Looking for me

If you want to look for me
i am there,
in the rising sun of the dawn,
look for me in the ray of light
that enters your room
and there you will find me
in a speck of dust,
floating amongst billion others
noticed only when the sunlight reflects off it
but look further
into that speck of dust
for within it exists
the same universe
that you see around yourself
and within that whole universe
you will find yourself
looking for me
in another speck of dust
within which
I may exist
in yet another universe
within another
speck of dust
and connecting all these universes
is my love for you

27 thoughts on “Looking for me

  1. vaah vaah.
    its funny how you sometimes write about things/ things similar that might have been on my mind (and am sure other people who come here feel this).
    i was debating a question related to the course of my profession the other day and i said to myself: Right, enough, path A. and just at that moment a speck of dust reflected the most beautiful sparkle… and i knew GOD had told me i had made the right choice. and i thought: God always gives us answers, we just need to look.
    thanks shekhar, and love, shivani

  2. IT,touched me,I found IT! This tiny speck of dust…I am now holding IT, in the palm of my hands,very carefully.Slowly, I take it closer to my eyes,I raise it to my lips to blow it to the universe…i am that..THE UNIVERSAL LOVE.Just as you seek me,I too, am incomplete without you.

  3. hmmmmmmm and vice versa………..
    shekhar……..you’re right….i do look for the loved ones who have given me all their love till their last breath until they were alive……and are now no more……..in the morning rays of the sunrise, the twilight at sunset, the riot of colours in a flower garden, stars that shine at night………and yes…….in the specs of dust that have their moment in the reflection of the morning rays of the sun…..
    as for ‘connecting all these universes is my love for you’
    o darling is that true….?
    am i looking at a spec thats you ?
    then let me reciprocate my love too……..
    before the internet DISCONNECTS ME FROM YOU !!
    and the speck that is ME is distanced from the spec that is YOU !
    and you’re gazing at a spec you thought is ME………
    who…….it turns out is only YOU !!

  4. Hello Mr. Kapur
    Hope you are well. This sounds so simple and yet you seem to have encapsulated the gamut of spiritual wisdom and quantum physics in these few lines. It’s simply beautiful and reminds me of a Prayer.
    Best Regards

  5. Hello Mr. Kapur
    Hope you are well. This sounds so simple and yet you seem to have encapsulated the gamut of spiritual wisdom and quantum physics in these few lines. It’s simply beautiful and reminds me of a Prayer.
    Best Regards

  6. Dont mind me but
    did i see u
    Dont mind me
    but did u see me
    Is my imagination having a dance
    Or did for an instant the speck of dust softly flew by me
    Or did it enter my eye by mistake
    Dont mind me but
    did i feel completely at home
    Dont mind me
    but was i projecting
    Is my imagination putting on a play
    Or did that speck of dust striked me
    Dont mind me
    But can a small envcounter sparkle life within
    is my imagination playing hide and seek
    Or did that speck of dust brought me to life
    Dont mind me
    For being a dreamer
    Inhaling what I recognize to be an essence of inspiration

  7. I can see my love whereever I go. I can feel her in every moment of my life, in my dreams, on my screen, at work, at home, everywhere.

  8. o but you were a speck in the ray of sunlight
    even when apart by just a few flights……..
    i looked with affection to keep you warm………
    and you put me in the eye of the storm……..?
    never mind dear man, be happy where you are….
    if you think of me, look in the sky and see me in a star………
    ( i will be twinkling at you 🙂 )

  9. Shekhar,
    You have declared your Enlightenment. Great. It reminds me of the book – Tao of Physics.
    Waves are there. Ocean is there. Ice is there. Mist is there. Fog is there. But fundamentally they are the same universal truth: WATER, just those different forms.
    Nice poetry, I liked.

  10. Obama Obama O Mr. Obama
    Hare Krishna hare rama
    Kucch bhi ho jaaye par aap badal na jaana
    Aap kyon lagte ho itne apne
    Lagta hai aap hi karoge sabka beda paar
    Hanumaanji ki shakti ho aap par aprampaar
    Aap mein Mr. Mandela ,Tito , Gandhiji , Mother Teresa ki jhalak milti hai
    Par aap ho in sab se bhi tagde
    Suna hai aapke naam mein Hussein hai aap jaate ho church
    Saath mein ho ek number ke Hanuman bhakt
    Apki yahi ada sab ko kar gayi fida
    Aap Sirf US ke hi nahi sare vishwa ke ban jaao pita
    Aate hi aapne US nuclear program ko kiya hai ban
    Cuba detention centeres ko karaya band
    Lagta tau hai badhiya hai aapka intentions
    Par aapne kaha hai aap US ke prominence ko rakhenge barkaar
    Bas yahi baat aapki samajh mein nahi aayi sarkaar
    Ismein ho aapki politics sochne ko dil hai bekraar
    Kyonki aaj ro raha hai sara sansaar aur US ke paas hai resources aprampaar
    Is developed world mein jahan har insaan ek doosre se aage jaana chahta hai
    Aur ant mein kucchh nahi paata hai
    Wahan aap is duniya ko dikhaoge lagta hai naya rasta
    Ya yun kaho wahi purana bhagaan aur naturality waala rasta
    Hum saare sachhe aur acche hindustani hain aapke saath
    Bas aap bhi mat kar dena kamare saath vishwaas ghaat
    Bhagwan/Allah/God se yahi hai vinti
    Wah aapko de sadbuddhi aur apni poori Shakti .
    Sare vishva ki jaye ho aur sab kucch mangalmaye ho !!

  11. God..how deep understanding about human relationship…as I always wanted somebody like me in thinking…living..and understanding all life long relations which are fading in this cruel centuary.no one loves selflessly..and if some one does..get the lables of crazy..nothing more..I have loved some people..selflessly even the people who has caused me all troubles…damages..betrayals..snaching every piece of my happines and my happiness was surrounded by my own little present dreams..not a pot og future gold..not a bank balance…but my innocentd angles…..well what to write more..I wanna make a film with u and work with u…not expecting a big money..but want to breathe in fresh air….want to walk on seashore…want to count autumn leaves..by maple trees…god where r u?
    first time I saw u in khandan drama …just attracted for ur charmingness as a strong emotional reactions hardly can be seen on some one.

  12. This is one of those few poems which avtually captivated me…….Really touching…specially the last few lines…….

  13. look for me in the ray of light ……….. amazing lines ……….. love the longings being portrayed in the following lines …….

    connecting all these universes
    is my love for you ………… super like ………. the love is beyond everything ……..

  14. Dear Sekhar..

    i have no much interest in reading poems but this poem of yours is really touch the heart 🙂 i am not just saying it …i feel it from my heart…..keep writing please 🙂

    Shiv Bhadoriya

    P.S. : may be i will take some of your lines to impress some one 🙂

  15. Seen in a bookshop this afternoon:

    “Are You The One For Me? by Barbara De Angelis


    Good to read a poem by you after long,Shekhar ji. Full of Cosmic Consciousness…


  16. Not sure which is more beautiful, the words or the feelings conveyed through those words…The poem is just beautiful ..touches one’s senses and soul…

  17. Mr. Kapur, it is nice poem, u seem to be becoming present everywhere for the sake of your beloved. This is what a True Love is. ‘Tu iss tarah se meri jindagi mei shamil hai, jahaan bhi jaun ye lagta hai teri Mehfil hai’ Passive resemblance.

  18. This has the flavor of Rumi’s poems where the line between lover and god is easily transcended as is in this poem where the ‘me’ could well be the beloved or the almighty. It’s the universality of love that the Sufis capitalized on and the world is richer for it; they have left us with some of the most haunting verses in poetry!

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