not my words

to speak,
yet not be the speaker
but the listener
the words
not your own

to write
without being
the author
to love
like breath
without being
the conscious
to seek
and not be
a seeker
to play
being a player
to do
and not be
the doer
to create
but not be
the creator
to live
and yet not exist
so goes the play of my life

7 thoughts on “not my words

  1. Hey Shekhar,
    Your words (not your words!) epitomize what Bhagvadgita says. There is a song in Telugu, “Jagamantha kutumbam naadi, ekaki jeevitham naadi” – which when translated mean – “The entire world is my family, and I live alone” (mind you readers – there is a lot of difference between loneliness and aloneness)
    Good One Shekhar!

  2. The line – ‘To live and yet not to exist’.. have a flood of emotions in it.
    So simply said, and very well said.

  3. To be – without being aware of the me or I. Its that a state an ego less state? Its exhilarating to realise it though difficult to maintain. Don’t you think?

  4. will we feel the better if we are able to be all those fantastic paradoxes ? ‘joy’ then must be more than just what the nerves feel – well nerves but more subtle nerves – like , nerves inside the heart , nerves of the mind.. dont want to sound presumptuous here , but wanted to share a few lines i wrote some time back :

  5. Yes, And the story I wished to share was… Fox…a clever fox… very creative & very passionate…. Very hungry… and there were bunch of grapes……
    Tried hard to reach….. could not reach….. so said Angur were “khatte”. No life after death…. no GOD…. No soul…. nothing… and “vice a versa”…
    Think by what analogy fox reached this conclusion… Incapability???….. do you think was the reason…. I think so…..
    Anyways the point is……. there are lot of incapable, egoistic and “lazy” people out on the planet… Some are scientists some are intellectuals….some are poor materlistic asthiks
    The conclusion is … blaw blaw blaw..
    All are like the clever fox … clever indeed…Apne aap ko Tasaalli de lo bhaiya…..
    Ok if you were to give me marks about what I said ….out of 100….. what you think you would have given me on this very fact…
    Any comments…..

  6. dear sir,
    i just read ur “not my words” and i feel that u are a very imaginative person and a philosophical one too.the words so simple yet so poetic and so meaningful.words so simple yet so difficult to understand the simplicity of words…so is life..

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