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  1. Hello Sir,
    If you find sometime can you please go thro’
    This is my friend’s blog..He is a struggling
    artist..Wants to do something in the creative field and is currently caught in the s/w industry.
    If u really like his work, can you give some
    suggestions as to how he shld be continuing
    his struggle to succeed..
    Thanks ,

  2. hey
    how do the namesakes distinguish themselves from each other? I ‘m also piyali. but not the one who has sent the above comment . i really dont appreciate selling myself on a blog of this kind , nor would i ask anyone suggestions on how to struggle for success? i find it all really ridiculous. so, please dont mistake me for the above Piyali. i guess i should start writing a different spelling and thats PEEYAHLI.
    everybody has to find his/her own struggles and the ways to live them.

  3. Hey,
    Lets not get to calling names there Piyali! This space is a free space and everyone has the liberty to write as per one’s wish. Lets not be judgemental about the same just because you and I don’t agree with it. If someone should have any kind of problem with other people thn its Shekhar and not you and me. His status comes with its part and parcel but behaving with dignity is something that is least expected from us!
    Firstly, what does haiku mean? Sounds very interesting…You know the first thing that came to my head when I read this? The first thought was that I guess, he is checking himself in the mirror quite a lot of time these days! lol…sorry bt couldn’t help being blatantly honest there!
    Now when I seriously read it, it seems as if a child is very happy but is trying to cover his happiness. In his attempt of doing so, he has this smile on his face that is mystical, charming and innocuous but contradictingly mishievious. He has his smile hidden within layers of smiles…
    Is the child indeed very happy? 🙂

  4. Hello Sir,
    first time i hv seen ur blog & its really very nice…its been heartening to see u blogging it certainly helps people like us in motivating & inspiring.
    Now about ur work…its a very thoughtful writeup
    just a mingling of words but see how well it is mingled!!

  5. Dear Mr.Kapur,
    I hate to get technical when it comes to poetry, nonethless being a creative writer myself I would really like to understand the meaning of your haiku verse. Are you describing the unification of abstract and physical expression using ‘smile’ as your instrument, I’m not sure (?) I’m upto my hair in Haiku (for a workshop at school) and came across yours.
    Would love to hear about where this verse came from….

  6. seems like………….I am a Perception a real romantic illusion………Love the way u write……..specially liked the one titled Passion.

  7. Shekhar,
    So your Smile is like a net which catches smile only.. Wow beautiful…. I think every smile in this universe catches the smile only.
    Imagine a world which is caught in such a net !!!!!!!

  8. Tagore and Haiku
    Partha Desikan
    Susumu Takiguchi is Chairman, The World Haiku Club. Presented below is an interesting excerpt from his Keynote Address delivered at World Haiku Festival 2008 on 23 February 2008, in Bangalore, India. Proceedings of the festival, including major excerpts from Mr. Takiguchi & Read more discussion on Haiku and Tagore…

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