teasing me with your presence brushing past me like the breath of an angel and then flying away with that smile the receding promise of coming back like the gentle lapping wave touching my toes and then flowing away you stare into my eyes with teasing smile the promise of the embrace that you keep [...]

the cycle

elation and joy, burtsing out like a river dammed in by pain finally released in exhilaration into gentle calmness still, but restless to feel that exhilaration again by bursting out from pain, am I doomed to the cycle of exhilaration and pain ? while listening to the dronings of wise men about peace they themselves [...]

like the drop

like the drop lost in the ocean searching for the Ocean like the wave imagining itself separate from it's own immensity before collapsing back into it we are divine beings existing in divinity and yet searching of it we are the created and the creator both, existing in the vast play of creativity

dancing with Shiva

the impossible dance of chaos finding the steps to follow a pattern where there is none seeking harmony without letting go of linearity ? being with shiva with out sensing timelessness? allowing myself to be swept into the chaos of the dance not resisting not thinking not trying like a helpless child in the wave [...]