the morning prayer

to create every moment an act of absolute astonishment to live in astonishment and in wonder and to cry with tears of joy and warmth every moment in awe and in love and in forgiveness and in your embrace shekhar

Arjuna, you coward !

Arjuna, you coward ! stop moralizing your your own sense of fear stop crystalizing unknown, imagined demons into moral statements listen to Krishna, don't waste his time do not be afraid of the chaos of battle there are so many of us waiting for Krishna to push us over the edge shekhar

not my words

to speak, yet not be the speaker but the listener the words not your own to write without being the author to love like breath without being the conscious breather to seek and not be a seeker to play without being a player to do and not be the doer to create but not be [...]

Into the Void

u left plunging me into a void that grows so vast that with each moment i am afraid even you cannot now fill it yet your name is the mantra i whisper with each breath as i yearn to fall even deeper into the void shekhar shekhar