Water Wars again ? Can we turn Bangladesh into a Desert ?

Sir , Now India making a Dam at the river of Barak …Which will cause the North-east part of Bangladesh to become a desert … Would love to know your views about this
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The war Of Water Just been Started By India !!!
A Rahmaniac from Bangladesh

11 thoughts on “Water Wars again ? Can we turn Bangladesh into a Desert ?

  1. Rajib,
    This may seem a little rude, but India is probably constructing the dam for supplying water to all the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants flocking into India.

  2. WHile one agrees that there is a water problem you seem to be pushing it into an issue of unnecessary proportions only to justify your film paani
    One solid rainfall and it will change shekhar. That is the way of God. Do not try to be the devil here however powerful and enticing it may seem

  3. **Brahmastra**
    Has a point there, he has tried to put it politely yet the ragged edge will say a lot more…
    India all these years has done a lot of undue charity, and has been taken for a ride…peace is coming with a huge price which rest of the world is not following…
    Rules apply for all, just why softer countries have to face these pressures?
    Its sad bangladesh has no oil resources or USA would have tried to skin us lolll…
    Hard luck for bangladeshi’s…global peace is again in the hands of the powerful…and they r masquerading…in proving we r a country with love and understanding will leave us no where one day…with our very own people crying out for their basic needs…
    Dams cause a lot of trouble to land I believe…banks rise …landslides, floods etc…
    But then..it’s a bizzare state of affairs and if things are seen with clarity…we will remain with just charity…
    we could start crying that our people r being pushed out of their jobs abroad having been sucked of their skills long enuff…but then what?
    GoOd Morning Shekhar….YawNnn ermm tea peeyengei?

  4. There is not even an iota of rudeness in your reply Brahmastra ji; on the contrary there is a ton of religious nepotism in the bangla’s signature.
    Why do you think these pakis/banglas approach our secular celebrities with such rhetorical queries?
    Just to xploit the constitutional loophole that says india is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic. I truly wonder if our politicians shd feel jealous abt it or take a leaf outta such scum.
    This happened to me in 2004 and I was told abt barak river project over a sumptuous bangla dinner by bangla men who were twice my age; obviously in a sly tone. My simple solution was: begum khaleda zia or sheikh hasina or both shd treat sonia gandhi to a similar dinner and ask her to scrap this whole damn dam. The fact that they are still bitching abt this tells me that may be they never took my advice seriously or may be they tried in vain. A nepali friend who was at the same table gave a much more-eent ka jawab patthar-kinda solution: build a dam on the same river even before india. Somehow this idea reached the pakis and they are building a dam or two on the Indus.
    I have another true story to share, when the indian 5 rupee coin falls into the hands of a bangla goldsmith/blacksmith they are very happy. The reason being that this steel coin is converted into a 10 count stainless steel blade pack and sold for 50 rupees. I honestly dont know how much time/effort is invested in this project or how much of indian government’s mint was plagiarized but this paki/bangla combo was something we inherited from the east india company; bangla in 1905 courtesy of kurzon & paki in 1947 courtesy of mountbatten; and much akin to the Rahu/Kethu combo from puranas.

  5. Chakra,
    You got a lot of experience and information stored in your chakras 🙂 Glad to read your posts. I agree that the celebrities get over-enthusiastic about activism, especially of the pseudo-secular kind. It’s the sense of hollow do-goodership which is sometimes far worse than perceived evil.
    There was no need to make an extreme statement implying that India is mercilessly turning Bangladesh into a desert. And it has not ever been mentioned here as to China’s plans to divert Brahmaputra, which, as per some analysts, “will result in destruction of a large part of the North-East and Bangladesh”.
    But there may be truth that water could be a source of great conflicts in the future. Is it really necessary to waste so much natural resources in the manufacturing units in China? If the so-called developed nations – and pseudos all over the world – can do some self-analysis and find that their inner emptiness cannot be filled with material goods, then they may probably may return to neighbourhood mom-and-pop stores, while renovating interiors and changing TVs very rarely.

  6. I have always felt that you are my Agraj as I read your contributions to this blog Brahmastra ji. Thanks very much for appreciating the value of my 2 cents in the defense of Hindutva and Bharat Varsh! Strangely some of my posts did not make it to the final cut and I request you to send me an email at chakrawor@yahoo.com; I will be glad to share them with you:):):)

  7. Water most definitely will be the source of many wars in the not so distant future. Those are the ignorant who say one good rainfall will wipe the stories of lack of paani! That same one big burst of rainfall will indeed turn savage and flood many parts beyond habitable! Water wars are on our doorstep!

  8. Abhishek Sharan, Hindustan Times
    New Delhi, December 30, 2009
    First Published: 02:09 IST(30/12/2009)
    Last Updated: 02:47 IST(30/12/2009)
    Bangladesh linked to arms drop in Purulia
    The arms dropped over Purulia in West Bengal in December 1995 were purchased on the orders of a member of the office of the then prime minister of Bangladesh, Begum Khaleda Zia, show documents accessed by Hindustan Times.
    Two End User’s Certificates — mandatory for arms deals in the international market — issued by Bangladesh to Bulgarian suppliers were signed by this official, Mohammed Shubid Ali Bhuiyan, the then principal staff officer to Zia.
    One of the certificates signed by Bhuiyan said the arms “will be used by the Bangladesh Army and will not be exported to any other country”.
    But they landed up in Purulia.
    Though the two certificates form part of the evidence submitted to a Kolkata court by the CBI, nothing was known of them till now because this part of the proceedings was not open to the press or public.
    Despite the arrests and convictions, including that of high-profile British national Peter Bleach, the Purulia arms case remains unsolved 14 years later. Investigators still don’t know who was to receive the arms.
    Bhuiyan would know. But several attempts made by CBI investigators to speak to him were stonewalled.
    Bangladesh does not see it that way.
    “If the Indian authorities make a request to us, through the official channels, to probe this individual’s role in the Purulia case, we will cooperate,” said Bangladesh deputy high commissioner in India, Mashrafe Binte Shams.
    “We will have to see if there is any merit in their case (against Bhuiyan),” Shams added.
    Sixty-four-year-old Bhuiyan, who served as the principal staff officer from 1991 to 1996 and retired in 1997, is related to Begum Zia’s husband, former president and founder of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party Gen Ziaur Rahman.
    Bhuiyan has since changed camps and is now an MP from the Awami League, led by present PM Begum Sheikh Hasina.
    The British police in raids on Bleach’s estate found the End User’s Certificates, which established Bhuiyan’s connection to the Purulia case.
    This was confirmed by Stephen Elcock, a British Intelligence officer who assisted the CBI in the probe, at an in camera hearing before the court.
    One of the certificates – issued on November 25 1995 – authorized Bleach’s front company, Border Technology and Innovations Ltd, to conclude the contract with the Bulgarian suppliers.
    The whole shipment, which cost $169,000, was loaded on an AN-32 at Bulgaria’s Bourgas airport on December 10. And the drop over Purulia happened a week after on December 17, 1995.

  9. Manish Tiwari, Hindustan Times
    New Delhi, January 03, 2010
    First Published: 00:53 IST(3/1/2010)
    Last Updated: 00:54 IST(3/1/2010)
    Bangladesh raises pitch on Teesta river dispute
    India’s plans to carry out construction work on some rivers that share borders with Bangladesh might have received a setback with the neighbouring country resolving to block all proposed projects till the Teesta river water dispute is settled.
    PM Manmohan Singh has been briefed on the Teesta dispute and the issue is likely to be on the agenda when Bangla PM Sheikh Hasina meets him in New Delhi on January 11. Ahead of Hasina’s visit, an Indian team led by Water Resources secretary U.N. Panjiar left for Bangladesh on Saturday.
    However, a top Indian official who visited Bangladesh last December to hold negotiations on the issues said, “They told us that if India didn’t agree to their on sharing Teesta waters, they won’t discuss other riverwater issues.” But the demands are “unrealistic and anti-India”, he added.
    India had been demanding that Bangladesh agree on implementing three projects: dredging and desiltation of river Ichhamati, a project on River Feni to supply water to Sabroom in Tripura and construction of embankments on other rivers. A Water Resources Ministry official said Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dipu Moni and her Indian counterpart S.M. Krishna had agreed on the issues during talks in September.
    However in the December talks, Bangladesh was cold to India’s proposal of carrying out “joint hydrological observations” downstream of the Bangladesh Barrage, especially at Kaunia and Teestamukh rivers. “With Bangladesh seeking to link the issues with Teesta water sharing, all previous discussions came to a standstill,” the official said.

  10. There is a International Rule On River waters flowing through different countries ..
    And India is breaking it in-front of everyone’s eyes !!!
    India knows Bangladesh is surrounded by India on three sides , we MUST not make India our enemy , as watever we eat ,drink,wear almost everything comes from India.So Bangladesh also cant do anything strong on this case officially !!!
    and thanks a lot Shekhar Sir for making my comment a whole new post !! i just saw it this morning .. One of the happiest moment of my life i must say !!!
    and m looking forward to “Paani” … hope u and ARR Having a great time making the film and the music !!!
    A Rahmaniac from Bangladesh

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