we travel together
drawing two parallel
inseparable lines

I look back
and see
just one line

15 thoughts on “lines

  1. “Omens” by Louise Gluck
    I rode to meet you: dreams
    like living beings swarmed around me
    and the moon on my right side
    followed me, burning.
    I rode back: everything changes.
    My soul in love was sad
    and the moon on my left side
    trailed me without hope.
    To such endless impressions
    we poets give ourselves absolutely,
    making, in silence, omen of mere event,
    until the world reflects the deepest
    needs of the soul.

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    and here is my twopence 🙂
    yahi to hai woh raastaa
    chalnaa to tere saath thaa
    kya sahi tha, kya galat raha
    faislaa to mere haath thaa
    tere ashq the, tera pyar tha
    seene mein kaisa dard tha
    tere nain puuchte reh gaye
    mai hi tha jo khaamosh tha
    …those unspoken words, those lost opportunities
    those distant memories, aftertaste of yesterdays

  3. “In a World of Taking, the Mistake”
    Down and down into your own regard
    You double, dangling a bucket,
    To take a shine. What’s the secret?
    You’re not interested in anything
    There’s only one of. So the mirror is
    Amazing, and you find yourself in it
    To be deep. If you had another
    Fifty years, you’ll feel no less
    This wonderment at being—
    Framed in a standstill, your head
    In the clouds (your likeness in mind),
    You’d fall in love with reason. This
    Is the mistake. You think too much
    Of your life, far from oceans, far
    From rivers, far from streaming. You think,
    Death I could bear, if it’s anything like
    This self in the calm of a held pail.
    But the catch in the clarity comes then.
    To look like this, you mustn’t ever
    Be touched or moved again. . . .
    By Heather McHugh

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    While wondering in those bylanes of Benaras (Or Varanasi) one enlightend soul named Kabir sang these lines, I may be repeating them here as you might as well be aware of the same.
    But..they are here again for all of us.
    “Chah gayi..Chinta gayi..Manva Beparwah.
    Jinko Kachhu na chahiye wo hi shehanshah.”

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    For non-duality to exist, there must be duality, just as to recognise the light, you must come into it from the dark. If you did not walk that space on two separate lines, you would not have achieved a state of looking back and seeing just one. Most often, we spend life looking back, wishing we had seen/heard/understood earlier. There is no earlier. There is no later. There is now. And what you see in the now, is what you are permitted to see. Permitted by whom? By God? Maybe. In so far as you are required to meet his purpose. By your own growth and intellect and understanding. In so far as your seeing allows it to grow, develop and progress. By circumstance? In so far as its restriction of your understanding defines its being. Who you are and what you see and perceive, and believe defined by the moment in which you are. Is what propels you to the next moment. To that moment where you can turn around and see one line. You could not have seen it earlier, if you had so wished.

  6. Dear Shekhar
    In the US, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, a casual, secular holiday that allows us to celebrate our gratitude for life, to be generous and loving, to share a meal and some talk with family and friends. Its secular casualness allows emotional barriers to fall easily. I wish you a bountiful day tomorrow, and every other day, too. I miss your writings. I know one day you’ll write to us again, when the mood and the time feel right.
    All threads twist into one plait, over time. Bless you on Thanksgiving Day, and always.
    love, Heath

  7. Talking of “two” I often wonder: how would a one-sided thing look? Aren’t we able to see a one-sided thing or can such a thing not exist?

  8. xyz, when u walk with some one you love, u often forget that u have merged into one, and to recognize that is important. shekhar

  9. Hi Shekhar, you mentioned love, and recently, I have been having some powerful experiences of it. I couldn’t stop writing about love. Here it is:
    O love, O most beautiful love
    veiled behind eons and infinity
    you weave your magic and mystery
    behind the known, the unknown
    the stars, the kingdoms, the void
    behind the ravages, the upheavals,
    the banal, and the treasured treasures
    behind the rainbow and the thunder
    the sacred and the profane
    the roar and the rhapsody
    you lie O supreme love, unbeknownst
    utterly unfathomable
    you create and recreate
    until you and yours
    in an inseparable embrace
    know the known and unknown
    as known, and unknown,
    as Love
    I must tell you this was my first ever attempt at poetry and, truly, I realize, without love there could be no poetry. I also realize that of all the things that love does, the most important is perhaps that it makes your heart sing, sing out the sheer joy of itself through every pore of your body. Thanks for giving me and others an opportunity to ‘express’ on this blog.

  10. Hi Shekhar, here are some more of my thoughts about love:
    As a man, I must say, the greatest and the final symbol of love (in physical form) for me is a woman.
    I believe that us men represent the in-motion aspect of universal energy (that is termed by some as the divine feminine). Love can exist by itself (Shunya/unmanifested/pure love/divine feminine) but in motion love creates the myriad forms and shapes in the universe.
    In a sense love experiences itself through its creations and the creations long for the unity with love for absolute fulfilment. The longing period is the period of Maya where space-time phenomea occur whose purposeless purpose is to provide a pathless path toward unity.
    My longing for something higher and the divine feminine mean the same thing to me. In this very patriarchal age and world to say that man’s reality is a separated-state-reality from the divine feminine might sound idiotic to many but I have a deep intuitive feeling that this is the way (for me at least).
    So what about women’s reality? Well my experiences so far tell me that the symbol of the purest love has so lost touch with its own reality (in this patriarchal world), its experiences with its creations could remind her of it (if she so desires), after which true yoga can occur. As a man, I always keep that in mind.
    Well, that’s my story (still unfolding). Thought I should share with you. Thanks

  11. Isn’t the ‘line’ itself another of a person’s mundane perception?
    For one person the lines may seem singular, for yet another it may seem running across perpendicular to one another and for the others it may seem like a tiny miniscule dot. the start of a line way back in the vague distance or the beginning of a nostalgic time.
    The ‘one line’ you penned seems like a multi-linear expression(not sure if such a term exists!).

    Red of the deep fires within the Earth
    Orange the dancing flames
    Yellow of the shing sun
    Green the growing life
    Blue of rivers, lakes and seas
    Indigo the late night skies
    Black and White
    Our Mother and Father
    As they join

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