After Da Vinci Code …..

Titanic director James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici of Exodus fame have produced a documentary which they claim is about to rock the very foundation of Christianity. Cameron claims the coffins of Jesus Christ and his family have been found at a burial cave in a suburb of Jerusalem, adding that the discovery means Jesus did not rise from the grave – a popular Christian belief, also called the Resurrection.

The film by Cameron and Jacobovici depict the years of discovery and research. It also claims Jesus sired a child with Mary Magdalene – a fact that was also revealed in Dan Brown’s bestselling fiction novel, The Da Vinci Code. After its debut in New York, the documentary, titled The Lost Tomb of Christ will be shown on the international Discovery Channel, Canada’s Vision, Channel 4 in Britain and Channel 8 in Israel.
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25 thoughts on “After Da Vinci Code …..

  1. Looking forward to the documentary! Wonder who’s claiming rights to the discoveries of the dead and gone…
    Here’s an ineteresting read for those who may have missed a TIME cover story (2002) on “The legacy of Abraham” –,9171,353560-6,00.html
    Those interested in anthropological history and genetic journeys, check out this genographic project by Dr. Spencer Wells/National Geographic:

  2. dude…
    interesting post…thank you…
    i clicked on the link and there was the page and all the comments in front of me… it was fun reading all hot headed comments… it must have been really easy for Hitler in those days to provoke people against Jews…i mean, there is war of words going on, on that poor news page…hehehe…people are mad…
    Jesus rose from his grave…after death…!!!
    everyone rises from the grave…very few have power to communicate with those who are still alive…
    when we die we dont die…we get out from our bodies and remain in the void with all the unfulfilled desires…depending up on the severity of the desires the suffering happens…when we enter the womb again we are conscious and are attached with the ONE…but as soon as we come out of the womb we lose the touch with the divine…
    Now doctors says if a baby cries its a sing of healthy baby…but the real reason he cries is because the baby is utterly feeling lonely and is afraid. the firs thing the baby sub consciously learn is to be afraid. and it remains till the last breath!!!
    Jesus was free…so chose to stop and communicated …
    so for a eastern mind it is not very difficult to understand…
    but it was fun reading all those comments…
    all are angry!… all are taking out their frustrations on the film maker and Jesus…hehehe…
    i think, he also said i will come back…but looking at current condition he must be bored to come back…!
    ( after reading those comments i recalled the scene from HISTORY OF THE WORLD by MEL BROOKS… Ten commandments scene…Mozes comes with fifteen commandments, three slabs engraved with 5 messages each… he looks down at people who are in utter chaos ..he shouts ‘ people…i have fifteen…’ he takes a step forward and a slab falls down and breaks…and he says…’ …amm…ten commandments from GOD…’

  3. This is just another manifestation of mankind’s desire to reduce everything into logical theorems.
    The desire for absolute proof for everything, which in turn could be authenticated by perceivable observations.
    The corner stone for all religions is FAITH.
    I dont think man can ever confine “faith” within his “logical” reasoning.
    Finally each one would believe in what he WANTS to believe.

  4. …why is it that when the “evidence” is found, it is almost always banal & ordinary seeming ??
    …where / when does our need to embroider and exaggerate the facts into myth come into being…???
    Maybe “Life of Brian” was closer to the mark…and funnier…
    P.S: Myth starts as entertainment, and then gets taken seriously (usually after enough time has elapsed that people can’t verify facts) – then it becomes serious and finally becomes a basis for an ideology, like a religion…before cinema we had myth and spin and yarns and storytelling…it’s doubly ironic that it is a film maker who is asking us to accept the “evidence” as fact….

  5. Thank you for posting this Shekhar . I think its important to consider each such revelation of ‘evidence’ on its own merits.
    For the last 200 years we Indians , especially as Hindus have been told that our ancient history is a myth , our fantastic puranic recountinngs as ‘poppy cock’ and sanskrit our cultural umbilical cord as a ‘ European ‘ language , and then that our forefathers are a bunch of lunatics who renounced power and kingdoms , and how divinee their right is to lord over this ‘beaten, heathen, slavish , pagan’ race.
    So , with all that baggage , this comes as a welcome change – in the name of cross thousands of women were buthcered as ‘witches’, millions brutalised in holy ‘inquisitions’.
    I guess our rishies must be sitting pretty and giggling – we told you so ‘ satyameva jayate’ or ‘truth always triumps’…in the words of an earlier pope , ‘ It has served us well , this myth og Christ’.
    When the real myth is exposed , and the real religion again flourishes , all the concoctions and brutalities will seem like a nightmare over , this maybe the first stirring before Mother Earth wakes up into true light once more.
    ‘ Satyameva Jayate ‘

  6. Rudra, can you be more specific on the following terms: “real myth”, “real religion”, “exposed” and “flourishes”
    and what is the “truth” we are talking about here.

  7. would be interest to watch..
    sometime later year, channel4 telecasted a documentary. [/you can find video @ -> Religion -> The Real Da Vinci Code ]
    “Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code has been a phenomenal success with millions of readers hooked, but what do historians think of the book? Discover the facts about the Holy Grail and cut through the thicket of mystery that surrounds the subject. The Real Da Vinci Code, a Wildfire Television production for Channel 4 first shown in February 2005 and will be rebroadcast on the Discovery Channel.”
    Documentary interviews authors and explains how the book is not real, based on historical facts.
    if you haven’t watched already and if time permits — I recommend you this video.

  8. Reuben, I dont have to – it is too obvious , in case your english aint too good, i refer you to a good copy of oxford english dic . and then, use your God-given head.

  9. Interesting article. Though it doesn’t change my view of Christianity.
    Did Ram really fly on the Pushpak, did Krishna really use the Sudarshan Chakra? I don’t believe it and I’m a Hindu. For me, they’re very good stories.
    Why are religions so full of dogmas? And anyone not accepting these becomes an outcast!? If there is a God he/she won’t be happy for sure.
    All religons teach we’re one and that is all that matters.

  10. Neeta , just coz you know a lil bit of english doesnt mean , you can address Lord Sri Rama as ‘Ram’ – is he your mate ?
    You said it in so many words – you can be a Hindu , even though you dont believe in ‘stories’ as you say. That is the real democracy and expansive nature of Hindusim – a name given by invading Islamic barbarians to the people living east of ‘Sindhu’ river to them.
    Sanatana Dharma – or just Dharma was the baseline of existance for aeons , before this odd sounding name was applied to mankind east of Sindhu.No where do we find the name Hindu in Puranas. The address is always of mankind – vasudaiva kutumbam . Universal family of mankind.
    This is not a concept belonging to the fictitious and non-existant ‘ Hinduism ‘. It is a statement of Dharma – acknowledged and endorsed by those who are on the side of ‘Dharma’.
    All religions are NOT one. On what authority did you come to that conclusion ? Are you being politically correct ? amybe you are , but the truth is no two ‘religions’ are the same.
    or we would not have 2 different ways to brutalise and maim mankind – crusades and inquisitions and haulocausts of Church , Hitler and others for Christ , and Jihad , Jazia , and terrorism in the name of Mohamed and his hallucinations – We are still facing these twin devils on this otherwise beautiful earth.
    Historians may conveniently trifle with Chronology , but remember , ‘ Satyameva jayate’. There is only one Dharma for all mankind – and religions can be as many as one can choose. But no religion of truth can depend on one book and one prophet – and also manage to drench earth in blood forever.
    You may not agree , but the Earth needs a break.

  11. Rudra, Yes, I do believe all religions are one in the essence of what they teach, love and respect.
    Your information is quite interesting. I’m sure Islam or Christianity too have gems of wisdom.
    If you really want people to learn about Sanatana Dharma (do you?) you may want to take a more considerate approach towards others point of views since it is aimed at harmony and your zealot approach is really not serving your cause any 🙂

  12. Neeta, let me correct your english a bit , if i may , neeta: ‘zelous’ approach , since ‘zealot’ is a noun and you dont know me enough to call me names. Apparently , you havent come across a real ‘zealot’ so far – your experience wud be different then.
    Funny you say I want ppl to know about Dharma , I dont either want or dont want anything. For 2 sound reasons :
    1) Dharma is independent of who knows or doesnt know it, who respects it or doesnt , who follows it or doesnt.It is upto every individual soul to know and follow Dharma above all else.
    2)It means nothin to me, i dont care less, if you or someone else are an athiest or the worst low-life around, or a saint – i am not into the business of ‘harvesting souls’ .
    Your ‘belief’ that all religions are one is again not correct , a little research will show you , precepts and practice vary widely – apparently you havent researched.
    meanwhile , you can believe whateva you want , no one’ stopping you.

  13. I think its a facinating thought and may very well be true.
    I am sure what we think and beleive about our respective religions is “truth which is stretched” over centuries. I mean, look at our ancient epics, the Ramayan and Mahabharat. Do we beleive that ancient times men flew around in primitive aircrafts or on their own tugging mountains along with them. I am sure they were great beings but I am also sure that their simple actions might have been “stretched” to project them larger than life.
    Why is it that we need to worship Gods who are superhuman? Why cant we be open to viewing God as a mere mortal who does good for mankind without having the power of flight 🙂

  14. Sai,
    Stretching imaginary facts, making Lofty Claims in the name of religion , attempting Proslytising is alien to the Indic Vedic Aryan thought .
    When the whole Indic spiritual and temporal life was based on ‘Dharma’, and ‘Satya’ – there never was a need to create myths and non-existant fables .
    Read my posts above – Essentially , what you are saying is the result of your McAulean/marxist education.
    In the west , the subjects of Cosmology and God are full of speculation and multiple editions. Not with Vedic thought. Which is why the Vedas are considered the real eyes of evolved mankind.
    There is no speculation and everything very absolutely clear – in fact categorical . You only have to read Bhagawad Gita for example to know how categorical and clear the message is .
    We are a reduced version of our true potential – asexpected in this Kali Yuga. We have to rise above this ‘frog in the well’ state to realise where we stand in time and evolution.

  15. Hi to everyone out there.
    For me FAITH in My God is has been the pillar on which my Life is standing…Its really fascinating that We, humans have become so desperate in finding the answers to some questions of the mystical nature irrespective of its willingness ,But at the same time its disheartening to know that we, dont give a second thought to the consequences that will follow in our quest which will make one’s belief in Human’s Desperation to be Lost….

  16. Heard of the documentary and also waited for it to be banned. Surprised?! guys that’s how religious freedom and great Indian democracy work. Good/Bad news is, ‘The lost Tomb of Christ’ is lost to India’s self employed sensors. It will not be aired in India. Its a good news for the producers of the Documentary….please bring DVD release in India its a hot cake now. I am for sure will buy and watch it to register my sheer contempt of Indian hypocrisy

  17. That’s a good point Sai Pratyush. Thinking of it that way, maybe these stories did happen but were stretched to mythical proportions. Very interesting. Then it musn’t be only these epics but a lot of other (hi)stories must have occured in those times not just in India but elsewhere in the world. So much of mythology around us may actually be real stories that were “stretched”. Thanks for that thought.
    As for resurrection, the message of Christ’s life is greater to me than his miracles whether they happened or not.
    I’m more concerned about women in burkhas, how symbolically repressive!

  18. The dog’s tail is ever never straight – you can comb it repeatedly and yet it comes back curved – exactly like some puny Egoes who take delight in their own conceited beliefs .
    This exactly describes how some secularists and apologists for so-called Modernity and Christianity can never get rid of their poisoned beliefs .
    Amusing , that some fools use the trap laid out by the knaves – to use Rudyad kipling’s words , and will deperately catch any straw thrown by similarly blinded souls – for, their comfort is in the ‘darkness’.
    in the words of the rishi : may they have it , forever .

  19. Tell these Directors / Producers etc. to stop wasting their time !! They will never become as famous as the most famous man in the World – bole` toh Jesus Christ.I think they are just being ‘J’!
    There have been several miracles – still people experience miracles….and by the way Lord Krishna was looked upon as a black magician and a villain by the Kauravas….Lord RAma must have been the most hated person from Ravana’s Army point of view…..such souls too take birth and try to malign the name of the Incarnations…but its all futile dear ones – ALL a waste !!God Exists and He will finish / annihilate the wasteful redundancy.

  20. “With regard to rishis giving curse, puranas teach us that pure
    devotee never curses. Even, if they give a curse, it would be for the
    benefit of the person being cursed. For example, Sri Narada Mahamuni gave a
    curse to Manigriva and Nalakubera, only to teach them aboutKrishna
    conciousness. A pure devotee even when cursed by others, *never curses
    back*. An example is the story of the devotee who was cursed to be born as a
    rakshasa, never cursed back, and was born as Vrithrasura. He eventually
    went to Vaikunta. If a rishi is a pure devotee he gives a curse only for
    loka kalyana or the benfit of the universe.”

  21. The responses to the blog made really interesting reading. The heat generated by the blog reminds me of an observation made by Russel. it goes something like this:
    If someone argues with you that 2 + 2 makes 5, you wont waste time proving that person wrong or waste energy getting angry. Because you are sure 2 + 2 does not make 5. But if someoe tell you that there is no God, you will get angry (If you are a believer). And the reason? because you are not sure.
    God is an exprience. Scriptures initiate us into that experience. Once initiated, He exisits above da Vinci Codes and Dead Sea Scrolls and whatever else.
    if you experience God, nothing can come between you and your God.

  22. Lord Sri ram is real and had existed because recently NASA telescope discovered the setu band built to cross to Sri Lanka, also recent salvation of Dwarka from the sea is another proof that Lord Sri Krishna also really existed.

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