Are you cool ?

Getting to grips with a the media hype of the modern world that is completely designed to make you feel a lack of self worth unless you are ‘cool’ and ‘with it’ is a loosing battle, Simply because there are too many marketing ideas designed to make money based on the psychology of guilt

Oh my god you say – is the train leaving ? should be jumping on ? and then you look around yourself and see a hundred trains leaving with beautiful girls and incredible goodies and the promise of legions of sexy virgins, and a future full of fulfillment of dreams and fantasies.

which train do you get on ?


none, because none of them can actually leave without you,

you have the power over them

4 thoughts on “Are you cool ?

  1. How true, we are rarely comfortable with our self image in the mirror. To correct that mirage we all get into to many materialistic things for correcting that perceived flaw, god has been very kind to all of us by providing life & an almost perfect body & mind. We must be profusely thanking him for that.
    We use to meet you on walk to the Juhu beach, when you removed your trademark stubble, almost 10 years or so. Was it the question to self or the psychology of guilt.
    I was searching for my brand management notes & pictures that i stumbled on your old monk mention.Thanks

  2. Empowering words. Today, I was thinking along similar lines – how best to empower ourselves to resist stereotyping as, like you, I believe each individual is unique.

  3. Which train do you get on?

    After evaluating which one suits me, I may get on one. Or go on my path, and maybe others will join me. No man is an island; usually one can achieve a lot collectively, rather than individually.

    If one decides to get on none of the trains, then please make sure to live this life, rather than do nothing. Quoting the song from the movie Safar, “Aise jeevan bhi hai, jo jeeye bhi nayi…”. In that song, the poet was kind enough to say that the reason some people did not “live” their lives, was because their life was like a flower which could not bloom because it was destroyed by bad weather.

    Fight bad weather. We build houses to keep away from rain, etc. I know, eventually we are all going to die, nature will win, so why all this corruption?

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