I don’t get the Indian Media. Till the recent election all I read was Narendra Modi was an arch villian. A man responsible for using caste politics for his own power, turning a blind eye to the loss of Muslim lives, perhaps even abetting it. Now he is being potrayed as a Hero. Someone that won the election on a development plank. Does the Indian Media only love winners ? So which one is Narendra Modi ? Hero or Villian?

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  1. Dear Shekhar,
    It is difficult to predict what the Indian media loves, but in politics it definitely helps to love winners. Gujarat has become a very important part of national news after the 2002 incidents(and the 24 hr channels do care for their fodder). It is almost as if the Ayodhya politics has shifted to Gujarat, so for the news media it is a very valuable news mine, and hence the shift in their stance.
    Please also let us know your views as to why this change of stance has taken place?
    Best Regards and hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  2. Indian media can be a very interesting subject of study. I have a liking for the Lok Sabha channel though. It is strange, given that it is a government channel.
    Whether modi is a hero or villain is known only to him. But bcos of a huge media and congress bashing, modi has a huge fan following all over India. The fan following has got nothing to do with the riots. It is simply bcos of irrational bashings by everyone that he gets the support. People actually get annoyed by the idiotic comments of the opposition and hence find a liking for modi. I was watching his oath ceremony and even I think that it was a little scary. He was behaving almost like a king. That is a lil worrisome. So, even i have my doubts. But I never found anything objectionable in his speeches that i have heard. And i have heard nearly all those speeches that have been aired on national television.
    OK, i think i can recall some of the instances of the media/others that brought the liking for Modi. Sonia gandhi on one occasion(just after the riots) had very fiercely criticized the gujrat administration way of handling the riots. Perfectly fine…u can criticize but she did that on an international platform. It was some foreign university or something. Then there was this modi’s visa issue which again the opposition actually celebrated. Wat they forgot is that US had denied visa to one of their own country’s chief minister. In both the cases the country’s image was jolted and particularly Gujrat’s. But no media channel is prepared to take on the central govt on this issue. They kept bashing modi. Some say he won the elections bcos of the riots. Do they mean the people of Gujrat are fascists. Then they say even hitler won elections. Are they comparing the Nazis of that time to the present day Gujratis. Absurd arguments. The media bashing will only get fierce now. The media has got nothing to say and so they are momentarily praising Modi. Soon we ll see all the riots/disturbances happening anywhere in the country being linked to gujrat elections. Our seculars will shout that bcos of the gujrat elections the RSS and other ‘ Hindu fascist’ forces have risen. And since modi is too undisputed in gujrat they will try and drag him to national politics and create rifts within his party. They sure will succeed in creating the rift though, atleast in public eye. And in democracy all that matters is the public eye.

  3. I even thought the same, while watching the post-election frenzy and accolade-showering on a man Gujarat pogrom and heinously responsible for the killing of so many people …
    There lies the irony.
    Anyways, … Merry Christmas, Sekhar!!
    Forget the irony! 😀

  4. i guess the media has no option but to keep trying innovative techniques, wat with the mushrooming of it big time. its like presenting the old wine in a new bottle…reinventing…blah blah blah …to keep the interest running. kahani mein twist nahin hoga to mazaa kaise aayega ?? first curse..then hail..then crib..then question..then curse again and so on and so forth . should we talk of responsible media?

  5. The media has been like a chameleon in it’s portrayal of Narendra Modi. Since he is at the throne now in Gujarat, the media is full of praises for him. For me Modi will always remain a villain for the atrocities he committed against Muslims in the state

  6. Change is the law of Nature.
    If day can follow night, winter can follow summer, why cant Modi the hero can follow Modi the villian, or media which euologises him today follow the media which lampooned him yesterday, for that matter? A flowing man (who is one with the flow of things) will take such changes in his stride and will not be overly stirred up by them.

  7. I think it is not just Modi … Indian Media is direction-less in general.

    Take example of Cricket:
    They praise Ganguly one day, declare him a villain the next day, Dravid becomes Hero, and then Ganguly a supporting Hero, then Dravid Villain.. Then Ganguly hero… Yuvraj supporting hero. Tendulkar back… Bad Mix up. Can not take it further

    What about Bollywood:
    They do same back and forth switching with SRK and Big B.. with some names coming in between for a change

    Media’s only desperation (If talk in terms of TV Channels) is “High Viewership Ratings” (This translates to readership ratings if it is print media). When you are so desperate about reachign the final target, you do not even notice what path you are following. And most of the times, you just circle around – that is what India Media is doing.

  8. Narendra Modi represents the feeling of non muslims
    towards muslims.
    He says things which are said in most of the homes
    of many Hindus except the secular ones!

  9. I am reminded of an old joke which goes as somebody saying ‘I am loyal to one party and I donot change parties. It is the ruling party’ 🙂

  10. Journalism as an ideal is dead, what we see is Media, one who sells the most is the best. Sensationalism is the in thing. There is not even one Hindi news channel that I can call a “NEWS Channel”.
    It is not about Modi, Media just like all major establishments in India, has lost its spine.

  11. Narendra Modi is typical example of “everyone loves a winner” so media has to report the content.
    I think, nothing gets more interesting when everything is turned against a single person. So it is easy for media to portray Modi on a losing ground and congress rally getting huge amount of Gujarat voters…
    So, initially Modi has had obstacles…rising and rising just like screenplay…
    1. He does not give ticket to MLA’s who won assembly seats…a majority of MLA were not given tickets to contest and new candidates were given. What media thought is Modi is going wrong. Terribly wrong.
    2. Dissident members increased all time high! Media thought popularity of Modi is all time low.
    3. Keshubhai Patel started anti-modi camp just when Modi wanted publicity to be positive, Patel camp actually started posters ads not to vote for Modi. Media sensed another losing ground for Modi.
    4. Congress on outside started anti modi meetings. Attack after attack. People thronged to the venues and media thought, Modi is on losing ground.
    5. Even RSS top brass active in Gujarat, which I do not wish to mention actually had talks with who else but Congress. Media got the wiff.
    6. Final thing was, Maut-ke-saudagar comment. Media again went overboard. They ask modi’s comment not only about congress but also about Patel and modi answered about Sonia but never about Keshubhai.
    So, media started again the circus of prediction of seats and anti incumbancy factor.
    so, Modi was actually a villian.
    …and then after maut-key-saudagar…modi had got what he wanted…previous elections he had “miya musharraf” instead of godhra. This time he had “sonia ben” and not to forget Modi masks. I know many Muslims who left Gujarat and came to settle in Hyderabad and in their hearts they say they feel sad that they left Gujarat because after Godhra Gujarat actually developed.
    Congress thought that their public rally attracted votes. Wrong! Gujarati voter is no fool, for he can understand that he is curious about congress speech but when it comes to voting, they love the rebel who has against all odd won.
    lastly, media has to know and secretly admire that here is a man who despite anti incumbency and good govern sense is back in power. By the way, Modi also is sarcastic and funny at times.
    Last I hear about Gujarat elections is…Modi gave a statement that Sonia was admitted in hospital due to over work…in Elections!

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