Did you hear a whisper ?

Did you hear the whisper
that floated by
that you thought
was your mind
playing games
as usual ?
as you were
by the noise
inside your head
did you hear the whisper ?
that you tried to catch
but wafted away
even before you could listen ?
did you hear the whisper
like a gentle song
in a distant land
trying to come through
in the roaring traffic
of everyday existence
did you hear the whisper ?

24 thoughts on “Did you hear a whisper ?

  1. Believe me
    there comes the time
    when you
    eat, drink and sleep whisper
    as they say
    then it is
    no longer from
    any distant land
    nor comes or goes
    is not bound by
    the words we have created
    everyday existence?
    that seems like
    a whisper
    on this now
    rather whisperless whisper

  2. The wind said I am you
    I said I am you
    The wind stopped…
    I looked…
    I walked…
    The wind looked…
    The wind blew…
    I stopped…
    When the wind turned back,
    I was blowing away…

  3. at retreat..ask
    who are they working for?
    who keeps them in their job
    can you pass them the pink slip
    deny what is – and they live
    accept and they never were
    when there is no question
    there is nowhere to reach
    nowhere to arrive
    but to see
    you always have been
    what you are looking for –
    is already where you are looking from

  4. Wafted in my destined sea
    a whisper, a dream not to be
    lingering whispers, lingering face
    etched on waves, an eternal chase
    I question the whisper,
    ye come like the gentle breeze
    softly all my dreams ye seize
    tell me, tell me
    Where do I begin?
    Where do I go?
    lashing from
    ‘to shore’
    Hiya Shekhar…

  5. Hi Shekhar,
    It’s shameful of me to invade your blog and write with such a selfish motive. This comment has little to do with the poem above, and more to do with getting a window to speak to you.
    I have paid due respects to your writing work by blogrolling you sometime back. And love all your analysis as much as your films.
    Coming to the main reason, without beating around the bush. I have an interesting script, that I think you should direct. I would want to share it with you. Please do mail me at rajeshramaswamy@hotmail.com, if you can pardon this breach of etiquette.
    Honestly, I would have preferred doing it in a more professional manner, if only I knew how.

  6. A whisper?… those were just the auntyjis in my head gossiping about me.
    Time to break out the psychosis drugs.
    Okay that was nice. Both. Your poem and the happy drugs 🙂
    I’m kidding! I’m Kidding.
    Your poem was nice.

  7. fragile.
    Dil sey dua ke you follow that whisper trace like the pied piper and may it lead you to your dream.
    Chotey muh badi baat, sorries.
    No translation.

  8. Sorry about the comment I’d just made. Concerning your personal life, I was not in the loop. Only now, my colleague told me.

  9. It is amazing how the cosmos can carry the smallest of whispers when the loudest of shouts seemingly cannot reach it sometimes.

  10. Dear Mr. Kapur, I’m sure you’re aware that your articles and poems are regularly published on another blog/website called http://www.kalugu.com I assume you have specifically authorised this publication. The interesting thing about http://www.kalugu.com is that, other than your articles, the only other articles published on it are ones in support of the LTTE. There is an occasional Indian movie review, but the owners of the blog have a single minded focus on the Sri Lankan issue with a definite pro-LTTE bias. Mr. Kapur Sir, I’m a big fan of yours. I also hate the LTTE which is responsible for the deaths of over 1,200 Indian soldiers and the forcible recruitment of so many child soldiers. Please do not allow http://www.kalugu.com to republish your articles on their blog which gives it a balanced air, something it doesn’t deserve.

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  12. its a nice abstract thought/ poem. i write poems too. would like to share with you.
    There is a place somewhere
    Where all our souls meet
    When our bodies have wilted away
    With all our needs and greeds
    I can imagine all of us
    Floating like the clouds
    As now we would be unburdened
    No weights pulling us down.
    We shall all gather by the brook
    And talk of forgotten tales
    Of how we lived our lives on earth
    And now we live on gales.
    We shall softly hold hands
    So to keep us close
    And let the sun snuggle inside us
    Then lets all of us doze.

  13. Yes
    The whisper gets louder
    louder to a chaos
    And then it settles
    To be louder again
    Yes, we do hear the whisper
    It often calms
    and often radiate too!!!

  14. yes my mind hear the wishper,
    the wind floating.
    Is wind playing games,
    I wonder, enduring whirling pains.
    with the head turning pale,
    i ponder if it is air or the natural tale.
    Then I think to unwind and shake the booty,
    and here it goes with the gentle beauty.
    Ahh, I feel relieved,
    oh god, what a mystery you have concieved!

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