Copenhagen talks are a complete sham : the wisdom of the prostitutes

In protest the prostitutes of Copenhagen offered free sex to the delegates of the Conference on Climate Change. They knew that nothing else would come off it, so just come and have fun u guys – and since your tax payers paid for all of you to fly down for a sojourn have a few drinks on us too.
What is Copenhagen about ? Posturing ? Politicking ? Individual political profiling ? The whole meaning of the climate conference is lost in meaningless and endless documents and words. The environmental cost of leaders of the world is stunning if nothing comes off it – and it seems nothing will. Meaningless stupidity.
I feel sorry and ashamed that I joined thousands of people around the world to encourage our Prime Minister to go. I did not realize it would have been so easy to subvert the process through such incredible complexity. It is so obvious that not one of the heads of state actually mean what they say.
The planet suffers from over consumption, period. 5 % of the populations consumes 80% of the worlds resources. So we HAVE to learn to live with less. We have to think about everything we do, right from simple things like how much water we expend in a shower, to the environmental cost of packaged food, even to number of clothes we buy, knowing that cotton growing is a hugely water consumptive activity,
We need to reevaluate the way we live.
And yet there is such a contradiction in what we call economic recovery- the so called Stimulus Plans all over the world ! They all work on getting the consumer to go back to consumption levels before the economic meltdown world – wide. The government of the United States is celebrating a a pre – Christmas shopping frenzy in the US as a sign of economic health –
But what about the health of our planet ?

20 thoughts on “Copenhagen talks are a complete sham : the wisdom of the prostitutes

  1. yes! it appears that our and green peace efforts are not been heard! i was filming a documentary about the olive-ridley turtles how they had to shift their base since a port was being constructed in orissa…
    its not just about us, but another 20-25 million species that live on planet earth aw well. we tend to react only when a situation comes in front of us! but why wait? i think of all those sayings that we dont usuallu think of now, but they go well now! be safe than sorry! better late than never…
    remmeber severen suzuki the famous ‘girl who silenced the world for 5 mins’ video….we need not just one!
    if possible would like to assist you on your upcoming project paani…

  2. The definition of the word ‘development’ is incorrect..
    just an year back i made a movie on how we are selling the earth! piece by piece…how international n national cos are causing our people to die of starvation! when usa wastes so much of food that can be given to a poor nation, they dont have to cook for days!! animals are losing their habitat!
    The world developed in africa! and we greedy people are destroying it for diamonds and coltan…there are bigger and important things to look at…Blood water?
    whenever a disaster takes place we say that it destroyed properties worth millions! we dont say that we lost so many people…katrina disaster!

  3. Hallo Shekharji,
    Art for social sake.
    My question is does the world changes through artistic efforts ? If it is then what kind of changes is it ?
    I think, greed, cunningness, sense of irresponsibility are all phsychological problems. It is their in our mind. So it takes a solid form on the material level this way or that way. It comes out because those who are in the power are unable to see the problem wholly.
    And I think we are too.

  4. Dear Shekhar:
    I share your frustration right down to the most miniscule fiber of outrage. Unfortunately, the voice of the person that has the greatest gravitas and upon whose shoulders the world has placed a huge burden of expectation, is muted by the power of a congress that is driven by self-interest and, sadly enough, by sheer stupidity. As long as a certain political party in a country that is the world’s biggest consumer of energy sees fit to seed the doubt about climate change in the hearts of a gullible and uninformed populace there is no chance that Barack Obama can do anything but give speeches to try to awaken a global conscience.
    To set targets for 2020 and beyond for carbon dioxide reduction is a little like saying “we first must grow the wood that is needed to board up the house as protection against the next hurricane.” We simply don’t have the luxury to wait another 10 years. The calamity of rising temperatures is upon us n o w , the Greenland icecap, the Arctic Ocean are melting n o w , the creatures of the north are dying n o w , the salinity of the world’s oceans is changing n o w with dire consequences for our food supply, the decisions must be made n o w. Those same leaders of countries and congressional politicians have children and grandchildren as well who are not exempt from having to suffer the catastrophic outcome of their decisions. And yet they cut off their noses to spite their faces.
    The human capacity for imbecility and indifference knows no bounds. We can only in our own lives lead by example even if we are tempted to give in to the my-lone-voice-does-not-count syndrome. We must drive cars with better gas mileage, must heat or cool our homes less, must boycott and socially ostracize those who blatantly disregard the concept of reduced energy consumption and who disdain and ignore the philosophy that we are in this together. If we fail to do that we are, in the final analysis, not any better than those we are now disparaging.
    With best regards.

  5. Very good Question Dear Shekhar !
    “But what about the health of our planet ?”
    But who really cares !
    Everyone cares about their pockets
    Poeple have forgotten
    the difference between need & greed
    World has reduced to lowest levels
    Its shame but …
    I feel its an honor and pride to know a person like you, who really cares and guess what, life is with you and you see the good of it.

  6. Let us look at the people angle
    (wish we had some more humans)
    Who really cares ..
    Some may not like but anyone with open mind, heart will agree inside but may never agree in front of others … Such is the reality, hypocrisy of mind.
    Few examples, pls think !!!
    and the movie last year in the name of india many people benefitted. Did India benefit ?
    Miss World …
    given to Indian girls few times, some people knew they can sell to 1 billion population. It was pure business.
    this year for Oscar
    Will they care for talent, not really …
    What has those poor in India done
    to be blessed by the greedy west ?
    you know about your work, its invaluable
    but will the so called, give you Oscar …
    We all doubt it
    many more but intelligent can get the point …
    Bottom line
    world is at cross roads
    who to ask for any change
    But if people stand up and change
    There can be any hope
    I like to share PEOPLE POWER and am thankful to all of them & proud to be part of it …
    paa reached 39 countries/territories and much more … counting …

  7. (based on greek mythology) We opened this Pandorra’s Box (jar) which was not meant to be open! All the evil and negative emotions poured in…and the answer to this is not by closing the box, but keeping it open..coz now all that is left to come out is hope…
    If we work towards correcting ourselves we are our ‘HOPE’

  8. Hypocrisy is the word
    Dim down time squire, let us drink some water
    F1 ,Nascar ,jet powered boats are there to slaughter
    Behind the closed doors what you said we will never know
    I am used to this silence, give a chance to my little daughter
    A flying balloon, an astray golfer filled your news
    Peace prize for war, and jail for throwing shoes
    I never will understand your justice, and rights
    Trillion light in Vegas and moan when i don’t re use
    You tried to look cool, and globe went warm
    Maldives will sunk and deserts will be in storm
    But close your eyes on us once again
    Standard operating procedure i am used to the term

  9. At the level of being a separate entity from the world, yes, what a calamity.
    But what arrogance that Man’s ego thinks he is big enough to be a cause and big enough to think he holds the solution for the world. As much as this whole debate supported by scientific data and visible changes seems to point to an obvious calamity of serious proportions, it still so centered around Man’s need to think of himself as the centre of the world.
    In that eternal cycle of creation and destruction even that ego dies its death. You my friend are life in all its creation and destruction. You are it and before it. you enjoy the idea and suffer it too. Life builds and breaks through you. Have you lived all this while and missed the eternity of this change alltogether, to think you can maybe for once stall it. Change it. Sigh.!

  10. Shekharji, you hit the bull’s eye with pinpoint accuracy this time, nothing has changed in the shopping trends in the US. 300 million is xactly 5 % of 6 billion and plz recall that Dr.Manmohan Singh became our PM cuz of sonia gandhi’s knee jerk reaction to Sushma Swaraj’s historic speech in 2004.

  11. mr kapur, our delegation to copenhagen went there for some R&R. they have come back with nothing but hot air – hence more global warming. why can’t we stop cutting down trees in the name of development, keep our rivers clean, stop the use of plastic and get rid of the garbage mountains in every part of this decaying nation? because someone somewhere is making an obscene amount of money! we don’t need to demand US$ and western assurances and help to keep our plastic fires burning. we are already so good at that. when have indians stopped people from spitting and urinating in public, throwing garbage everywhere, breaking every rule possible? this nation is dying because we are cowards, 50 people will watch a person dump garbage and not say anything. another 100 will sit thru a movie scared to open their mouths while one person will loudly speak on his mobile or one will allow their noisy child to run screaming up and down the aisle. we are a nation of cowards, mr kapur. the rivers are dead, our trees turned to ashes, our air poisonous. jai ho!

  12. Deepak R, well said.
    Something reminds me of Rumi’s poem “I died as a mineral…”
    I died as a mineral and became a plant,
    I died as plant and rose to animal,
    I died as animal and I was Man.
    Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
    Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
    With angels blest;
    but even from angelhood
    I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
    When I have sacrificed my angel-soul,
    I shall become what no mind ever conceived.
    Oh, let me not exist! for Non-existence
    Proclaims in organ tones,
    ‘To Him we shall return.’
    I saw this cycle going on from big bang to big crunch to next big bang in terms of four basic forces or interactions which the universe and every subsystem in it has to go through and inspire-wrote a similar paragraph in my book (Mosc is my newly coined word meaning Matter of spiritual category which also stands for Soul, Spirit or God as well.)
    “Yesterday we were animals; a day before, plants; a couple of days before, minerals; prior to that, Mosc. Tomorrow we shall be supermen; a day after, almost unrecognizable but as superior to man as man is now superior to animals; and then, after a long time, first constantly decreasing corporally but increasing cerebrally, then even decreasing cerebrally and changing perhaps to lumps of pure light or intelligence, we shall merge indistinguishably again into Mosc…”
    I envisioned the changes in terms of the pulls and pressures of the forces which I explained subsequently.
    So, moral of the story: Everything is perfectly going as per a perfect scheme of things so worry beyond a point is useless (unless you too are a subtle politician lol)

  13. How can you stop an old woman from aging, dying and recycling herself?
    That said, this activism about the environment is charged by 90% hypocrites. Was this copenhagen summit held in candlelight with participants commuting in bullock carts eating boiled rice? If you really want to make a change, you will have to start living like tribals and native americans. Consumerism and convenience has gripped you with a bear hug.
    You can only think of small things, the real change would require you shut down the manufacturing units in China, cut down automobiles and mobiles all over – and most importantly – address the core spiritual deficiencies in the so-called developed nations and other parts of the world which lead to this mass material addiction.
    This is just fantastical rambling though..we can never understand the deeper design, everything happens as the machine demands.

  14. Dear Mr. Shekhar Kapur, What is CLIMATE change? Over the last 50 years it is caused and supported in direct and indirect ways by the POLITICIANS around the world!
    C= Corruption; L= Looting; I=Insurgency; M=Molestation (especially of women and children!); A= Anarchy and Arson; T=Terrorism; E=Evil Economic startegies!
    Which politician has the guts to accept this reality with honesty- this fact even seems to be ignored by educated intellectuals and also the responsible fourth estate which seems to feed on such negative publicity incessantly. This CLIMATE change needs to be tackled! Mother Nature is crying out but who will listen, feel, care, think, communicate and take positive and possibility action to save the CLIMATE, MOTHER NATURE AND THE PLANET-which we must remember that we have borrowed from our children! Will Mr. Obama, Mr. Brown and Mr. Rudd realize this before subverting to the economic threats of China?

  15. Atmospheric carbon is already over safe limits; Arctic sea ice is disappearing; tropical coral reefs are turning into dead stumps. The Maldive Islands, where the highest point in the country is the capital’s garbage dump, are awash. So are coastal areas, home to 40 per cent of the world’s people. Rich countries like the Netherlands can build coastal defences. Poor ones like Bangladesh can’t. Our planet is crumbling. And yet the state heads are arguing and debating! It is time for back to basics. Without which thr is no resolve! we individuals must learn simplicity, conservation, tend to things with care and not over consume. Will the leaders lead? Or destroy rapidly? Will we as individuals lead our leaders? And preserve this planet?

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