The Naadi, guest column by Kavitha Kannan

Scripted over 5000 yrs ago, the Naadi documents the lives of the whole human race on planet earth. A feat accomplished by sages who gained clairvoyance through ‘Siddhi’. The sheer enormity of this effort was mind boggling when I first heard about it — palm leaves for every human being on this planet, past present and future !

I originally thought Naadi Shastra was relevant only for people of indian origin. Palm leaves only for people born in the land of sages and seers. Soon I had to reverse my thinking, when I heard from my Naadi astrologer that they had retrieved leaves for people from, what we today call, Japan, Germany, USA and more. How equitable to include the entire human race as beneficiaries of our ancestors’ siddhi, I thought.
Naadi means to go in search of, to seek. It is said that you will go seeking your naadi if/when you are destined to go seeking it. Whenever it is the ‘right’ time. If you do go prematurely, the naadi astrologers will likely be unsuccessful in retrieving your Naadi. Not as easy as a google search, for sure! No glitzy advertising. No propagandas encouraging folks to seek their Naadi. But, as the Naadi astrologer said, if your time has come you WILL come to know about it, and you will come looking for it on your own accord.
The two places I know of as being authentic store-houses of Naadis are in Tambaram (a suburb of Chennai) and Vaitheeswaran Kovil (close to the Chidambaram Temple) in Tamilnadu. There’s history about how and why only members of a certain lineage are custodians of these aged/fragile manuscripts. Also, there are many astrologers/middlemen claiming to provide Naadi reading services, many of whose authenticity may be questionable. They typically ask for the thumb impression to be mailed in, so they may retrieve your Naadi and mail back your details as documented in the Naadi. I chose to take the up-close-and-personal approach and go to the source. I had mine retrieved in Tambaram. The chance of one’s Naadi not being retrievable is a real possibility – either because it is not the ordained moment, or the leaves are physically stored in another location etc etc. Roadblocks manifest themselves in mysterious ways!
As I drove to the Tambaram house, I could not help wonder, among other questions that raced through my mind, how the Naadi readers for generations sustained themselves from a seemingly erratic profession, and that too sans proactive marketing. So, while waiting for mine to be retrieved, I chatted with some of the assistants hanging around. They seemed far from concerned about sustenance — with undeterred faith in the grace of their family deity thus far, they seem to have unquestioningly surrendered to the service of divine calling.
Just the preservation, archival and storage of the zillion palm leaves should be a mind-boggling challenge in itself. Not any less challenging is retrieving the one that’s written for you! Being able to find my particular Naadi buried among a stash, of heaven knows how many, sounded like mission impossible. But they have their methodology. They take your thumb impression — apparently your past, present, future is recorded somewhere in those patterns. Based on that, they go looking for the palm leaves that fall into the defined category of patterns. The basis of this categorization is still a mystery to me. The reader came out with a stash of palm leaves — presumably, of all those people in that category, but with differing time/date of birth. Isn’t a thumb impression supposed to be unique? – it seemed not; and that would defy the legality of thumb imprinting that’s still practiced today. The details in each of the Naadis would be different based on the symbiosis of the thumb impression AND the date/time of birth. So what was the probability of somebody having a similar thumb impression AND same date/time of birth as mine, I wondered. But I didn’t dare to interrupt. Thereafter, it was a process of elimination of the palm leaves that were not relevant to me. They did this by isolating one Naadi at a time from the stash at hand, and asking a series of questions. Questions are triggered from, what I rationalized as, a preface in the Naadi at hand. e.g. Does your mother’s name start with a P. Do you have xxx siblings. Were you born in the month of xxx.? And many more. Responses to the questions are typically expected to be a “yes” or a ‘no”. Confirmation of a set of data points through your responses, enable them to zoom into the Naadi that is relevant to you and you alone. A “no” to any of the questions, disqualifies the particular palm-leaf at hand and is put away to be rearchived.
The process continued until they declared Eureka ! Once the Naadi was identified they started the reading process. The introductory lines basically spelt out descriptors – so details such as your name, date of birth, place of birth, parents’ name, grandparents name and so on – sure to leave anybody dumbstruck in the moment. Subsequent stanzas/lines/paragraphs (or however the formatting of the bygone era is described) described details about my current life and brief references to my past life. I felt a surge of very mixed emotions as he rattled off brief aspects of my past life as a princess, and the grief I had caused to people of my land. Therefore I was born again. I was thankful that I was a human being in my past life as well, vs. another species further down in the pyramid of intellectual and spiritual evolution.
I saw this process as an exercise in pattern recognition/pattern matching in its primitive form, with no technological influences whatsoever to facilitate the process. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a day to just get to the right one, assuming your Naadi is indeed at the location you are visiting. Once it is found, the reading can take another 2-3 hours — or longer, if you decide to go beyond the general reading and delve into all 13 chapters. Details about you are recorded across 13 chapters, each chapter dedicated to a particular aspect — family life, business, health, past life etc. The last chapter is dedicated to describing specific ‘pariharams’ or a ‘prescription’ to correct the imbalances in your current life engendered by karma from past life. The assumption is that every single human being is born only because she/he has sinned in his/her past life/lives and has to endure life again as retribution. Good and bad occurrences in your current life are a direct result of karmic influences. The ‘pariharams” may be seen as a short cut to eliminate/mitigate debit balances of sorts J. And the prescribed pariharams vary in their shapes and sizes. It’s like personalized medicine J. It could be anything from, say, lighting a lamp for one of the Navagrahas on a specified day of every week, for 6 months……to visiting XYZ temple and making the specified donations to the presiding deity… serving food for a specified number of poor people….and the list can go on.
In my case, there were 2 temples that were spelt out very descriptively. And one of them was somewhere out there in the boonies that I hadn’t even remotely heard of, or would ever have, but for the Naadi experience. Traveling through rugged terrain to get there was quite an experience. Another temple I visited as part of the pariharam was in the early hours of the morning of Dec. 26, 2004. The temple was a mile or so away from the shores. For no logical reasons, I along with other family members, was led to the sanctum sanctorums within the huge temple premises/courtyard, not once or twice but thrice. By different temple staff and for varying reasons. In hind sight, I saw this as an invisible and divine restraint from venturing beyond, what I rationalized as, protected range. A divine calling to remain within the temple premise and not commence our drive back through the coastal regions that were experiencing the fury of the water Goddess – exactly at the time that we were in the temple premises.
Besides, I had made elaborate plans to explore nearby Poompuhar on the way out, the historic town on the estuary of Kaveri. As we broke our fast that morning at a local haunt, the friendly waiters got chatting and said there was nothing much to see in Poompuhar and I was a little agitated with what I thought was their illiteracy. (I read later that this once important trading port was destroyed by what might have been a Tsunami about 1500 years ago. (An article of interest — ). Other family members who were keeping tabs on the already delayed departure (as a result of the prolonged darshan) saw this as an opportunity to skip this leg of the trip and head back, which we eventually did after much debate. I was not a happy camper then. As we walked back to the hotel, our driver said we need to head out soon as the village was getting flooded. We dismissed it as unwarranted panic as the sun was up and there was no sign of rain. So we took our time to check out and finally hit the road. It was weird to see a never ending line of village men, women and children walking with suitcases, some with television sets on their head along the road – almost looked like mass migration! We were still quite not sure what was happening until we turned on the radio to learn of a massive flooding situation at the Marina Beach in Chennai and other coastal regions of Tamilnadu. It was not until we arrived in Chennai and saw visual images of the destruction that we realized the magnitude of the incident and our miraculous journey into and through the ravaged regions. As for Poompuhar, never mind that I was unable to see the ruins of the Dutch fort and other historical footprints there. It was not spared from the tsunami that morning. I owe much for the seeming illiteracy of the waiters at the village restaurant that triggered the deviation from plan. Every once in a while angels come by our paths, unrecognizable in the moment most of the time — to guide, to lead, to sometimes define what we only later realize as life-altering moments. Some experiences, in hind sight, leave you wondering about a sequence of events/activities that led up to it….why and how something (good or bad) happened….why we chose path A vs. path B…..was it a coincidence or was it pre-ordained? After the Naadi experience you start questioning if anything is really in your control. I certainly did.
The Naadi astrologer read the script (an incomprehensible dialect of Tamil) from the palm leaf and then translated it in vernacular Tamil. I presume they have translation services in English. As part of the service, after the reading was completed, they transcribed the Naadi details on to a book, recorded the details on to a tape and handed them to me before drawing the curtains on this episode of my life. If I were to get a tape today, I’d probably want to get it digitized to mp3, rather than have to buy a tape player!
The chapter on “Pariharam” most often describes a “guru dakshina” for the Naadi reader, spelling out the compensation — and most often this is asked to be done after the pariharams have been fulfilled. Now I saw how our forefathers had secured the livelihood of generations of Naadi astrologers! My concerns about their sustenance were superfluous after all.
Whether fulfilling the prescribed pariharams mitigated anything untoward that might have happened/could happen had I NOT done it, I will never know. What mattered was the fact that I embarked on the Naadi mentally resolved to fulfill the prescription — and my rationalization was very simple. EVEN if executing the pariharams fail to correct whatever imbalances I am supposedly born to endure, even if it fails to manifest obviously apparent ROI, visiting a temple surely cannot do any harm. So why not?
I’ve heard that some folks accept good news wholeheartedly, but challenge bad news and the authenticity of the Naadi simply because they do not like what they hear. All I can say is it comes as a package, and is not for the meek hearted. If you are unable to go through it objectively, you’d rather not go — it’s your own choice anyway.
I headed back from the Tambaram house thinking I must return to delve more into the chapter that elaborates on my past life. It was both fascinating and mysterious. It kindled a desire to go on an expedition to pry into [what they referred to as] my previous incarnation. Venture back in time and perhaps discover, among other things, fractured self-portraits along the way, on the broken walls of some obscure castle ruins!! Boy, what a journey THAT would be !!!

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  1. Dear Friends
    We would like to participate in the forum of discussion about Nadijosiyam. Nadijosiyam has become part of our life as its predictions turning to be true is very crucial for us and my child’s future. We have some concerns on how true the future predictions would be and would like your input.
    We are four of us in our family and live in Dubai. My name is Gayathri, my husband is Vasan and my son is Punidh who is 5 years old and daughter 1 ½ years. We have seen nadijosiyam for me in 1996 and for my husband in 1997. I was amazed at the findings. Especially, my thirumana gandam exactly explained my prospective husband. They had told that there would be several problems in my life and have to do the shanthi deekshai etc., which we did not do then.
    In 2003, when my son was around1 ½ years old we had very shocking news that my son was ‘Autistic’ i.e. he had development delays (serious problems in communication, interaction, language, socialization with attention deficit and hyperactivity) which is life-long and he will be a special person. In medical science as of now there is no proven cure for Autism, though, with proper behaviourial therapy the condition of the child can improve. The cause of ‘Autism” is still unknown though some Scientists feel that it is purely genetical. We were shocked by this news and our child’s future was a big question mark before us.
    In May 2004 we had my “Kuzhanthai Kandam” read together with the “shanthi and deekshai” kandams. We were surprised by the findings of the kuzhanthai kandam. It was written that because of my past deeds I have to suffer specially in relation to my family and children, though my career and office life will be good. It was written that I will have 2 children, very smart and successful and I will have a peaceful and contented life. They said that all these good things in my life are possible only if I do the pariharams. They had written that my first child would have certain deficiencies when young and have the threat of living with it. But with pariharams and wearing the “thayathu” given after the completion of the pariharams the condition is said to slowly improve and will bring along good fortunes in life with his growth. They had also said that I will have one more girl child and she will be born in C section. I had a girl child in 2006 in C section though I had a normal delivery for my first son.
    We completed majority of the pariharams in 2005. My son is very marginally improving though not worth mentioning. In January 2007 I thought of finding the leaf of my son and sent his thumb impression through my sister. They had given details only about his first 12 years of life and had said that at 12 years he should come again and known his future and that it doesn’t mean that his life is only till he is 12 years. The findings of his nadi were also exactly the same as written in my “Kuzhanthai Kandam”. They have said that between 5 and 12 years he will improve a lot and will excel in one field. They have also said that the 12 years is marked as an identity for him to be cured completely from all his disabilities.
    We were extremely happy and we did all the pariharams as told and my son is now wearing the thayathu and the yendhram given to us is kept in the pooja place. My life now revolves around the nadi findings and I truly believe and wish that whatever is written in that comes true. I have no other hopes in life about my son’s future.
    My son is now 5 years old and is not yet verbal. He has little receptive language and is hyperactive with less attention level. His socializing and non verbal communication skills are still poor. But he can show affection, recognize his near/dear ones and has in general improved little. I have left my job now and as I am fully trained to handle him, will be teaching him full time. In simple words he is getting best intervention and of course gets lots of love and affection from us.
    What is remarkable in our whole experience with nadi josiyam is that the predictions are that we would certainly go through this phase. It also holds that this phase of depression for us as parents is said to continue for some time till we have a turning point from whereon he gradully climbs the development scale and reaches considerable success in life through achievements in education and special skills. We also remember the interpreter mentioning in the casette that he will have a main stream education in which he will win accolades and appreciations. A lot of other details were provided for the other child also. But we are surprised as to how this sort of a success and achievement is possible for our child who is having developmental troubles.
    Having explained the above there are the basic doubt in our mind for which we seek clarification:
    We have seen other critics mention that only 50% of the future predictions in this nadijosiyam come true and this concept of 50% success ratio is a bit confusing for us. For illustration if 10 aspects of a persons’s future are predicted does it mean that only 5 of them will come true and the rest 5 will not happen at all or does it mean that all the 10 will happen but only with 50% accuracy. The explanation and interpretation of the above would mean a lot to us and would request you to provide a clear response.
    Thanks in anticipation, kindly share your personal positive experience.
    Gayathri & Vasan

  2. Dear Shekahr ji and all those who have posted comments on this blog.
    Let me introduce myself.
    I am a retired Wing Commander from Indian Air Force, for last 4& 1/2 years. I accidentely happen to see this blog. Being a Naadi lover and author of some books on the Naadi Astrology, in English, Hindi and Marathi. I would like to share my thoghts on this forum. If permited by shekharji.
    I also would like to share some issues which were discussed in the conference held in Pune on “Naadi Plam leaf Astroligy”, on 14th Oct 2007. About 400 Naaadi lovers attended it.
    They are:-
    1) How accurate are those predictions?
    2)Why the readings go wrong?
    3)What could be done to deal with the issue of poor translation standerds in almost all Naadi centres?
    4)What are the customers expections about Naadi Predictions?
    5)Has any one done the Carbon testing of the se leaves? If so what is the result?
    6)Has any one actually checked the scripts as stated to be itched out the exact names and other details from the palm leaf?
    7)Karmas theory and Freewill factor?
    8) Can Gurus like Shri Shri. Ravi Sahnkar Ji or Osho could be help to wash off some of the bad Karmas?
    9) Like Gayatri and Vasan had experienced. Could 50 % of all predictions go wrong or told inaccurately by Maharshees themselves?
    10) Many issues which skeptics raise every now and then like :-
    Are the predictions mere farce to extract money. Shanti Deeksha is facade to earn some extra money?
    Awaiting for favourable response.

  3. Hi Shekhar,
    Please give me Tambaram address contact number. so that I can take appointment before I go.

  4. Does anyone know if I can get the naadi reading without actually going there.I really want to get it done but I have no plans to go to India for next couple of months.

  5. to Wing Commander Shahshikant Oak-ji,
    Perhaps no one will mind if you further elaborate on this here.
    especially since there are no additinal comments

  6. hello!
    I was wondering if anyone has any informaton about
    ShivNadi – its a village near Chennai.
    Thank you

  7. hai plz any body can u give tambaram address & charges ,sothat i can take appointment before my visit

  8. dear shekharji,I am fortunate to visit nadi kaendra at jaipur it is a branch of v.koil they found my leaf and prediction was recored.I surprised to know how they knew the names of parents& wife date of birth time of birth and many more things which you only knowing.Three years passed and majour events are happening favourablysuch as my two daughter marraiges and so on They suggested simple puja which performed.I will say if some like,he must visit to nadi kendra so the future path will be easier.

  9. hello,
    i came to know about Naadi details just an hour ago- while started my web search upon the subject- actually one of my friend visiting India needed to go their-
    its really wonderful to know abt it- what i liked and respect abt the same is ” Whoever is destined to look into these leaves will come to the Naadi readers on his own accord”. may be it answers why few have faith in it and few have not, why few could respect this science / the mystic and few failed after their first experience.
    i do beleive the presence of fake readers- but why doubt the authenticity of science [or any subject for that matter] if scientist failed?
    if any body has authentic address for Naadi palm leaf reading in Mumbai- pls forward.
    also, shekherji, if you can provide the address where you got the experience of lifetime- at chennai- kindly let me know
    thank you

  10. Sir, how can I meet you? I believe with my did.Muniraj vrigupatty already have wrote this topic and analysis. A good study can be tell about this.
    parineeta sharma [raj]

  11. parineeta, I am nto a jyotish, nor so I believe that I have the power to tell anyones future. I believe that your future is changeable, and your destiny is just a potential. The Naadi readings tell you your future as it exists at the time that you ask for it. If you went a different time the karmic influences on you would be different – and that includes your own thoughts and passions you put out in the universe. Your Naadi reading will be different at that time.
    If you do not like your life, and believe you have a different future, then you have the power to act and change it now. This very moment,

  12. I want to talk to you sir. its a question of my life or i will die or do something like this. pls sir call me or give me ur no. PLZZZ SIR I AM URGENTLY IN NEED OF U

  13. Dear Shekhar
    You may remember me as the young guy from Mumbai writting comments often at your blog, especially the one above which I wrote last year and you had shown willingness to publish the same on your main blog page.
    I hear you are stationed much more often in Mumbai these days, and yes , you are a busy man and certainly not able to meet everyone from this forum , still I thought of taking chances and requesting an audience with you sometime.
    Its been a dream to chat with you regarding life and its myriad experiences as seen from your side and your life has been quite an inspiration for me all throughout , thus this desire to meet you.
    It would not be possible for you to contact me on this public forum, please do write to me on my email address as provided with your site and let me know if it would be possible to meet you one of these days.
    And , please do not worry, I am certainly no psycho celebrity stalker.
    I am eagerly looking forward to your mail.

  14. I got my Naadi readings in Aug 2007, but unfortunately like a fool I did not follow any pariharams…I am thinking of starting them now, if any of you can share your experiences it would be great…I’m actually confused what should I do now?

  15. Hi all,
    I just gotr my Nadi done last week.
    it is indeed mesmerising on how someone could have known whats happening now.
    I am more of a believer but i still fail to understand if everything is predetermined (even in the last life) then what we did in the previous would also have been predetermined from the life before that. the parihamas are for the sins or the wrong choices you made in th previous birth, but then again do we have any choices?

    Mr.Durai Subburathinam
    Kausika Agasthiya Nadi Jothida Nilayam,
    Tambaram,Chennai ( T.N )

  17. ihave heard of an alost similar phenomenon in Gaya in india. Once you tell the panda (God’s agent) your, your father’s and your grandfather’s name and gotra and a few other mundane details like village etc, they are able to provide you with your entire history. I have been told that they have records of only inidan hindus.

  18. Experiences are varied. Some of get roughed up in wrong hands and some of us get to the right place for assistance. Though landing up in the wrong hands could be destined, with efforts you could end up with the right nadi reader.
    I had my first nadi experience in Tambaram 15 years back and have been visiting this center or some other centers at regular intervals.
    Barring minor variations, the predictions have been STUNNING, as I evaluate the experiences (who am I to evaluate all those great Rishis who had scripted these palm leaves centuries back).
    Predictions relating to the past are generally “on the dot” whereas predictions relating to the future tend to get to a “ball park” at times (repeat times)
    The future predictions made in the year 1993, which when read NOW look accurate, as opposed to how I read them in 1993 or nearabout.
    The beauty of the experience is that, sometimes our fate blinds us , that what is already scripted in our nadi reading, is not NOTED by us when read as a “Future Prediction”. For eg: the nadi had predicted the demise of one of my brothers in law(BIL); we had mistaken that to be a reference to one of my BIL, who had died before I read my first book. When I read the book in 2007, a good 14 years later, after my other BIL’s demise, and when I matched that with the time reference given by Rishi, I realised that the Rishi was referring to the recently demised BIL (one who died in 2007). In other words, Rishi had predicted accurately, but I did not read the palm properly.
    I have innumerable such experiences in the past 15 years, when I read predictions time and again (you generally tend to re-read predictions, when you are in trouble or when you are searching for answers to some bothering questions in yr life).
    I can give innumerable examples, but I will list out one or two:
    1. When my Nadi was being read out, who is myophic but avoids wearing his glasses. In my nadi, it was written that one of my brothers has deficiency in his eye, but avoids wearing “lochanam (glasses)” though he possesses one.
    2. Around 1991, I had read one more volume, on my children, in which Rishi had said that my first son will take up engg education after a minor break/ dislocation. It precisely occured in Aug 2008 . My son secured admission through normal counselling in Anna university and even before the classes commenced he had to switch over to another college (rated thebest in Chennai) under management quota.
    3. Rishi had predicted that I will work for a financial service company and will get additional income from a company engaged in food related drinks. Indeed I worked for one co in the middle east… full time, during which time I got to do a consultancy assignment for a hotel engaged primarily in alcohol (they had four bars and no restaurant in their hotel). I did this part time assignment for 15 months.
    My conclusion, reinforced by the fifteen years of experience I have had, is that as long as you are with a dependable Nadi astrologer, predictions donot go wrong.
    Enquire with your friends for a dependable nadi reader, and you could end up reading your future, God willing.
    You may do well to visit a nadi astrologer who does not mind showing the palm leaf at the end of the session (you can read many of the syllables yourself, if you knew a little Tamil). In my case, I have seen the writing in the palm leaf, and I was lucky to sight my name, parents names etc.
    May God bless all of us

  19. Hi all,
    I completed my nadi reading in March this year. I have some matrimonial problems and to my suprise the nadi reader predicted correctly and described that i would get a divorce with in 3 years from now. I have a small baby and my and my parents intention was absolutely not that since me and my parents were innocently taken back by my husband side. The nadi reader also added that its all because of the past that i would live alone with out a husband. I have completed all the pariharams except the sacred thread. Things are going very worst in my life and i am in a very depressed situation. Its really horrible to live by knowing the truth. I am planning to complete the sacred thread pariharam this week. I have full confidence to lead a life. But my only concern is that cheaters should be punished. My baby should not be the victim of all my past actions. Please tell me if this pariharams really work out to overcome what is written in palm leaf? I am totally confused and not ready to live.. God should not punish us with the sins of the past which is really hurting.

  20. Can someone furnish me with the following:
    1. Complete address of nadi astrologer in Tambaram?
    2. Phone No?
    3. How to fix an appointment?
    4. What are the charges?
    I’m from Malaysia and intend to visit this place in Jan 2009.
    Thank you

  21. Hi,
    I have heard of Nadi jyotish and surfing the net, came across this site, I read the whole episode of Dr Oak on a website today and was surprised to read a note from him, on this forum. I would also like to consult a nadi jyotish and can anyone pls recommend someone very accurate so that I can meet a reliable source when I visit India next time. I searched the net, and there are people charging exhurberent prices and demanding to know lot of information, I m really confused. Please pass on the name, number/email of a reliable reader. I will be visiting Ahmedabad in March, is there someone reliable there?
    Thanks a lot in advance for your guidance and inputs.

  22. Good afternoon. Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.
    I am from Madagascar and also now teach English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “I less than two metres tall and weigh between and kg, which puts me near the light end of the bmi.”
    Thanks :-D. Thanos.


  24. is there any one to prepare medicines nwhich read through naadi astrology
    if so plz let me know through mail……
    i’ll conform……

  25. hi,
    i just want to know about the address of shiv nadi kendra headquarter situated in south india may be in AP.just reply me plz

  26. Thushanth: I’m not sure of your location & the nature of preparation you are seeking, but you may want to start with an Ayurvedic Service Center such as Kotakyal Aryavaidyasala
    ( and take it from there — they have centres in multiple locations within India. They may not have the pompousness associated with modern-day ayurvedic treatments, but promise services in its authentic form.

  27. Hi, It’s the second time i’m posting you without a reply. I found your site using Yaehoo, does your site support firefox?

  28. i believe we have all incurred some karma from our past births and all destined to fulfill it in this birth. HOwever praying to God with complete devotion, fasting, surrendering and appeasing God can change your karma or atleast buffer the intensity of your pain. God is forgiving, but more than that just, so we will have to experience the pain we have caused others. what makes it wonderful is that if u look at it in one way, we are all here to suffer so why feign that everything is perfect to others? lets be kind , hold each others’ hands and say i’m there for you to make it easier!

  29. I happened to visit one of the centres at jaipur. And they found my leaf in an hour and said i was destined to seek my leaf on the very day.

  30. hi,
    i jus happened to know this discussion few minits b4.
    i was curious to know about manaav afer he wrote in 2007, maanav, pls update yr turns in life.
    i like to share my experience with nadi reading.
    i had done it 10 yrs b4, but did not take the pariharas seriously or helped the reader in any good way to retrieve my info.
    agai i did reading in bangalore ,with tirumavalavan, agastiya tulliya nadi ,however the details came very well, i was told to go to 5 temples ,n do some pooja in nadi centre and do some charity. i did the two except visiting the 5 temples and doing the archana and abishekam/.
    lately ,i happen to meet an astrologer with my friend in chennai,
    who within 15 min did calculate and made my horescope manually and told me to keep quiet until he finished speaking.
    he was 100% right and told what i was suffering is because of my husband,s side.
    he did some puja parigara, taught me manras and told me to do sani preeti and sukra puja.
    this took me to tirunallru a small hamlet near karaikal.
    after tirunallru we drove down to v koil and jus like that decided to have a reading .
    my friend is a leather tech, it clearly came in reading. plus some clearity and proofs , by past incidences and horescope.
    The readers were young and did not look very diplomatic and smart that they could manupulate things.
    they said they are jus translaters.
    my observations.
    1. if the reader is good in tamil and his translation skills are right, we get right reading.
    2. the seyul”, tamil lines are in song version.
    3.interpretaions can be according to the language knowlege of that person.
    4. best thing is to get the verses written and then go to tamil pandits for interpretation.
    my readings. birth details like early morning , star, horescope rasi chart came right.
    2. what i was seeking, the reason for my suffering came hare too as by earlier astrologer , my husband’s side came right.
    3. i was told after december , things will be very bright.(astrologer also told this>)
    my temple visits are over .they are doing puja on my behalf. i am gona wait and watch.
    letme see if my destiny is fine tuned by my new thought process given by nadi and the astrologer.
    will surely update after few months.

  31. Hi,
    As regards your query of being able to get a Naadi reading without going there, please visit You need to register and send them your scanned thumb impression or send it to them by post / courier. However, I wish to inform you that I haven’t yet tried it myself, though I am in the process of enquiring about the same. Hope your doubts are solved.
    Gud Luck !
    Mithila Vaidya

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    I also would like to share some issues which were discussed in the conference held in Pune on “Naadi Plam leaf Astroligy”, on 14th Oct 2007. About 400 Naaadi lovers attended it.Second Conference on Naadi Jyotidam was conducted in CVadodara Gujarat on 4 Oct 2009. Book in Gujarati titled “???? ????? ????????” ???.80 and Revised and enlarged Edition of Book ‘Naadi Predictions – A Mind Boggling Miracle” Rs. 150.- got released. It contained 180 addresses located all over India.
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  35. Shashikant, are you able to share here the key highlights from the conference/s you are referring to? thanks…

  36. Namaste Shekher ji,
    This article was really inspiring for me, as I’m going thru the worst phase of my life. I dont understand the reason y? After reading about naadis I felt like visiting them. I believe future can be changeable but want to my past life. To find out where did I go wrong.
    Could u kindly let me know the address/ any contact details. I wud really be greatful to u.

  37. Namaste Shekher ji,
    This article was really inspiring for me, as I’m going thru the worst phase of my life. I dont understand the reason y? After reading about naadis I felt like visiting them. I believe future can be changeable but want to my past life. To find out where did I go wrong.
    Could u kindly let me know the address/ any contact details. I wud really be greatful to u.

  38. Naadi Astrologer address:
    Mr. Durai Subburathinam
    36, New State Bank Colony
    Behind Philips Hospital
    West Tambaram
    Chennai – 600 045.
    Tel: 044-22366264
    Fax: 044-22367832
    Working Time: Tuesday to Sunday
    Be there by 8.30 AM
    Price: 350 Rs to start and 150 Rs for each Chapters.

  39. If 100 questions are asked about you, the letters in your/parents/spouce name, the length of the name and your personal incidents, anybody predict your and your family people name. They can get your DOB and Time of birth from you. With this info it is easy to cast the horoscope and predict the future. Is there anything special or great in it?

  40. Bala, I doubt anybody can answer that for you. It lies in discovering your own truth, by your own self and through your own experience.

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