whispered into the wind

whispered into the wind
every unspoken word
of love
that my own ears
yearn to catch

every moment
that floats
that i yearn to hold
to memorize
to imprint
so I do not forget

can i not hold
even one fleeting moment
inside ?
so that when sleep escapes
into the storm of night
i don’t have to yearn
to search
in sheer panic

for that
which I cannot see
cannot hear
cannot touch

but that
which surrounds me

12 thoughts on “whispered into the wind

  1. there is invariably some truth in your poems which makes something small in my soul sigh and stir…

  2. …this feel
    becomes the moment
    on which all existance
    is revealed through…

    the love it has embraced
    waits not for any other moment

    it is enough
    to be…

    only in this

  3. Have you dreamt some sweet dream recently, images long past flashed into it?
    Very nice poem, soft yet soul-churning!

  4. floating clouds that beckon
    timeless winds so tender
    soft and gentle whispers
    falling from spaces yonder

    misty winds that swirl
    holding chimes in sway
    rising notes of silence
    infinite tunes in play

  5. very beautiful and quite relevant to my situation. I am hanging on to something/someone and I am not even sure of what is going on. It is very difficult to give unconditionally and one expects so much from certain situations or people and focusses so much on it even though it remains unrequited and then one misses out on the moments given to one by others or other situations. It is so difficult

  6. yes .. I hear the whisperings of the wind … taking over every single breath …
    How intersiting that I though of you a few days ago … as I saw you in my dreams … a movie on the make …

    ah …

    much love to you …

  7. Pranaam Shekhar ji

    A lovely poem .. beautifully expressed.Thanks for sharing Shekhar ji.
    आप ही की इसी कविता को, उन्ही भावों के साथ अनुवाद करने की बस एक कोशिश l

    “हवा मे है सरसराहट…”
    है बेसब्री, हवा मे उस खामोश प्यार के,
    तैरते -उतरते शब्दों की सरसराहट को पाने की l
    हर उस लम्हे को बेताबी से घेर लूँ, अपनी यादों मे l
    एक अनदेखी सी, अनबूझी सी, अनछुई सी प्यार की निशानी मे l
    न भुला सकूँ मैं तुझे, ज़िन्दगी की इस रवानी मे l
    मैं क्यों न उस लम्हे को कैद कर सकूँ
    कि जो, रात के तूफ़ान मे जब नींद सरकना चाहे l
    मन उसे उतावला सा ढूंढना चाहे l
    जिसे सुन न सकूँ, न देख पाऊं, न छू ही सकूँ,..बस घिरा रहूँ उस खामोश नज़ारे मे l


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