i ran from the noise looking for silence and in my solitude i heard a single scream that came from inside my head i was the one yelling the loudest trying to be heard above everyone else like a child screaming for attention in a world where a billion voices were doing the same

Looking for me

If you want to look for me i am there, in the rising sun of the dawn, look for me in the ray of light that enters your room and there you will find me in a speck of dust, floating amongst billion others noticed only when the sunlight reflects off it but look further [...]

Goodbye, my love

as she left her womb, thrust out by a violent birth i knew that she and I were destined for the most intimate of all relationships time stood still as I watched her inexorably sail towards me so she and I would join in one final embrace to complete an event born in eternity for [...]

I saw an ant

I saw an ant walking through the grass and I felt the breeze going past my cheek and I thought inside you , carry the courage of many lifetimes but do not believe it for you have not looked inside but if you do you will find an immensity so enormous that it will frighten [...]

a question

I asked you and you said 'you're too vague' of course i am i am afraid your answer would be finite leaving no room for hope for interpretation for dreaming for yearning for the search for myself in you an eternity lives between a yes and a no


the fear of emptiness that hollow sinking fear that grip of panic that first realization the moment of waking up that there is nothing there was nothing but the mind trying to hold fantasies and memories to somehow connect those fantasies those memories to the coming day how will I survive it ? if I [...]