The Naadi, guest column by Kavitha Kannan

Scripted over 5000 yrs ago, the Naadi documents the lives of the whole human race on planet earth. A feat accomplished by sages who gained clairvoyance through ‘Siddhi’. The sheer enormity of this effort was mind boggling when I first heard about it — palm leaves for every human being on this planet, past present and future !

I originally thought Naadi Shastra was relevant only for people of indian origin. Palm leaves only for people born in the land of sages and seers. Soon I had to reverse my thinking, when I heard from my Naadi astrologer that they had retrieved leaves for people from, what we today call, Japan, Germany, USA and more. How equitable to include the entire human race as beneficiaries of our ancestors’ siddhi, I thought.
Naadi means to go in search of, to seek. It is said that you will go seeking your naadi if/when you are destined to go seeking it. Whenever it is the ‘right’ time. If you do go prematurely, the naadi astrologers will likely be unsuccessful in retrieving your Naadi. Not as easy as a google search, for sure! No glitzy advertising. No propagandas encouraging folks to seek their Naadi. But, as the Naadi astrologer said, if your time has come you WILL come to know about it, and you will come looking for it on your own accord.
The two places I know of as being authentic store-houses of Naadis are in Tambaram (a suburb of Chennai) and Vaitheeswaran Kovil (close to the Chidambaram Temple) in Tamilnadu. There’s history about how and why only members of a certain lineage are custodians of these aged/fragile manuscripts. Also, there are many astrologers/middlemen claiming to provide Naadi reading services, many of whose authenticity may be questionable. They typically ask for the thumb impression to be mailed in, so they may retrieve your Naadi and mail back your details as documented in the Naadi. I chose to take the up-close-and-personal approach and go to the source. I had mine retrieved in Tambaram. The chance of one’s Naadi not being retrievable is a real possibility – either because it is not the ordained moment, or the leaves are physically stored in another location etc etc. Roadblocks manifest themselves in mysterious ways!
As I drove to the Tambaram house, I could not help wonder, among other questions that raced through my mind, how the Naadi readers for generations sustained themselves from a seemingly erratic profession, and that too sans proactive marketing. So, while waiting for mine to be retrieved, I chatted with some of the assistants hanging around. They seemed far from concerned about sustenance — with undeterred faith in the grace of their family deity thus far, they seem to have unquestioningly surrendered to the service of divine calling.
Just the preservation, archival and storage of the zillion palm leaves should be a mind-boggling challenge in itself. Not any less challenging is retrieving the one that’s written for you! Being able to find my particular Naadi buried among a stash, of heaven knows how many, sounded like mission impossible. But they have their methodology. They take your thumb impression — apparently your past, present, future is recorded somewhere in those patterns. Based on that, they go looking for the palm leaves that fall into the defined category of patterns. The basis of this categorization is still a mystery to me. The reader came out with a stash of palm leaves — presumably, of all those people in that category, but with differing time/date of birth. Isn’t a thumb impression supposed to be unique? – it seemed not; and that would defy the legality of thumb imprinting that’s still practiced today. The details in each of the Naadis would be different based on the symbiosis of the thumb impression AND the date/time of birth. So what was the probability of somebody having a similar thumb impression AND same date/time of birth as mine, I wondered. But I didn’t dare to interrupt. Thereafter, it was a process of elimination of the palm leaves that were not relevant to me. They did this by isolating one Naadi at a time from the stash at hand, and asking a series of questions. Questions are triggered from, what I rationalized as, a preface in the Naadi at hand. e.g. Does your mother’s name start with a P. Do you have xxx siblings. Were you born in the month of xxx.? And many more. Responses to the questions are typically expected to be a “yes” or a ‘no”. Confirmation of a set of data points through your responses, enable them to zoom into the Naadi that is relevant to you and you alone. A “no” to any of the questions, disqualifies the particular palm-leaf at hand and is put away to be rearchived.
The process continued until they declared Eureka ! Once the Naadi was identified they started the reading process. The introductory lines basically spelt out descriptors – so details such as your name, date of birth, place of birth, parents’ name, grandparents name and so on – sure to leave anybody dumbstruck in the moment. Subsequent stanzas/lines/paragraphs (or however the formatting of the bygone era is described) described details about my current life and brief references to my past life. I felt a surge of very mixed emotions as he rattled off brief aspects of my past life as a princess, and the grief I had caused to people of my land. Therefore I was born again. I was thankful that I was a human being in my past life as well, vs. another species further down in the pyramid of intellectual and spiritual evolution.
I saw this process as an exercise in pattern recognition/pattern matching in its primitive form, with no technological influences whatsoever to facilitate the process. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a day to just get to the right one, assuming your Naadi is indeed at the location you are visiting. Once it is found, the reading can take another 2-3 hours — or longer, if you decide to go beyond the general reading and delve into all 13 chapters. Details about you are recorded across 13 chapters, each chapter dedicated to a particular aspect — family life, business, health, past life etc. The last chapter is dedicated to describing specific ‘pariharams’ or a ‘prescription’ to correct the imbalances in your current life engendered by karma from past life. The assumption is that every single human being is born only because she/he has sinned in his/her past life/lives and has to endure life again as retribution. Good and bad occurrences in your current life are a direct result of karmic influences. The ‘pariharams” may be seen as a short cut to eliminate/mitigate debit balances of sorts J. And the prescribed pariharams vary in their shapes and sizes. It’s like personalized medicine J. It could be anything from, say, lighting a lamp for one of the Navagrahas on a specified day of every week, for 6 months……to visiting XYZ temple and making the specified donations to the presiding deity… serving food for a specified number of poor people….and the list can go on.
In my case, there were 2 temples that were spelt out very descriptively. And one of them was somewhere out there in the boonies that I hadn’t even remotely heard of, or would ever have, but for the Naadi experience. Traveling through rugged terrain to get there was quite an experience. Another temple I visited as part of the pariharam was in the early hours of the morning of Dec. 26, 2004. The temple was a mile or so away from the shores. For no logical reasons, I along with other family members, was led to the sanctum sanctorums within the huge temple premises/courtyard, not once or twice but thrice. By different temple staff and for varying reasons. In hind sight, I saw this as an invisible and divine restraint from venturing beyond, what I rationalized as, protected range. A divine calling to remain within the temple premise and not commence our drive back through the coastal regions that were experiencing the fury of the water Goddess – exactly at the time that we were in the temple premises.
Besides, I had made elaborate plans to explore nearby Poompuhar on the way out, the historic town on the estuary of Kaveri. As we broke our fast that morning at a local haunt, the friendly waiters got chatting and said there was nothing much to see in Poompuhar and I was a little agitated with what I thought was their illiteracy. (I read later that this once important trading port was destroyed by what might have been a Tsunami about 1500 years ago. (An article of interest — ). Other family members who were keeping tabs on the already delayed departure (as a result of the prolonged darshan) saw this as an opportunity to skip this leg of the trip and head back, which we eventually did after much debate. I was not a happy camper then. As we walked back to the hotel, our driver said we need to head out soon as the village was getting flooded. We dismissed it as unwarranted panic as the sun was up and there was no sign of rain. So we took our time to check out and finally hit the road. It was weird to see a never ending line of village men, women and children walking with suitcases, some with television sets on their head along the road – almost looked like mass migration! We were still quite not sure what was happening until we turned on the radio to learn of a massive flooding situation at the Marina Beach in Chennai and other coastal regions of Tamilnadu. It was not until we arrived in Chennai and saw visual images of the destruction that we realized the magnitude of the incident and our miraculous journey into and through the ravaged regions. As for Poompuhar, never mind that I was unable to see the ruins of the Dutch fort and other historical footprints there. It was not spared from the tsunami that morning. I owe much for the seeming illiteracy of the waiters at the village restaurant that triggered the deviation from plan. Every once in a while angels come by our paths, unrecognizable in the moment most of the time — to guide, to lead, to sometimes define what we only later realize as life-altering moments. Some experiences, in hind sight, leave you wondering about a sequence of events/activities that led up to it….why and how something (good or bad) happened….why we chose path A vs. path B…..was it a coincidence or was it pre-ordained? After the Naadi experience you start questioning if anything is really in your control. I certainly did.
The Naadi astrologer read the script (an incomprehensible dialect of Tamil) from the palm leaf and then translated it in vernacular Tamil. I presume they have translation services in English. As part of the service, after the reading was completed, they transcribed the Naadi details on to a book, recorded the details on to a tape and handed them to me before drawing the curtains on this episode of my life. If I were to get a tape today, I’d probably want to get it digitized to mp3, rather than have to buy a tape player!
The chapter on “Pariharam” most often describes a “guru dakshina” for the Naadi reader, spelling out the compensation — and most often this is asked to be done after the pariharams have been fulfilled. Now I saw how our forefathers had secured the livelihood of generations of Naadi astrologers! My concerns about their sustenance were superfluous after all.
Whether fulfilling the prescribed pariharams mitigated anything untoward that might have happened/could happen had I NOT done it, I will never know. What mattered was the fact that I embarked on the Naadi mentally resolved to fulfill the prescription — and my rationalization was very simple. EVEN if executing the pariharams fail to correct whatever imbalances I am supposedly born to endure, even if it fails to manifest obviously apparent ROI, visiting a temple surely cannot do any harm. So why not?
I’ve heard that some folks accept good news wholeheartedly, but challenge bad news and the authenticity of the Naadi simply because they do not like what they hear. All I can say is it comes as a package, and is not for the meek hearted. If you are unable to go through it objectively, you’d rather not go — it’s your own choice anyway.
I headed back from the Tambaram house thinking I must return to delve more into the chapter that elaborates on my past life. It was both fascinating and mysterious. It kindled a desire to go on an expedition to pry into [what they referred to as] my previous incarnation. Venture back in time and perhaps discover, among other things, fractured self-portraits along the way, on the broken walls of some obscure castle ruins!! Boy, what a journey THAT would be !!!

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  1. Shekhar/Kavita,
    The blog is a long one, could not read fully but whatever I could I liked it. It is 1am in Miami, FL on X’mas night and I unexpectedly came across your blog.
    Interested in Nadi reading. Can you mail me the address of Mr. Durai Subburathinam of Kausika Agasthiya Nadi Jothida Nilayam in Tambaram, Chennai where you went.
    Staying here in US, I’ve gone through better realizations about truth, that truth is always out there, the problem is, it can not always be valid. Human ingenuity has it’s own limitations.

  2. Happy New Year 2010 to all friends on this blog.
    sand Ofcourse Shekaharji and Kavitaji.
    Thanks for showing interest in my work on Naadi.
    A conference on Naadi Palm Leaf Astrology was conducted on 14 th Oct 2007 in Pune at Udyan Prasad Karyalaya, from 1300hrs to 1830hrs.
    The Beginning
    Wing Commander Oak welcomed the Naadi Centre owners and staff from Pune and many cities of Maharashtra.
    Shri. Chandrakant Shewale, Chief Organiser of the conference lit the lamps along with Mrs. Alka Oak, Prof Adwayanand Galtage. Chanting of Mantras from Vedas and Upanishads was conducted by Dr. Nityanand Deshmukh and Party.
    The second edition of book titled “Vidgyan Aani Buddhiwaad”(The Science and Rationalism) was released by the present on the stage. Staff like Naadi readers, translators and Table Managers and helpers except owners of Naadi centres were honoured with a special trophy, a Uparna (Scarf), Flower and Gaurav Patra (. Letter of Honour).
    Books Fare
    Stalls from Books shops were doing brisk business to sell thousands of rupees worth books on Naadi predictions by Wing Commander Oak in Marathi, Hindi and English and other authors.
    Unique Experiences
    The personalities mentioned in my book having strange and unique instances spoke with authority. Participants were Wing Commander Rakesh Nanda, Pheroze Misty, Rajan Vaidya, and Subhash Havre. Some present were given chance to speak were Kaustubh Butala, Vijay Sabnis, Magician Vijay Kumar.
    Wing Commander Rakesh Nanda spoke how he used to help people from any part of country when called over on his Mobile Nos. From Air Martial to even Havildars, how he had served with out any personal gains but as a service to the Maharshees. Pheroze narrated how he mistook his Puja in one of Shiva Temple. He had to go again to perform it with same reverence and faith. How he was rewarded with many opportunities to him and his family members. His unique pilgrimage to Sadurgiri, 150 kms south of Madurai along with Wg Cdr Oak.
    Subhash Havre stated how he is still fighting fit after nine (9) heart Attacks and admission in famous Ruby Hospital in Pune. How he learnt the Modi Lipi (cryptic Script in Marathi) and stood first in Pune University. How he was guided to administer siddha medicines as per predictions from Leaves. He also distributed more than 100 laminated pictures of Agasthya Maharshi. Vijay Sabnis narrated his experiences and of others whom he took to Atri Jeeva Naadi in Chinchwad Centre.
    Magician enthralled with his trick to produce a note out of nothing but he said his trick is nothing in front of divining of exact details by great Maharshees of ancient past.
    Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Padmashree award winner and Computer wizard and Naadi Lover could not attend the function due to his preoccupation with other invitation.
    The Chief Naadi astrologers were honoured with
    1. Trophy Gaurav Chinha as ‘Boat’. Concept behind the symbolic boat and Naadi palm leaf predictions- “The time is an everlasting flow of events like copious river. Shores of which none could comprehend. The life of a person is like a boat with two oars. An individual steers the course with one oar of ‘Dnyana’, worldly knowledge, intelligence and reasoning. The other oar is of ‘Karma’ – personal efforts and velour. Presuming that I am the sole le decider of my destiny. The boat fluctuates of its own. With flag mast of ‘Shraddha’ belief, hope and aspiration guided by ‘Param Shiv Tatva – Ultimate universal power – Sky high. The boat rolls on the sails on which great Maharishis have encoded prophesies of countless souls.”
    2. Bouquet of flower,
    3. Gaurav Patra – Letter of Honour indicating the service they have rendered and expected to be rendered with honesty and devotion to the god almighty – ‘Param Shiv Tatva’. and
    4. Uparna,
    5. Photo of Agasthya Maharishi. Some of them who could not make it due various reasons were given the trophy later.
    Some other prominent features will be put up later if asked for by the readers.

  3. hi
    i was continuesly facing some r the othr prblm in my life.suddenly i came 2 knw abt this naadi i visitd naadi reader in vakola wht ever he said was to certain extd was correct.but what he was saying fr pariharam fr my passd i felt he is trying 2 earn out of it.
    can anyone guide me any othr naadi reading guy who can realy help 2 knw my past.

  4. My dear Shekharji/Kavithaji,
    Well I m vtouched to see your going allout to help humanbeings through this forum-its not just about sharing your experiences Kavithaji but i see lot of compassion behind this sharing of your own experiences.
    The more the desperation or problem the more gullible one can be therefore the need all my readers TO GO TO THE RIGHT PLACES WHICH AT LEAST I COULD UNDERSTAND WAS ONE IN CHENNAI .One should avoid going just anywhere n chances are if u go to those unestablished places u ll be taken for a ride.THE POINT IS TO GO TO THE RIGHT NADI POINT.

  5. I had visited Naadi Astrologer Agathiyar Durai Subburathinam at Sri Kousiha Agathiya, Mahasiva Vaakiya Naadi Jothida Nilayam, West Tambaram, Chennai in December, 2008. They found my palm leaf after asking around 10-15 questions. The past and the present were 100% accurate with they telling me the names and professions of my siblings, wife etc. They even made my birth chart and it matched with the actual one I have. I was surprised. But the predictions for the future were all wrong i.e. 95% wrong.
    They asked me to visit 6 temples in the south and I spent 2 days visiting them and doing the pariharams. They took around Rs.9000/- from me to do a puja for me which they said would continue for a year and that they would send me a yantra by post on completion of the puja. They also took Rs. 3000/- plus puja materials for Guru Deeksha.
    Now it is more than 19 months and I have not received any yantra inspite of making many phone calls. They have a strategy. They send you some bhubhuti/ash and vermillion/tika 3 times during the puja year and write that the puja is continuing so that you rest assured throughout the year that your puja is being done and that you will get your yantra after the year ends. But all goes in vain. They spend Rs. 100 out of the Rs. 9000/- in sending you the tika.
    I have their recorded cassette and hand written notebook with me and everything is predicted wrongly. My naadi reader was Raja Sakthivelu and inspite of my calls, he has not bothered to send my yantra. I am sure there has been no puja performed and they fleece people in the name of Lord Shiva. Now I have stopped caling them becos there is no point wasting more money on the calls. I even wasted a couple of thousands more in the taxi they arranged for me to take me around the temples for two days.
    I have the details of the payment I made to them for the said puja.
    I was made to understand that this was the most genuine naadi
    centre in the world. How can one dupe people of their hard earned money in the name of God when they should know clearly that all this fraud would ultimately harm them? How long can you deceive God? I have left it now on God to give them their deserved punishment.
    One thing I have noted that this naadi shashtra is akin to the Bhrigu Samhita which can also accurately tell your past and present but not the future. I had visited Bhrigu Sadan long time back but they did not fleece me. The Panditji was a genuine person and advised me pujas to be done at home by any knowledgeable acharya I could find in my city.
    This Naadi thing, based on my and my friend’s experience is the biggest fraud perpetrated in the name of Lord Shiva by these people. I hope He shoves his Trident up theirs soon.

  6. On August 1, 2010, I had written about the bitter experience I had with Naadi Astrologer Agathiyar Durai Subburathinam at Sri Kousiha Agathiya, Mahasiva Vaakiya Naadi Jothida Nilayam, West Tambaram, Chennai. On reading this, they got in touch with me and explained that there was a miscommunication between us owing to which the Yantra was not despatched to me. I have received the yantra last week. I am hugely indebted to Ms. Kavitha Kannan for this blog due to which my grievance was redressed.

  7. so mr ravindra joshi, what do u suggest ,should 1 go to tambaram place or not, because i am planning.

  8. As I was reading Kavitha’s blog it seemed like i was reading my experience. Went around the same year as Kavitha did. A truly fascinating experience- to think that somebody had a vision to foretell. Again the future- there is something such as free will! Even to predict the past -remember it was still the future for the person who predicted!
    The pariharams were simple and like Kavitha i feel there was nothing adverse. It reminds how small this life really is and that we are here to learn and perhaps rectify our past mistakes.

  9. I was. But who am I? and what will I be?

    If these are elusive questions, Shekhar’s recent reference to an article in National Geographic about a Peruvian Shamanic tradition transported me into a reminiscing mode about the region, and my encounters with a fluttering species!

    “Can you find me a non-touristy guide?…”, I muttered to my travel agent planning what turned out to be an incredible journey to the Galapagos islands & the amazing Amazonas, Peru. I sensed a muffled mind on the other end, who was likely thinking ‘she is a tourist and needs a guide, so what the heck does ‘non-touristy guide’ mean?!

    So I elaborated…

    It was a ‘girls’ trip and we were an awesome threesome — my mother, sister and I. Landing in Peru, from what turned out to be the most beautiful cruise in the pristine waters and around spectacular beauty of the Galapagos islands, we were greeted ceremoniously by our diligently assigned *non-touristy guide* who would immerse us in Inca history, culture and authentic experiences for the next few days. Born and brought up in Cusco, the cradle of the Inca empire, Veronica was an indigenous Quechuan never having ventured outside, but with a depth of indigenous knowledge coupled with a global orientation and an uber-caring disposition that would endear her to any discerning traveller. Even a picky one like me!

    We were now an enthusiastic foursome that had galvanised ourselves to rise early enough to ride up the second time to the highest treadable point of Machu Picchu, the glorious mountain-top “Sacred City” & ruins of the Inca empire. This time just to view the glorious first rays emerge & reveal herself from behind the imposing peaks, painting the skies of dawn with her golden blush & sprinkling the magic of her light into the majestic, breathtaking expanse of the Inca valley. If the ruins were spell-binding, I could but only imagine the grandeur & glory of the Inca empire before it was ruined.

    The story of the rich Inca heritage and Andean civilization was equally breathtaking — the highs & lows, wars & victories of the Inca tribes, and their ultimate fall into the hands of the conquering Spanish invaders and their missionary agendas around the mid 1500s. As she was narrating, half a dozen butterflies in succession descended in the space around my head, seemingly out of nowhere. They hovered incessantly near my ears. Their delicate flutters playfully chiding my flying strands. As if fluttering to draw the screen of falling black to whisper into my ears! I love butterflies…

    But, no! at that moment they neither seemed beautiful nor entertaining. I just wanted them to fly away. I ducked, I geared both my palms into action, ferociously fanning my ears, feeling like almost an elephant! Trying to be less visually intrusive to the narration, I pulled out my scarf & started wrapping my head & ears at the risk of looking like a buffoon in a bandaged bundle. But that didn’t seem to deter these determined butterflies. Irritated that I was unable to focus on the fascinating story of the Incas, so beautifully and emotionally being narrated, I couldn’t help interrupting Veronica for a pause. With a kind of reticence that belies an all-knowing Master, she just stood there and observed, letting me continue with my antics. How patient she is, I thought, in waiting for me to signal when she could resume. With a calmness of demeanour that defied my own at that moment, and amidst my animated attempts to shoo the butterflies away she declared, “there’s something special about you”. I’ve known of human beings feel that, but a butterfly??!

    As if I did not hear what she said, and wrapping my arm around her, I tugged forward in an attempt to move ourselves to another location, still battling the stubborn butterflies. She tugged back and continued “this is a special place where spirits communicate with you….they are trying to tell you something”. Special place — that I could relate to, for there was surely something mystical about that space with its imperial mountains, sculpted valleys and air of celestial serenity. She went on to describe the sacred dimensions of the surrounding “Sacred Valley” as it is called…

    “Butterflies don’t do this to everybody…”, she continued. Goosebumps, but with an air of dismissal that a non-believer would project, I laughed and started moving forward gesturing the three to follow.

    “Just stand still and let them be….spirits talk to you through nature and there’s a message for you”, she went on. A zillion questions raced through my mind, with the wonder of an overly-curious kid in a toy store– Do butterflies have ESP? They are no bee, and I have no honey, so why me? How big is their brain and cognitive function?……and so on.

    So what are they telling me, I curiously asked.

    “You need to tune your frequency to understand the language”

    Hmmm…clearly I was not *tuned*. I wasn’t on the right frequency. And I lost an opportunity to decipher a message from the spirits. I found myself getting restless from the butterfly buzz. For the first time I experienced what it would feel like to be deaf and dumb! A million flutters inside my mind trying to break out of the cage of incomprehension.

    “Do YOU understand the language of the butterflies?…Is there anybody here who can?” I eagerly continued.

    Sure there were! And they would be the last 7 living masters dispersed across remote villages of Peru, she said. These were the “spirit masters” whose heightened *frequencies* enabled them to understand cosmology and its relationship to life on this planet, and capture messages from Nature. Sounded like voodoo, but yet not. I didn’t want to believe, yet wanted to. It provoked my interest enough to ask “so, can they understand what the butterflies are saying”?…and more…

    She offered to take me to these Masters and play translator for a rare experiential treat! They were from her ‘tribe’ after all. Sounded too exciting to be true,

    But alas all good things come to an end too soon. It was the last two days of a long South American journey, with far too little time left to adventure into further remote villages. But Veronica had done enough to plant the bug in me.

    As we were heading back home, past billboards of glamorous fashion brands and brasseries lining the route to the international airport, I could not help marvel at the advanced civilization of the Incas — their indigenous style of sustenance, wealth-creation, nurturing/ensuring prosperous communities, that anchored around acts of economic, social & environmental well-being would defy governance principles of even the most *advanced* nation states of the 21st century. The civic infrastructural engineering & architectural genius of this lost civilization would challenge the best urban planning minds today. Theirs was a culture with deepest reverence for the cosmos and an acute understanding of astronomy and its relevance to their day-to-day life. With belief systems and traditions that had more in common with the Indus civilization than I had ever imagined, I departed wanting to come back to delve more into the ways and wisdom of the Peruvian civilization.

    That’s a journey-in-waiting, if not for anything else, just to meet few of the last 7 Masters of a civilization that could understand the language of the butterflies and beyond. To tune myself to a different frequency just so conversations from fluttering species that descend on me the next time would not go unreciprocated. At the very least, affording them a more welcoming disposition!

    The Incan spirits have beckoned, and I have surrendered to the call. Perhaps the butterflies will also come back, and whisper the message from the spirits once again…

  10. I visited the Nadi center in Tambaram (near New State Bank Colony) in March 2008. It was an interesting experience. As I am from Kerala I could not figure out the archaic Tamil verses in the book. But the Nadi reader Mr. Tillaimani made a running translation and gave me the tape. My parents who accompanied me also had their readings done.

    I have to concur with some of the posters above – that while past predictions are inevitably true (and help identify the unique nadi leaf) the future ones need not become true at all. Mr Tillaimani made some predictions like – between a certain age period so-and-so events will happen… etc.. which has not happened at all – and the opposite happened – despite the best efforts made towards bringing the events suggested by the naadi to fruition – and the period has crossed too. So as regards future predictions one should take them with a pinch of salt.

    This is especially the case with vague statements full of dark forebodings. Such as – I quote Mr Tillaimani – Ottralume ethiriya maruvanga – Which I understand to mean – Your own friends/relatives will turn against you. Another line “Vipathukal ghandangal uruvakum. ranaseethi uruvakum. Periya sokangal uruvakum“ etc… which I am informed means “Upsets and big disasters will happen to you. Huge sorrow awaits you.“. One piece of gem “Pakkakoodina gocharam sariyalla. Neenga pirakka koodina graha amaypukalum sariyalla“. Which I guess means “The time you have chosen to see the naadi is bad. Even the planet constellations position at the time of your birth are bad“ .

    Sometimes during the recital you wonder whether the naadi is repeating himself. Or whether the chronology is maintained. This is especially so for the verses talking about disasters. Recently during a visit to Chennai I had also visited the Naadi Center to seek clarification on certain points. But to my acute disappointment I heard that Mr. Tillaimani is not working there anymore.

    All in all it is easy to become pessimistic when you listen to the Naadi. However one needs to keep in mind that God has given “free will“ to all. As long as we breath and live we are given opportunity to do good karma and earn HIS blessings. That lesdon I find is the upshot of my visit to the Naadi center.

  11. To add to my post above. I have seen many people in the web reciting their amazing experiences – and all in all – there definitely appears a lot of truth in it. The question is – how equipped are we to make positive use of these revelations – good or bad – and better our lives ? We need to ask ourselves. I think what ultimately the Naadi (or Rishi Agastya) desires of us is to follow his route and worship the lotus feet of Siva Perumal and resolve to do only good karma (including simple Pariharams) in future. All those dark predictions – of disappointmentsÍş disasters͵ Huge Sorrow etc – are an earnest reminder to us to not tarry anymore… to be sincere & vigilant in our worship.

  12. even i want to go for naadi astrogoly but im confused where to go…there are so many people calling themselve authentic reader.please send me the address and contact number of authentic reader

  13. Dear All,

    I hav visited two Nadi Astro (one in Tambaram, SBI colony behind Phlips , Second one in Kilpauk Garden ), Both astro told about my past and present exactly, both told same about my future about my marriage life, Am waiting for my future, but things are not happening as they told, But in both Saints (Sri Agastiyar and Sri Vashishtar) mentioned in leaf tat i ll get lot of trouble in my marriage and i ll loose hope but finally i ll get whom i loves, Lets wait and see, Please update me if any of your future predictions got happen

  14. Dear All,

    One more thing if any of you looking for good nadi astrologer, Kindly visit Mr.Kumar () , in Kilpauk Garden (am not advertising for him, just to help ppl who are realy searching for good astro) , Am not sure about the parikaram wat they tells about is true or not but predictions are exact, He told me all exactly thing about my past and present exactly (without asking your father name starts with X? Y? ) only few questions that too general, infact he dint even ask abt my parents details while finding the leaf, but told exactly name, business, health prob about my parents and my siblings

  15. Nadi Astrologer in Kilpauk Mr. Kumar – 9444473207, Good reader as per my experience but upto concern person to pay for pariharam………

  16. Sir,

    I’m from Indore M.P. I want to discover my life at shiv nadi kendra. Is their any other way to contact them like e-mail or website and send them scanned thumb impression.

  17. Hello , I have recently visited the center and would like to tell you my experience” One of my friend told me that I just need to give my thumb impression and they would tell everything about me, I was excited to visit the place and to know how they are able to tell the past and future, I went to the center in the morning and registered myself by giving a thumb impression and had to wait for 6 hours, then an astrologer approached me stating ‘your olai (palm leaf) has ben found and asked me to wait in a room, I waited for a while in the room and an astrologer came with the palm leaf and started reading… he was asking questions like, does your mothers name start with ‘X’ letter and how many letters are there in the name and these sort of questions and that was getting me frustrated coz I know for a fact this so called astrologer was taking information (clues) from me and giving me the answers. Its a waste of time and money people and these guys are think they are brilliant but they are absolutely useless cheating the public don’t waste your time going there, Believe in yourself and believe in GOD. NO BODY CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE !

  18. Deepak,

    Every experience is subjective, yours being as valid as anybody else’s who believes, or doesn’t think it may be a “waste of time”. Just to clarify, the Naadi readers, don’t predict anything themselves. They are just conduits.

  19. i am not going to make generalised statements but will limit it to my experience. Like most people I went to get the predictions done at a difficult period in my life. We all want quick fixes but i guess that’s not how it works. I am pretty convinced there is a science but we are still groping around to understand and interpret the science hence accurate in some cases and off in others. The past in my case was spot on and they didnt take anything except my fingerprint. While scouring through the leaves they did ask me questions about my name starting with? born on a sat? etc etc but as soon as i said they turned to the net leaf. I dont think they can gather information that way. Once they came to my leaf it was just a reading which was amazingly accurate including details of immediate family. Its been 4 years since i took the prediction, and as far as i am concerned, there is absolutely nothing remotely accurate with their prediction. Possibly as they themselves say that the leaf gets written as your life progresses hence future predictions are moot…so my point is dont go there to solve problems but to understand yourself…the future will be directed by choices you make and not through predictions

  20. My experience with the Nadi reader in Bangalore has been accurate so far. I had visited this reader ytwice earlier in the same year however my leaves were not found then. I went to the reader again in the month of November 2012. The usual procedure of taking the thumb prints, yes – no questions, does your fathers name resember the name of Vishnu avtaar etc etc followed and I was told to wait in the adjoining room.

    I was skeptical of the process and was expecting the same “leaves not found” reply however I was pleasently surprised when I was told that the leaves were finally found. What followed was astonishing. The leaves had my real name as Amar kumar(i had dropped kumar from my name during my school days), dad’s name, mom’s name and wife’s name. My wifes name is very rare however the reader mentioned it accurately. The details abt my education and profession was accurate followed by long narrations abt past life karma’s.
    At the time of the reading I was told happily married but was told that the nxt 18 months would be hellish in terms of my married life. Unfortunately this turned out to be true and as mentioned by the reader me and my wife got involved in petty fights which got escalated to court cases, possible divorce etc. The reader had mentioned that this will last for 18 months and I would be very depressed during this period. Fortunately the 18 month period would end in a couple of months from now and I will wait to see if the positive readings mentioned by the reader turns out to be true.

  21. Dear ravindhra Joshi,
    Can u tell me after receiving your yenthra …… Is your life moving good and did the future predections come true can you please tell me because I too paid money for yenthram…… Plz sir can u or any one help me

  22. exceptional case in history of nadi astrology
    i did my remedies three years ago and received talismen after 192 days of pooja but now i have lost it and my condition has become bad and every time i ask them to help they say your whole 192 day remedies have to be done again and charging me nearly double the cost of previous time i.e.20000 rupees again can anyone tell me the way of getting me back or any other alternative

  23. exceptional case in history of nadi astrology
    i did my remedies three years ago and received talismen after 192 days of pooja but now i have lost it and my condition has become bad and every time i ask them to help they say your whole 192 day remedies have to be done again and charging me nearly double the cost of previous time i.e.20000 rupees again can anyone tell me the way of getting it back or any other alternative

  24. Have you heard about Naadi astrology????
    Naadi Shastra Astrology is a potent extrapolative method. It is different from conventional Astrology or Palmistry. The accurateness of the reading in Astrology and other predictive sciences depends a great deal upon the proficiency of the reader over the subject.

    These Naadi Predictions handed down directly by the Great Sages of ancient India. Believed to be documented thousands of years ago. These are more than the predictions; essentially, these are documented facts about every individual’s past present and future. These facts come from the sages who had achieved the power to foresee past and future with the help of Naadi leaves

  25. I personally think that this holy divine art is true without any doubt but the person who is working as a medium might go wrong with his methods or idea which has been applied in this case.

    But among them all, One thing is unquestionably true and that is “Effect of KARMA”

    What you will do in present is going to affect your future in either good or bad way

    So Improve your karma first , Its not important about knowing the future but the way you going to live your present that is. DAM, DAAN,DAYA , these are 3 pillars of success no doubt


  26. Hi Kavitha, I have read this article and was amazed how they predict our details so accurate. I would like to give a try (If i am at the right time to know it). Could you share me the details about whom you have visited in Tambaram? Kindly send me a mail if possible. It will be very useful.

    Email :

  27. Dear Kavitha,

    The thumb/ finger prints are indeed unique for every human being. The nadi works on Classification system. Though the finger prints are unique, the patterns have similarities. For example, if you notice with a magnifying glass, your thumb might have a pattern that shows the finger print having a starting point, possibly from the centre which seem to extend in a circular motion. this is called a ‘suzhi’. So all those people who have one ‘suzhi’ are classified under the same leaves. Whereas there might be another person who has eliptical or jus tail like prints on the hand, classified as ‘vaal’ or somethings similiar. So all the palm leaves classified under ‘oru vaal’ will be brought to the table through which they filter your piece.

    It is simply amusing to know that our forefaher, so many many years ago knew so much about the earth and the surroundings. Incredible scientific knowledge and know-how. They even knew about the distinct finger prints which they used to document and help us.

    Hope this was understandable.

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