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So Britney Spears shaved her head in public. She tatooed herself in public. She exposed herself without panties in public. And the Media is ga ga over the falling of a great American Icon. Yet it is the creation of the Icon that is the hysteria, not the falling of one ….

What is it about societies that need to create Icon. How did a 18 year old girl become an icon anyway ?
The truth is that Britney’s iconic creation was a media controlled event. The Corporations need to create stars and icons to sell songs, video’s and other paraphrenalia to the young immature minds. They got them to worship Britney Spears. But as always, Britney became irrelavent as new acts came into being. So a princess was suddenly stripped of her glory, her shine. She was emerging into a living, breathing human being that rebelled against a fake iconism that was imposed upon her. And the public hate the humanization of an icon. Britney is merely doing what girls do when they are much younger. It is more accentuated because she left it so late. And the media revell as much in that hate as they did in the worship.
Maddona must be made of steel. It is exactly what she must have faced, and yet she beat the coorporations and refused to allow the Media to damn her.

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  1. What is it about societies that need to create Icon?
    Shallowness. Need for instant gratification. Consumerism. Intolerance for short-term inconveniences at the cost of longer-term harmony. Judgements based on external glorification vs. internal/eternal brilliance, Existence of capitalistic agendas and a society that succumbs to being manipulated by the media machine. Inablility to discriminate between illusion and reality. And a society that lets the media marginalise thier own sense of pride, conviction and intelligence. To be.

  2. I think the media pressure has taken the best of Britney and in the last few years she has done many silly things just to play a game with the media. Those things have exposed her human/fallible part and have led to the fall. Also, she hasn’t had any albums to sustain her position. Madonna is a real icon and she was also blessed by the fact that eighties and early nineties were the best periods for the recording industry, and she in indeed talented.
    Himanshu – NYC

  3. Societies need icons to love and hate. Corporations make pseudo icons to make money off them. But societies have created icons that can affect the course of time. Corporations cannot touch these people. The inherent need of man to be controlled, goes beyond corporations and fake icons.
    Alas, icons will be created and destroyed until there is man.

  4. Dear Shekhar
    Maybe Britney was more vulnerable to breaking, since she entered the industry as a child, and had no control over her life for years. And Madonna may have had a better idea of what she was getting into, since she made her own choices from the start. If either were a man, the press would have been minimal, dismissive or complimentary for the same actions.
    love, Heath

  5. True that corporations create icons. True that icons have a symbiotic relationship with the media. But ultimately, it’s the talent which speaks for itself. Madonna is hugely talented and has churned out megahits with the regularity of a clock. She’s a typical Leo and a number 7 person (mystical number) and is destined to leave her mark in world history.
    Britney is a Sagittarian and will bounce back. She is two decades younger than Madonna. (Madonna turns 49 on Aug 16, while Britney turns 26 on Dec 2). Once her focus returns on her work, she’ll rock again. Nevermind the Justins and the Kevins who’ll come and go out of her life.
    PS: Take another example of a media created icon closer home, Himesh Reshammiya. He was made by T-Series’ Bhushan Kumar but one can’t deny that he has some talent.

  6. Britney is an opportunity. For the corporations to make money. For the media to sell stories.
    Even without these, talent can endure so I feel she will bounce back, maybe not as big as before but substantially still.

  7. Hi ,still searching what had i learnt on line or off line editing. Was pleasant to know you. Wish you the best and hope u remain with all. I have done so its simple for you. Cheers Shekar think of old times off and on now tho time takes toll.

  8. Britney…shaved her head…tattoed…so psychologists are busy and ever hyper active media works over time.
    Nobody understands what she is going through really.
    I think she is here in chaos coming to terms with her real self. It takes courage to do what Britney is doing. She is taking all the layers off and media is happy with it but a time will come when she will care a damn about media. Britney is one lucky being really! Its a matter of time when she comes in terms with her talent.
    Do not write off her so early. Her best is yet to come and when it comes Madonna will be first to appreciate her followed by media.
    Britney will strike back! Amen

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