Cannes diary : Dining in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

It’s very exciting to be on the Jury of the Cannes film festival. Especially when the Jury is headed by the man I affectionately (but also seriously) call ‘the Salvador Dali of Cinema’. Tim Burton is a compassionate and gentle person that is so eager to learn about other people and cultures. He is also completely fascinated by India, so I have invited him to come and see if there is something he would like to shoot in India.

India is a country that accepts mythology and magic realism as an essential part of it’s culture, as does Tim Burton in is film making. It would be fascinating to see Tim Burton’s visual take on some of our tradition folk tales.

For the first dinner with the Jury, the Chef had designed the dinner as an ‘inspiration’ from Tim Burton’s movies ! Everything looked like it was from the Mad Hatter’s dining table. And while it was terrific looking an delicious, I kept waiting for the rice ! After all what’s a meal without rice and dal, or roti and dal ?

12 thoughts on “Cannes diary : Dining in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

  1. I kept waiting for the rice ! After all what’s a meal without rice and dal, or roti and dal ?

    wah shekhar sir..asli hindustani ho aap..

  2. It’s very exciting to be on the Jury of the Cannes film festival.

    definitely sir and anurag kashyap sir are the faces of indian cinema on world defintiely deserves for the jury..


  3. sir i want to ask you a lot of very honest i want to know that what is your opinion on film schools?

  4. A truly unpretentious man of your dignity, has nothing to pretend and nothing to hide. You are what you are deep down. Pretending to be something else tears the heart.

  5. Did you take pictures? That is a table I would love to see.
    Do tell us all about cannes and the films that impressed you… right after your jury stint. Ofcourse we would love to hear about the films that did not impress you even more 🙂
    Tim Burton in India will be awsome. Great visual fun. I wish he would make a movie for kids. A real kids movie for elementary school age kids. I think Indian mythology and culture begs for Tim Burton’s touch. And no… the mean spirited Charlie movie was not for kids. And neither is Alice. But then I dont know what both Lewis caroll and Roald Dahl were smoking when they wrote the original stories anyway.

  6. Dear Shekhar Kapur,

    I’m the curator of the Contemporary India Movies Retrospective, a non-profit cinema festival that will take place in an important centre of cultural reference of Brazil. The retrospective will happen this August in Rio de Janeiro and we really would like to exhibit “Bandit Queen” here.

    I saw that you are in the jury of Cannes. I have a person that works with me at the culture secretary of the state of Rio de Janeiro and she is in Cannes too. I would like to know if there is any possibility of you meeting with her this week.

    Bellow is the website of the other Indian cinema retrospective that we did last year, about the new wave movement in India.

    I really hope we can show Bandit Queen in Brazil. I think the movie is important in order to give a true panorama of Contemporary Indian cinema to our people.

    I look forward to receive news from you soon,


  7. Alice in wonderland sucked big time. Tim Burton is extremely overrated and a complete wannabe.

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