the things i did
and those i did not
the way things went
and the way they did not
the things i can
and those i cannot
it’s just the way it is
and just the way it was

19 thoughts on “Things

  1. Hi Shekhar,
    Have you watched Aamir’s Taare Zameen Par yet? I highly recommend it. Everyone must go and see it. It’s a beautiful film.

  2. the things that i did
    and those i did not
    did not change that I was
    the way things went
    and the way they did not
    did not change that I was
    the things i can
    and those i cannot
    cannot change that I
    it’s just the way it is
    and just the way it was
    that I AM

  3. Wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    errm but…
    Destiny is a worrying concept….I would rather not be destined but choose…
    Ah! But love cannot be chosen I say….it happens…

  4. the things you did determined the way it went…
    the things you DO will determine the way it goes!
    if the way it is , is the way it was……then you have’nt evolved…. (playing too safe? ) or have you ?
    things change when you have the guts to change them……or put in the introspection required and are finally honest with yourself and cannot bear to stagnate any longer !

  5. Hey Shekhar,
    Great Poem.
    I was very upbeat about 2007 when exactly a year ago I had seen a press release by you and Sam Pitroda about a Movie Writing Contest for IITians.
    Did not hear anything since then. Just wondering if anything happened? If yes, how to know? If no, is the idea still “alive”?
    Do comment.

  6. oh GOD…….there i go using a STRONGER word than i intended to !!
    Shekhar….. ‘ stagnate ‘ was meant as a state of mind….. nothing to do with the work you do or the places you travel to …..when you are in THAT frame of mind it travels along with you in whatever you do or wherever you go !
    that feeling is a dull place to be in ! the intention was too shake it off……. ok ? 🙂

  7. the things i did ( was the best i could )
    and those i did not ( harmed nobody )
    the way things went ( were the way they were meant)
    and the way they did not ( they may still if they are meant to ! )
    the things i can ( i did to the best of my ability )
    and those i cannot ( i cannot ! )
    its just the way it is ( many steps ahead of yesterday )
    and just the way it was ( way behind today )

  8. Yes I am…
    I graduated from IIT Mumbai in 1995… Would love to participate in the event… I have few movie ideas which I hope will get to see the light:-)

  9. Hello Shekhar,
    Your poem looks really simple, but something tells me theres more to it than meets the eye. The complication is in its simplicity, I guess! Newayz, it sure got me thinking. Hope to be reading more of your creative work. And good luck with your future ventures.
    Regards n prayers,

  10. Hi Shekhar, Great poem!
    Greetings of the festive season! I saw you twice at Heathrow airport Terminal 4 on 16th Dec between 6.15 and 7.00 pm. You looked busy and in conversation with your friends/colleagues so didnt bother to disturb you. My wife still regrets for not shaking hands and autographing.
    Hope to see you again sometime in UK.
    the things I think
    and than I forget
    but those I remember
    are the things to net
    Regards and best,
    Dheeraj Jain

  11. Hi sekhar, i saw elizibeth yesterday
    I liked it very much
    I really think, you are one of those indians who will enhance the name of our country.
    Thank you

  12. did u really cheat on ur ex-wife ? if yes Why ?? why don’t men c that women get attracted to others too but due to their husband they ignore that attraction and give respect to their promises but why is it easy for men to cheat …why r men so selfish ??

  13. Hi Shekhar,
    I loved your poem as it’s very simple and yet gives greater power to just move on…!!

  14. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    Wonderful words! Great! Your life is about you, make friends and memories. Life isn’t about keeping score. Some people are settling down, some are settling, and some people are refusing to settle. We have no control over how our story begins or ends. Appreciate where you are at this moment.
    You smiled! Mission accomplished!
    Love your smile!

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