teasing me with your presence
brushing past me
like the breath of an angel
and then flying away with that smile
the receding promise of coming back
like the gentle lapping wave
touching my toes and then flowing away
you stare into my eyes with teasing smile
the promise of the embrace that you keep away

I ask you why I must let my thoughts wander
I ask you why I must explore the depths of where
it is meaningless to go
what do you want of me
what must I do to comfort you
so your gentle hands stroke my face
as i move into your embrace
without you shying away
like a newly wed bride

31 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. you stare into my eyes with teasing smile…
    There you shine in my dream…
    If I am dreaming…
    I don’t worry…..
    You can’t go away…. 🙂 🙂

  2. You stare into my eyes with teasing smile…
    There you shine with your smile…
    In my dreams…
    If I am dreaming…
    I don’t worry…..
    You can’t go away…. 🙂 🙂 Just go away!!!

  3. Written beautifully!! With such simple words and thoughts.. Starts with infatuation then love and in the end embracing and wedded with sleep.. Its like journey with sleep!!! I love it.

  4. sleep… nature’s way to show that its the mind
    which craves and cries, care and caress, create and cremate…
    Sleep.. when mind is put to rest, so that the body is not put to test…
    Sleep…the Guru teaching subjective detachment, as the world though present, is absent to you…
    Sleep… when the soul dates with consciousness, to explore and experience the scape and scope of yonder…

  5. I teasing you!
    O c’mon man
    You tease me!!

    I hover over and across you
    Like all others
    But you do not even notice
    Nay, want to notice, my presence
    So absorbed are you
    In your imagination
    Of your imagination

    You know?
    I am privy to
    When in the ecstacy of your self-absorption
    You wonder whether
    You should really surrender to me
    At its cost

    I often feel you are beyond me
    I cannot forceably catch you
    It is only in the morning
    You think of me
    But it creates problems
    For it is my time to rather leave people

    Kavi Harb lol

  6. So transfixed, I stare, stare and stare…my eyes confused,ask me ….u? is it love,is it affection, is it protection…
    Iwas about to answer, but they all got blurred in the ensuing emotion… and I could only whisper.
    Its pure happiness!!!

  7. Loads of imagination…. creativity..z wht i cn see in it..
    Playin wid ur imagination & thn moulding it n words..nt an easy job..
    It’z brilliant..

  8. The way you write even an unimportant event you compelled to read it again and again.Even though you use simple language,but still it becomes an important story.

  9. excellent words very thoughtfully put together conveying a deeper understanding of human emotion!

    deeply touched !

  10. i have been a fan of your films (since i was 5 and had the vcr playing mr india everday) and blogs (since 3-4 years now). i wanted to say that in person, when i crossed you in juhu last year, but never really mustered up the courage! you were walking casually outside the PVR there (i have seen you there twice now!) and i wanted to say something….
    anyway i am saying it here. i especially liked this one.
    sleep does that to me a lot of times even after working for 12 hours straight- i am hyperactive at night, waiting for sleep to stop “teasing” me. it takes its time, laughing at me and my misery. 🙂 but i am persistent, it gives in and before i know it, i am asleep.
    thanks for having a public blog!
    prerna (from mumbai, now in st petersburg for a semester- architect + studying to be a set designer)

  11. After hearing, talking to many people from different communities, cultures, backgrounds …
    I’m surprised and wonder at the end of day, question haunts me :

    Why people are arrogant during current times ?

  12. This precious day, these precious moments
    we share with you, we live with you
    and we wish you many colorful years ahead
    Happy Birthday Shekhar
    look forward for many many many moreeeeeeeeee …

    Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
    It turns what we have into enough & more
    It turn denial into acceptance,
    chaos to order, confusion to clarity.
    Gratitude makes sense of our past,
    brings peace for today & creates a vision for tomorrow.

    In appreciation of our association, during this short life
    we extend our love, life, laughter, forever…

    Yeh Janam Din aap ko bahut bahut mubark ho…
    Hum sabh ki yeh hi dua hai
    aap jiyon millions saal, aur saal ke din ho millions…

    Wishing you our Beloved all the best in this precious life

  13. night bells, stars & angels
    brushstrokes across skies
    soaring far & high
    in the deep of the night

    gentle curtain of rain
    a bride’s veil upon the skies
    neither rain nor pain
    touch upon the flight

    embrace of the infinite
    hanging upon the night
    how shall I seek, how shall I seek
    beyond the veil, the Light

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  15. I just love your poems. I am visiting your blog after a longtime. And always enjoyed the poem. Whats happening with the Buddha Movie, I am so looking forward for it. I am learning oil painting. And I just made a blue Buddha. 🙂

  16. This is off-topic, but actually the only topic that should be discussed currently:

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    Yours sincerely,

  17. November 24, 2010.

    Dr. Manmohan Singh,
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    Dear Prime Minister:

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    You can no more not take a stand when evil is permeating in the country in the form of terrorism, religious conversion and demographic infiltration. The ill-gotten money in billions of dollars equivalent, the money laundering and Participatory Notes have all undermined our national integrity. The time is come for you to take a stand.

    I am familiar with the information and data with our intelligent agencies. I also know that you can seek cooperation of other countries especially the United States in pooling information especially from inter Intelligence interaction that take place regularly. I hope therefore you will rise to the need of the hour and take effective steps to set right the sorry state of affairs in the country caused by overtly and covertly resident foreigners. In this connection I would like to meet you at the earliest. My Secretary will be in touch with your Secretariat to fix a time.

    Yours sincerely,

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