”time’ does not fly ?

and so said ‘time’
“you have for so long
watched me go by,
now come aboard
and through my porthole
watch yourself go by
for I have been still
for as long as
I have known

11 thoughts on “”time’ does not fly ?

  1. Now, that’d be a GREAT explaination for the phenomenon of Relativity. And, Kudos to such simplicity in poetry. This is what I call poetry in “motion”.

  2. Actually Time does not care. It never cared.
    We through our emotions compare time from past to future.
    So when one remembers past with good memories they may have nostalgia…and if bad – with negative emotions. Same applies to future but in that case it may be hope or emotions of fear.
    Very rarely an individual can connect to present, to be in tune with being…but then its rare…almost Zen like…wonder what emotion is that?

  3. When we are alone
    In the silence of night
    We sometimes makes friends
    To them whom we do not know
    Who are much far away from us
    In the same way in this
    Silent night
    I have done friendship with
    Moon and stars
    With the trees and flowers
    All these things we don’t know
    What they speak to us
    Whether they feel glad for us
    Or they mourn with us
    My old grandmother used to say
    Moon is my uncle
    Who brings smile on our faces
    By bringing some toys and sweets
    So I started believing that
    Moon is my friend who
    Nutures smile on my face
    But now I have grown up
    Some maturity has come in my nature
    I have started
    Looking the things
    In terms of good and bad
    So moon is no more a friend of mine
    It has became a creature
    Who does know not the profit and loss
    So I felt
    as my senses has became matured
    They started driving away
    My happiness
    Which I got
    From the tiny things of nature
    The gladness
    Which are available in plenty
    Without a fee, without a cost
    Is no more a matter of interest
    For me
    May be because
    My matured senses have
    Whispered in my ears
    That only those things
    Are valuable
    For which we pay a huge price.

  4. //for I have been still
    for as long as
    I have known
    The verses were just simple but ‘enough’ yes to convey the meaning within.
    amazing one there sir .

  5. beautiful read, Shekhar.
    the inner space of what centers me
    …remains still
    time revolves around it
    never enters
    this stillness…is timeless.

  6. Reminds me of a chinese verse:
    Among billions of years,
    Among billions of people.
    we met.
    In the wilderness of the everlasting time,
    we met, not a step sooner, not a step later, we just met.

  7. One question sir…..how can you write something so unique and so beautiful??? How does your motivation strike you??

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