day 1-failure.
    Day-2 :The girl comes into her own, beats him at his own game-knowledge and intellect-talking about things along the trek.catches attention of his inner self.the young man turns into a boy whose guards have been pierced thru.the ice has been broken. Evening falls.Summit is near.
    Suddenly they are ATTACKED by a BEAR.The boy left with no power over the girl takes this opportunity to be the traditional hero saving the damsel in distress.He takes out his Khukhri(dagger) and attacks the bear who pushes him to the ground with one shove.when the bear is about to nibble off the young man’s face, the girl keeping her cool pulls out her camera with a high wattage,large flash light. She shoots with the camera in quick succession to frighten the bear with the high luminousity and sound of the flash.
    It works .The GENTALMAN IN DISTRESS has been saved.
    Success:he owes his life to her now.wearily reach the summit.Put up a tent there.The man has totally given in. She could have done what she wanted.But she doesn’t because she senses a feeling between them which is INVALUABLE compared to the bet.She just tells him where she is staying at Delhi.
    Leaves him early morning to test her faith.reaches delhi.
    Tells aunt she has lost her bet if the bank itself is not their at the aunt’s residence by the afternoon.They wait…
    There he is… the bank himself…sitting on the aunt’s Sofa.Wanting to ask for the hand of the woman in whose womb he would like to be born again.
    Three years later…
    Academy awards night.The boy gets his dream Oscar.He is congratulated at the Oscars stage
    by his wife…from the moon on the background screen in a moon-walker dress.They fly kisses to each other.
    The End
    bye for now-I am going to catch up on the ‘charmingly silly’ Dhoom-2(the modern India I guess!!).But last night I thoroughly enjoyed the other budding real India with astonishing yet under-applauded performances of all actors of DOR.The Dor people raise my hopes manyfold.Kudos to them.

  17. Dreams cont…
    5. I dream to form a scriptwriting company and hire scriptwriters for all kinds of genres of films I or rather my board of directors dream/agree upon.And then a sister concern which will find out which directors, actors, producers, and crews to collaberate with,their availability and willingness, to bring out the final show.
    There are many good schools for scriptwriting that are coming up with a global vision not really fettered by national or any other exclusivity eg. Whislingwoods International, Beijing Film School and other prominent Film schools from all continents.
    These outcoming students(especially ones with a balanced global outlook) will need to be mentored in the real world to help them shed unnecessary subconscious baggage of the past.This,while consciously retaining part of the inheritance which is useful or necessary in creating a future world on cinema which encourages greater harmony even at the cost of forgetting wounds and thus motivating a culture of forgiveness as a sacrifice/price to be paid for a peaceful and brighter future..
    Thus the company will aspire to take on board(full or part-time) some renowned and successful international scriptwriters eg. William Monahan,Javed Akhtar and more for their apt guidence. The team would encapsulate all viewpoints of all regions of the world and even at times mention some disagreeing PoVs in the script in ditto to let the audience know of the differences which we might have to live with or “agree to disagree upon” given different geographical,political,anthropological reasons. The point is not to expect or depict total harmony/understanding but the more realistic “Unity in Diversity”.

  18. A funny thing crosses my mind each time I write ‘I dream’. Shouldn’t I be writing ‘I wish’ or ‘I pray’ or ‘I propose’.The latter have an air of vulnerability and thus seem less threatening. They are more like letting go of thoughts into the ‘gaps’ which dear Deepak mentions in his ‘Seven spiritual laws’.More like.. if it happens good,if it doesn’t-it wasn’t to be.Or that the universe or superego intended otherwise.
    ‘I dream’ brings back gory visions of JFK,Martin Luther King Jr. and Rajiv Gandhi.Well the dreams might have their own validity, but how do you explain it when instead of manifesting they cause the de-manifestation of the dreamer.

  19. Dreams cont..
    6. I dream making a film on Robert Owen(the good hearted capitalist),his vision and times.He could easily be called the “Father of the Third Millenium” although he died 142 years before it.
    An excerpt from http://www.robert-owen.com :
    Robert Owen (1771-1858)
    “What ideas individuals may attach to the term “Millennium” I know not; but I know that society may be formed so as to exist without crime, without poverty, with health greatly improved, with little, if any misery, and with intelligence and happiness increased a hundredfold; and no obstacle whatsoever intervenes at this moment except ignorance to prevent such a state of society from becoming universal”.
    Extract from Robert Owens “Address to the Inhabitants of New Lanark”
    New Years Day, 1816
    Owen made this speech when he opened the Institute for the Formation of Character, effectively a community education centre. He outlined his visionary plans for an astonishingly progressive and enlightened system of education which he believed was the key to a happier society, and universal harmony.
    Under Owens management the cotton mills and village of New Lanark became a model community, in which the drive towards progress and prosperity through new technology of the Industrial Revolution was tempered by a caring and humane regime. New Lanark had the first Infant School, a creche for working mothers, free medical care, and comprehensive education, including evening classes. Leisure and recreation were not forgotten; there were concerts, dancing, music-making and pleasant landscaped areas for the benefit of the community. The village attracted international attention.
    Even today New Lanark attracts visitors from all over the world who come to see the historic buildings and to enter the award-winning Visitor Centre (for more info see http://www.newlanark.org).
    While at New Lanark, Robert Owen demonstrated management policies that are now widely recognised as precursors of modern theories relating to human resource management, as well as skilful and ethical business practice. His work inspired infant education, humane working practices, Co-operation, trade unionism, and garden cities. It inspires New Lanark Conservation Trust, the independent Scottish charity which is dedicated to restoring and caring for the historic village of New Lanark in Southern Scotland.
    Owen’s inspirational and influential ideas are explored in a new film “The Quest for Universal Harmony” which can be shown, on request, in the New Lanark Visitor Centre’s state-of-the-art theatre. Highlighting the continuing relevance of Owen’s ideas to today’s society, the film is suitable for colleges, universities and special interest groups. Since this is not the default programme shown in the theatre, groups interested should make their request whilst booking.
    Robert Owen looked forward to the new Millennium with optimism and with confidence. In 1841 he wrote the following words:
    “It is therefore, the interest of all, that every one, from birth, should be well educated, physically and mentally, that society may be improved in its character, – that everyone should be beneficially employed, physically and mentally, that the greatest amount of wealth may be created, and knowledge attained, – that everyone should be placed in the midst of those external circumstances that will produce the greatest number of pleasurable sensations, through the longest life, that man may be made truly intelligent, moral and happy, and be thus prepared to enter upon the coming Millennium”.
    Thank u Shekhar I am loving it more and more as I write.

  20. 7. I would love to picturise the conflict between the pacifist conscience of Albert Einstein and the pertinent demand of the times which finally pursuaded him to add authority to the famous letter to President Roosevelt in 1939.
    This letter urged the US to start a programm which led to the Manhattan project and ultimately to the bombs that exploded over Japan killing more than a million humans in two goes.
    Was his final nod a letting go of his ego?Could he have stopped the carnage had he not relented?
    No wonder such an eminent scientist had to turn to God,His thoughts and His dicelessness when he saw the irony-a hardcore pacifist and the ‘chosen one’ to discover the equation which would cause such havoc on Earth.
    But the interesting questions are:
    Had Universe/God given him the responsibility along with the equation? Yes-He had the authority and could have said a firm no to signing the letter.
    Had he lost his faith under the temporal pressure?
    Was his and his colleagues’ fear of Hitler getting the bomb first as unfounded as the WMD in Iraq?
    Could his simple and adamant faith in his pacifist scruples have changed the outcome?

  21. 9.Following is a comment I posted in response to DK Matai’s Post : Ashtavakra Gita and Advaita — How to be happy?
    I have struggled all my life with people trying to give themselves license to do any thing by selectively quoting Ashtavakra Gita.They would also tell me that Bhagwat Gita is for the lay masses but Ashthavakra for the specially gifted.
    It is almost as if the rapers of Phoolan Devi would later on quote Ashthavakra, take a dip in Ganges and lo they are as pure as ever-As if nothing ever happened.
    This comment is my dream vengeance to all of them:
    Ashtavakra is usually misquoted selectively for wrong ends.Here’s how:
    Ashtavakra said:
    ” Righteousness and unrighteousness, pleasure and pain are purely of the mind and are no concern of yours. You are neither the doer nor the reaper of the consequences, so you are always free. ”
    People generally forget he is not just advising to get above good and evil or righteousness and unrighteousness but also pleasure and ‘pain’.
    Well if you can really get over ‘pain’ nothing else really is required to be said or done.You may do any bloody thing -rape,murder,loot etc while just remembering dear old Ashtavakra and remaining a sagacious witness all the time.
    Pain(physical,emotional,intellectual) is all that we all are trying to run from.All these philosophies,spiritual agony,discussions,humility just for one pursuit to save ourselves from pain and find happiness and also pleasure(if it can be availed without the accompanying pain).
    Lets not distort truth:Righteousness is important.We are and will be being held responsible.
    Even Bhisma the great could not be spared in Mahabharata who just stood (above like) witness to Draupadi’s vastra-haran(forceful tearing down of her clothes to shame her in front of the whole court of Hastinapur)
    Thank u Shekhar, this is almost therapy- Maybe we could name it the ‘Dream therapy’.

  22. 10. The one statement I would really and effectivly like to attack which the whole wide west likes to drool over is Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest”.
    It could be true if ‘fittest’ here ment the Self-realised.But since that is not what is intended therein let me give a simple example which proves the statement wrong:
    On one hand is a 25 year old young man brought up on the best of food,schools,clubs,environments who I read about in Time magazine.He goes on to join the US army and is exteremely good looking and fit.But a few weeks in Iraq he is blasted into smithereens.His mutilated body is wrapped up with utmost care and dignity and handed over to his parents who finally bury it with state honours.
    On the other hand is a begger in my city.We know nothing about him.Totally ugly,unkempt.Probably eats on some days as can be gathered from his body.His age must be around 40 and still going strong.I can easily say he still has some 20 more monsoons,winters,autumns and springs to see.
    Who should we think was more fit and who survived?

  23. One correction in comment no.18 pt.no.2:
    Hueng Tsang travelled accross India in the 7th century.
    An addition to comment no.23 :
    Only Albert Einstein really knew of the would be impact of the bombs whose creation he had authorised by signing the letter.The others(from his colleagues to President Roosevelt) only would have thought that if he can be persuaded than what ever it is, so be it-Its God’s will.
    So was it finally the Genius vs his conscience?
    Einstein’s decision has been a guiding principal for many Nuclear scientists like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan of Pak who has admitted his involvement with nuclear proliferation in Iran, Libya,North Korea and others as per news.

  24. “our sense of individuality is a false manifestation of our ego. We are merely conduits of creativity that originate somewhere in the universe.”
    I am really thankful to God.

  25. We sincerely need a rethink on Samuel Huntington’s book-Clash of Civilisations.Its turning out to be as if not more dangerous than Hitler’s Mein Kampt.

  26. 11. The times when Nehru was sheilding India for inclusive economic progress by keeping it non-aligned from the two power blocs and also shielding it from China with the Panchsheel/Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai thing.
    China suddenly attacked India.
    The other day my brother was making a plain point about how India should concentrate on Economics while not being paranoid about the power equations in the world.But given the above mentioned times Is Manmohan not in the same mould as Nehru.Shouldn’t we remain alert and powerful remembering what happened in 1964(not necessarily from the same country).Nehru died the same year dis-heartened.

  27. Dear Shekar,
    I feel happy as u have been into many jobs like me… CA-model-trainer(scuba diving)…I dont know if they are more…and then finally a director on Hollywood.
    I wud never say that u have succeeded from bollywood to making it in hollywood coz a film
    maker is never associated with particular regios or country.
    He is only one..that is ..filmmaker.
    but deep inside me I do feel happy within me bcoz u are from India….
    So do I want to be an actor in Hollywood n then don”t call myself a guy from India who made
    it(big or small, whatever) in Hollywood.
    A film maker is a maker whether in India, bollywood or hollywood…
    Similarly an actor is an actor whether he is from India or elsewhere working in Hollywood.
    Jack of all trades n
    master of masters
    “Walking out of my life is similar to walking out of a mopvie that wins an oscar eventually”
    – Jagan

  28. Dear Shekhar,I’m a turkish woman from Turkey.Untilyesterday i didn’t know anything about you.I haven’t watched your films yet.Yesterday night while i was watching a TV programme, i saw you firsttime and listened a conversation between you and the journalist.Your thoughts and your body language told me suddenly that you will be a very useful human for our world. I have never felt these feelings before.Than i decided to research your life on internet. When i found your site i was really very happy and hopeful for the future.All the night i tried to understand everything whatever is written. My English isn’t enough to understand them. But although we don’t speak the same language the feelings are same..I felt myself very lucky as i read all the E-mails.
    Now i only want to let you my thanks because you made me again an optimist human yesterday night. This was the power of art and an artist….I’m sure that i’ll enjoy your films and now i’m going out to research your films Thanks again….

  29. Hi Shekhar…
    I want to work with you.
    Can we meet on Saturday 23rd?
    Is there any other process I should follow, to meet you.
    I have done engineering, but still wanted to work in movies before I regret myself for not trying out my luck.

  30. Dear Shekhar,
    Salam with my regards.
    Its my pleasure to input my comment on your web.
    I am one of your passionate movie observer and eagerly waiting for some latest & historik movie.
    Specially wn’t u think you had to make a film based on BangaBondhu Shekh Mujibur Rahman Life history and the emmergence of Bangladesh?
    I think you should, and thats why I just tried to remember you to maintain your Sub-continental resposibility.
    Thanks & stay well ,
    Md. Mosfiqul Azam (Shawon)

  31. Hey Shekhar,
    The tides turning towards the East-Recession,Obama,Emerging economies,21st Century,3rd Millenium.
    The Dreamworks deal seems to be off for a purpose.
    Maybe its time for us to anchor the world entertainment industry rather than Hollywood.
    What happened to your Singapore project?
    Prem Purushottama.

  32. Dreams cont…
    I would like to make a comedy sequel to Slumdog Millionare which goes like this:
    Suddenly the West after watching the film has a change of heart and opens up their SWISS BANKS and other unaccountable money in various island banks for the extremely poor of the world. Retaining only the accounts of the people who claim them in public.

  33. Why your tears in Talent Hunt on TV brought tears in my eyes ? Vibration in water is more real and quick > I cud’nt hold my Passion > May be I too had child hood memories of back home Amritsar where I lived all my child hood >
    To plase my my parents I did C.A . but my heart lies sommwhere and I am still grappling in Dark >
    Regards Lalit Gupta

  34. Sir,
    How about a film named:
    ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkum’- Sanskrit for “Whole world is a family’ in the background of present recession.
    PS I could start working on the script if asked to.

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