just am


without questions

about existence

accepting that I

just am

but now

i learn every moment

who i am not

before i know

who i am

and then, simply

that i am not,

we die

as we are born

21 thoughts on “just am

  1. in simple words meaning of this poem is-

    i know what i am and i also know what i am not..

    but sir you are great..i want to touch your feets..i am anxiously waiting for your show india’s got talent..

    i love you shekhar sir..

  2. a speck of purity
    a matter of infinity

    born out of the dark space
    tumbles & rolls, along alleys & ways

    stars & lights, dust & ashes
    cloud upon the speck, sure affects

    a speck so locked, in winds of time
    sees dawn of Light, in space sublime

    sheds & shakes, ashes clear
    clouds unlock, a speck so pure

    a speck from space, neither ash nor light
    a speck in space, just infinite delight

  3. I think we are re-born every moment so the knowing is an endless and rather exciting processs, as a the life is constanatly anew, full of wonder. This quote is perfect for your beautiful poem – for truth is all we truly seek.

    “We catch on to the truth and technique of expectation in those rare moments when we are stirred by an awareness of a guidance seemingly higher and greater than our own, when for a little while we are taken over by a force and an intelligence above and beyond those commonly felt. Confident and free, filled with wonder and ready acceptance, we permit ourselves to be taken over by our unquestioning self.”
    Marcus Bach, Dr.

    Thank you,

  4. Ah.. life is but a collective dream. ‘ I exist because u imagine i do’ makes sense when u realize that life is a dream. Just as a seed contains the power to create a tree, so do we, as microcosms of god, contain the power to create universe and which we do in fact by dreaming. Only the soul is real, rest all is an illusion..a dream.

    Hmm… started writing a blog.. check out.. would love to have ur comment..


    Amit Parwal

  5. Shekhar sir,i just watch your video in which you were talking abt your dream project PAANI..as we know that this is going to be a love story of a beautiful rich daughter and a water mafia but sir i am just curious to know that is hrithik is going to play the role of water mafia?

  6. sir its my humble request to you,i m just folding my hands that pls start a new column on which we can directly interact to you..i mean we want to ask a lot of queries regarding films,world cinema etc to you and we want your expert comments on our queries..so sir pls start a new column..similarly in rgv blog they use a column reaction to reactions,in which rgv sir replies our queries..so sir ..i hope that you understand that how desperate i am here to talk to you regarding a number of topics..


  7. shekhar sir is it true that film making is a chance to live many life times?

  8. if the path is beautiful,ask where it leads?but if destination is beautiful dont ask how the path is?

    i think the same thing you are gonna feeling while making PAANI..

  9. i wrote this last week.


    I did not come with a name
    did not come with a form.
    Simply dropped…
    Dropped on a bent quivering blade of grass.
    The moment sparked
    now,tall stood that blade of grass.
    I danced in joy
    nameless formless
    I heard a voice say
    “Look the dance of a dew drop”
    I was given a name
    just then the sunbeam strengthened itself
    formless I remained…

  10. You are who you are,
    You are not trillion other thing,
    For better or worse,
    You are a fine human being.

    Its the journey that matters
    My friend,
    You will be who you are
    Right till the end.

    Your legacy will tell who you were,
    and not trillion tiny other things,
    For you will be remembered-
    As the fine human being.

  11. Famous Words from Eminem…

    I am whatever you say I am
    If I wasn’t then why would I say I am
    In the paper the news every day I am
    Radio won’t even play my jams
    I am whatever you say I am
    If I wasn’t then why would I say I am
    In the paper the news every day I am
    I dont know it’s just the way I am

  12. Sir you have very beautifully expressed the biggest question of our existence. I was/am always trying to search out that unknown reason in my life .According to me In this era of logical and rational thinking, every process or a thing has got a question of “why?” or why it is happening, Until and unless the purpose is known, doing or happening of that process leads to ambiguity as to why we are involved …
    Playing role is not sufficient,it’s always like that someone is gaming you.
    I am a constant blog reader of yours.You are my inspiration too in blogging

  13. ‘from dust thou art, to dust returnest’
    during the course of a lifetime, we are moulded and changed and made to evolve. But the inevitable end is always, always the completion of that circle.
    Your poetry is so inspiring.

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