when did u leave ?

the wrenching away

of your hand


pushing away

from my embrace, the

scream that rose from deep within


ugliness of words


for conviction, the

slamming of the door

an illusion

of permanence

your image through the window

like a shadow

a half self

the other half






my heart

when did you

ever leave ?

7 thoughts on “when did u leave ?

  1. beauty.
    obsession with a loved one, when the loved one has moved on and one is just pretending to..
    what is the meaning of friendship in this context. does one cleanly break or does one show one’s magnanimity by an acceptance of what is in one’s loved one’s life and ones’s own. do i love her so much that i shouldn’t disturb her at all or do i observe my obsession without any judgement.

  2. raw pain and intense love. This poem talks about the delusions a sane being allows himself to slip into sometimes…heartbreaks cause suffering like nothing else.

  3. nice poem, this is a common dilemma..that you see two sides of self..cause simple..duality exists..
    duality exists becuase we try to judge ‘our own self’ with the tools that can not judge infinity. This is why we see a lot of loopholes, shortcommings in sagun forms (sagun forms – all various incarnations) so far, eventhough these loopholes do not exists at all. Many of the intellectuals(half baked, learned fools) had said to overlook these otherwise you are doing blasphemy, where as the real intellectuals (a true bhakta, saints) also says to overlook these because these real intellectuals sees a trap of maya in it (it means these loopholes, shortcommings etc).
    And due this ‘Chao’ of all intellectuals, others are forced to go away from ‘our own self’ – this is power of maya.


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    i am very sorry
    but nor my choice we came here
    neither we have opportunity to leave this world
    then why thy born us becoz we all have a heart to feel the peace
    which no other living being can feel
    the love of togetherness hug
    beyond lust or any need we share what we have
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    before i die i want to see the world is happy
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  5. you never left
    still i wept
    illusions remain
    to pain
    dreams haunt
    your disappearance
    costed me ONLY tears

  6. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    A desire to be with !! A wonderful expressiveness! A deep emotional piece.
    There are memories that time does not erase… or we never wanted to let go of those memories…we can never rub away. Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable .. no matter how much suffering we went through…

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