I conceive myself
in my imagination
and then
lose myself
in my own conception

23 thoughts on “Conception

  1. Hi Dear SK,
    You spoke most important words, with meaning, care for India …
    It was great pleasure to see you on Aastha TV ..
    Sure you contributed a lot to the efforts and changing your schedule to attend the event …
    You looked greeaat sitting with Ramdevji …
    and a Sadhu in Safforn …
    Wish you the best

  2. De-Centred
    I come alive
    when you observe me;
    partake in my creation.
    To know me, you
    create me by your own thoughts.
    I am, what you want me to BE.
    June Nandy.2009

  3. Sir,
    Its like the seed planted in soil to grow another new sapling/plant/tree, which loses its original form to grow bigger and better than its predecessor only because this time the water(Paani) and the soil was different. May be the gardener this time was more caring.
    Vinod Agarwal – Rough Diamonds don’t shine without a “GURU”.

  4. and yet…
    in my breath…
    I am at one…
    with infinity…
    my home…
    calling me…
    to rest…

  5. hey shekar nice verse there…btw saw you on NDTV election spl debate about lights, camera, votes..hahaha…just like parliamentary debate there also ppl were all talking and talking at the same time and no one seemed to be listening…liked the way you said about the cut…how the visual could be edited to bring out different perspectives or contexts..Overall how was the experience and what did you think of of it? pls share…and I would also like to see Manmohan Singh and Advani having a debate…:-)

  6. hi shekhar,
    my friend told me you spoke of a place in India where everyone in the world’s life and destiny is written on leaves.
    where is this place?
    thank you

  7. But in this
    losing and finding
    is the whole
    enjoyment of life
    You concieve
    you enter
    you lose
    you enjoy totally
    when you lose totally
    and then bang
    you are again back
    to your original state
    of total boredom
    or as some would say
    sat chit ananda lol

  8. hi shekarji,i live in varanasi.i want to your email id because i want to send a true story from friend is suffering with muscular destrophy since 10 year .he is on wheel chair.but he is a miracle for medical english is very week .do you talk with me in hindi? i will wait for your answer.

  9. SK : You are a gr8 film-maker. We request you to make a quick 45 secs commercial… educating the Indian Voter… to come out and vote. Underline the fact that the Election Day is not the day to sleep or wash clothes or watch a movie. It is a day to do a most sacred duty. You can make this quickie ad., for free. This is part of your service to India, meaningful democracy and India. We want you to contribute some of your time and world-class talent…
    45 sec ads made by Shekhar Kapur educating Indians… on meaningful democracy. Explaining to Indians in simple words., the fine line.. and difference between a mobocracy and a democracy… explaining to Indians what happens when nations abandon their social responsibility… Iraqis did it during 30 years of Saddam… and look what happened. We have to Keep India clean from barbaric animals wearing turbans of different colours. Some safforn.. some green.. pretending to be our protectors. God save India from its fake-protectors and frauds. Educate Indians., and leave the rest to their destiny. There is a limit one can go to., but yes.. we must stand up and say… what we want to say.. .like Nandita Das… like Mallika Sarabhai.. .stand up and face evil… and say what must be said. Stand up for truth !

  10. Dear Shekhar Sir..Just wanted to say that it was such a chance of brilliance to have met you on the Delhi airport..3rd of April. I am still reading your blog, it is fantastic. Cheers for everything that is to come to your way. Also wanted to tell you I loved your collaboration with Deepak Chopra on Ramayan as well. I own a copy.

  11. Dear Shekhar,
    Will you spend an hour with me and my brother,
    a most pious and divine person,who fasted for
    several days and then tore off the books in deep anger and frustration.Do not worry,there is enough with us.Needed only some advice.
    Mob[le 9410532785

  12. I conceive myself
    in my imagination
    and then
    lose myself
    in my own conception
    Creating an image of yourself and then losing yourself in your own creation…is that right Shekharji?? please help me with this one..

  13. dear shekhar
    i read your message to your daughter in ‘m’ magazine and re read it many times and each time, tears welled.
    i write for ‘m’ sometimes and its editor pranav capila suggested your blog was the best way to get in touch with you. i want to share my poetry and other writing with you and would be obliged if you could suggest the best way to do it.
    warm regards

  14. Dear Shekharji,
    I had worked for your ADvertisement of Choco Bix Biscuits with other kids in 1989-90 , and Shamiak Davar had choreographed it at Natraj Studio at Andheri.. Way back , i would like to know , if we can have a video of that particular Ad…
    I will be grateful , if you can provide us.

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