10 thoughts on “The light of love

  1. The word Love has attained an adulterated status much like the word God. Love has become entangled with emotional baggage. True love is effortless and nothing but the deep Self that shines through. Yes, effort is required to remove the darkness that covers it.

  2. Lol Shekhar…
    Yep I understand…guess most do…
    Love is an unseen force that touches you…awakes you, drowns you in seas deeper than your thoughts, touches senses you never thought you had…it removes darkness on it’s own such is the power of love
    and this certainly begins without effort…the journey also needs no effort but then yes constant nurture to keep it alive is the effort needed…
    or it dies in gloom and becomes like the cacti in the desert…
    hence I am not able to grasp the love in todays date…where so much of calculations are done, meetings dates to be in love lol
    love is meant to sail through rough seas as well as reach the moon…
    wonder how these marrigae websites and dating websites mushroom…wonder what they find in love …that is based on statistics…
    I guess one thing I always smile at is the bygone era perhaps…where ‘love’ made sense not nonsense!

  3. Familiarity is indeed the opposite of the now, the unconditioned. In what ways do we reach the latter ?

  4. The light will shine through, even if darkness invades…yet the heart will not feel it…till it’s twisted journey ends…
    Love is a force beyond, which wakes, touches your senses maybe unfelt…
    its deeper than the ocean of thoughts one stays afloat in…drowning…coming alive…
    It asks no effort, it is effortless, yet it seeks nurture…if not dies in gloom to become a cacti in the desert alas…
    I many a times wonder how these dating plus marriage sites mushroom…how does one fall in love with statistics?
    somewhere smile at the era perhaps gone….where love crossed storms in the sea and touched the moon without conditions…perhaps conditions were there then too….but the gravity of emotions was finer….
    where it made sense not nonsense…
    aw! it is as complicated yet as soft as morning dew….

  5. let the light of love
    shine through
    even when
    the darkness
    of familiarity
    begins to cast it’s shadows….
    let there be sun light
    so no darkness can hide love,
    let there be moonlight,
    so no love gets lost to darkness,
    let there be fire,
    so no desire ever dies,
    let there be water,
    so no lover is ever thirsty,
    let there be earth,
    so no mind gets uprooted,
    let there be air,
    so no life lives without love….

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